What you'll get when you get Koha 3.4


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What you'll get when you get Koha 3.4

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  • Monthly bugfix releases beginning with 3.2 -- BUGS ONLY, NO FEATURES = nice and stable! 3.2 has seen 7 bugfix releases in 7 months
  • A busy community 760+ patches in 6 months 139 Developers worldwide have contributed to Koha -- 50+ with patches in 3.4 (including French monks) This graphic shows commit activity by hour of day – lighter red = more commits, darker red = fewer. There are no hours in which zero commits were made. We have many developers here in the room with us, and I'd like to briefly recognize them – if you have code or documentation in the project, please stand? Let's give them a round of applause <clap clap>
  • A growing community: This is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh. By comparison, WordPress, a project with a massive following, is only in the top 10%, and only had 16 different people contributing in the last year.
  • A caring community "Go on your way, the morning tide is for you the evening tide is for me"
  • Now let's talk for a bit about the features of Koha 3.4.
  • This release was intended to be a performance improving, major feature release. Along with the new features, 633 tracked bugs and enhancement requests are addressed in this release – from Acquisitions, to reserves, and serials, many bugs large and small have been exterminated
  • This is by no means a full list, please see the full list, I can hardly do it justice in an hour ;)
  • WYSIWYG interface for editing news – make those news items pretty, no HTML needed
  • Add news to slips (currently global, hopefully by branch soon)
  • Import and export MARC frameworks (thank heavens)
  • Here's one for the catalogers: Creating labels? Scan the books in your hand instead of searching for them!
  • Another for the catalogers: Choose a framework for your new bib at import time (very handy!)
  • Something I've been wanting for a long time: the ability to run the sql report you just created from the “save complete” page. I have this in my test catalog and it is BRILLIANT. Such a timesaver.
  • Duplicate a patron – take any patron and duplicate their address information into a new patron. Quite handy for families.
  • Tired of scrolling left to right to see which item you want to edit? My librarians were. Now, all they have to do is click in the cell that holds the information for that item, and edit. Easy!
  • A new configurable area for what to show when there are no results found
  • Guaranteed issues/checkouts are now shown on the guarantor's detail page, under Relative's Checkouts.
  • Print a receipt for a fine payment, or an invoice for any single fine transaction. Optionally adding aggregate fine information to normal checkout receipts is in the works.
  • What will be in 3.6? What do you want? File an enhancement request at http://bugs.koha-community.org , or file an RFC at http://wiki.koha-community.org . Do you have a pet bug you'd like to see fixed? Be sure to report it to the community so that the developer community sees it. You never know who will pick up your pet bug.
  • "We could end this here. But you get more -- beyond software -- with Koha:"
  • Community Support - Friends and partners in libraries around the world. We may all do things differently, and in different standards and languages, but we all want to create and contribute to building a world class ILS.
  • By using Koha you get the benefits of being able to see the code, talk to the developers, share your ideas, and contribute your time and talents to making the software you depend on (and the community around it) better. We really try to avoid having development done in a vacuum – in the past this has been a bit of a problem, where individuals or companies have developed features without sharing a RFC with the community, but we are getting workflows in place that aim to improve that situation. It's not perfect, but it's definitely working better of late.
  • Koha is, and will always be, libre. Libraries will always be allowed to modify, share, contribute to, and use Koha in any way they see fit. No single entity will ever own Koha – it belongs to all of us.
  • Is there something you would like to see in your ILS? Propose it! Fund it! Code it! Is there something that would make your workflow better? Propose it! Fund it! Code it! Test it! Document it! You are empowered to make Koha better by design You are also empowered to demand that your enhancements be developed in public and contributed back (especially if you are using a support provider). T he longer your dev stays private, the harder it gets to make sure your enhancement or bugfix makes it in, so commit early, commit often.
  • Koha is for everyone By using and contributing to Koha, you are helping libraries around the world, in towns larger and smaller than yours, have a world class ILS. Using Koha gives you the ability to get personally (and institutionally) involved in a vibrant community project that helps your library every day
  • I will leave you with these thoughts, contributed by the Koha community. Thank you very much
  • What you'll get when you get Koha 3.4

    1. 1. What You'll Get When You Get Koha 3.4 Liz Rea - Northeast Kansas Library System
    2. 2. Getting better, faster Timeline Timed Releases vs. Feature Releases
    3. 3. What 3.4 Has...
    4. 4. Commits by hour of week
    5. 5. 63 contributing developers in 2009 67 contributing developers in 2010 61 contributing developers already in 2011
    6. 6. Koha 3.4 is in memoriam of Elizabeth Mae Gallagher-Mitchell December 20, 2010 - March 10, 2011. Haere. Māu tai ata; māku tai ahiahi
    7. 7. What's New
    8. 9. <ul>Full notes available at http://bit.ly/koha34 </ul>
    9. 21. New Sysprefs this is only a few of them <ul><li>IntranetFavicon/OpacFavicon – Change the favicon for the staff client/OPAC
    10. 22. IntranetUserCSS – add custom CSS to the staff interface
    11. 23. OpacPublic – Make your OPAC private (require login)
    12. 24. ...and about 30 more </li></ul>
    13. 26. <ul>One more thing well... several really </ul>
    14. 28. Open transparent collaborative development
    15. 29. the code is not sold it is a gift of freedom you can not own us – Chris Cormack
    16. 31. It makes you feel good
    17. 32. faster and smarter Koha's latest release shines thanks to all of us – Ian Walls free no matter what can't stop the revolution Koha's here to stay – Ian Walls only one Koha accept no substitutions open and free always – Liz Rea Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini This feat is not the feat of one, it is the feat of many
    18. 33. <ul><li>10 Years of Koha Development </li></ul>