Business Network Overview of Taiwan Professional Group


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Business Network Overview of Taiwan Professional Group

  1. 1. 台灣專業人士社Taiwan Professional Group<br />商會介紹 Business NetworkOverview<br />2011/06/09 – Version 0.1 <br />
  2. 2. 簡報議題Agenda<br />台灣專業人士社簡介Taiwan Professional Group Overview<br />專業人士分析 Analysis of Professional in Taiwan<br />商會小組 Business Network Group<br />
  3. 3. 台灣專業人士社介紹 <br />Overview Of Taiwan Professional Group<br />
  4. 4. 台灣專業人士社簡介 Taiwan Professional Overview<br />我們是誰,在作什麼?<br />Who are we? What we do?<br /><ul><li>我們是藉由FACEBOOK社群成立的專業人士商業平台
  5. 5. 我們服務在台灣的專業人士以滿足個人和商務的需求
  6. 6. We are a business platform for professional working in Taiwan, created from social community via Facebook
  7. 7. We aim to satisfy the personal and business needs of working professional in Taiwan</li></li></ul><li>台灣專業人士社簡介Taiwan Professional Overview<br />創立團隊 Founding Team<br />為何建立Taiwan Professional Group / Why Creating<br /><ul><li>由【耕慧國際管理顧問有限公司】創立 (
  8. 8. 創辦人David Kuo和 Lei Lei
  9. 9. Founded by 【WizXpand International Management Consulting Company】 (
  10. 10. Founding member: David Kuo & LeiLei</li></ul>【耕慧國際】將藉由TAIWANPROFESSIONALGROUP,可以:<br /><ul><li>展現專案和創新的能力
  11. 11. 讓能提供給專業人士的學生和企業的客戶更多的加值服務
  12. 12. 建立在台灣專業人士的通路</li></li></ul><li>我們的使命Our Mission<br />以建立互利和互信的平台,滿足在台灣工作的專業人士的需求,涵蓋個人和工作的層面。<br />Serve the needs of working professional in Taiwan by building a collaborative and trusted platform that connects, assist and promote as individual or business entity<br />
  13. 13. 台灣專業人士社簡介 Taiwan Professional Overview<br />背景資料<br />2008年在FACEBOOK的群正式成立<br />目前在FACEBOOK上有超過三千人的粉絲和會員<br />鏈結在台灣工作的專業人士<br />已經舉辦過數十個活動,不同類型和對象<br />Facts<br />Founded virtually using Facebook social network in 2008<br />Over 3000 group members and fans<br />Connects working professional in Taiwan<br />Organized over dozen event, different format and audience<br />
  14. 14. 專業人士分析 <br />AnalysisOf Professional in Taiwan<br />
  15. 15. 在台灣的專業人士分析Analysis of Professional in Taiwan<br />什麼是專業人士需要的?<br />What does professional want? <br />【TwoCritical】needs<br />Better personal development<br />Finding significant others <br />專業人士的【兩大】需求:<br />更好的個人發展<br />找到適合的另一半<br />
  16. 16. 解決營運方案Solution Model Overview<br />和TWNPRO互動的方式 /How people & entity participate in TWNPro<br />以個人<br />As Individual<br />以公司或企業<br />As Business<br />以第三方的夥伴<br />As ExternalPartner<br />台灣專業人士社 Taiwan Professional Group<br />(我們是平台 We Are a Platform)<br />合作和參加方式 / Participation & Collaboration Method<br />主題式活動 Theme Events<br /><ul><li>對【個人】: 邀請專業人士參加並具有主題式networking類別的活動。
  17. 17. 對【公司】: 協助服務或產品廠商辦以活動方式增加品牌能見度和信任。</li></ul>講座 Seminar/ Workshop<br /><ul><li>對【個人】: 舉辦提升專業和知識並具有networking機會類型的活動
  18. 18. 對【公司】: 藉由抽‘獎和實體使用或試吃讓參加者更認識品牌。</li></ul>商會 Business Network<br /><ul><li>對【個人】: 協助個人專業人士成立自己的STARTUP或 建立個人品牌
  19. 19. 對【公司】: 增加人脈(客戶和廠商)+ 戶‘相幫忙和學習 + 成為TWNPRO 服務共應商</li></ul>會員服務 Member Service <br /><ul><li>對【個人】: 協助個人發展和尋找另一半
  20. 20. 對【公司】: 工商名錄 團購銷售 活動發布</li></li></ul><li>商會小組 <br />Business Network<br />
  21. 21. 商業小組分析Analysis of Professional in Taiwan<br />為何要成立商業小組?<br />Why form a business network? <br />推廣業務<br />分享資訊<br />拓展人脈<br />成為【台灣專業人士社】服務或產品堤供商<br />Promote business<br />Share information<br />Network<br />Become product and service provider of 【Taiwan Professional Group】<br />
  22. 22. 商會發展規劃Roadmap <br />第一階段 /1st Phase<br />目的: 建立【營運模式】和 【基礎建設】<br />Objective:Build the 【operation framework】/【basic membership】<br />第二階段 / 2nd Phase<br />目的: 正式營運<br />Objection: Official operation <br />
  23. 23. 加入方式Sign-Up Process<br />
  24. 24. 會籍說明Membership Overview<br />
  25. 25. 會費Membership Fee<br />
  26. 26. 第一階段: 會費優惠1st Phase: Membership Special<br />優惠<br />行業別的前兩位: 20% off<br />參加core-team: 40% off (請看詳細資格和限制)<br />預付<br />年繳: 繳十個月,送兩個月<br />服務和商品交換: <br />以個案聲請<br />會級:<br />正式和合作會員:可以抵40%的會費 <br />核心團隊:在抵20%的會費 + 原來的40%off<br />Discount: <br />First 2 member of same industry: 20% off<br />Participate in core-team: 40% off (please refer to qualification and limitation)<br />Prepay: <br />Annual: pay 10 month, get 2 month free<br />Product & Service Exchange:<br />Apply by individual case<br />Membership:<br />Regular&Partnership member: up to 40% of membership fee<br />Core-team: 20% (in addition to the 40% of membership) <br />
  27. 27. 第一階段: 建置期First Phase: Building Phase<br />
  28. 28. 第一階段: 建置期First Phase: Building Phase<br />
  29. 29. 為何加入我們的商會小組Why joining our network? <br />Trustworthy brand with support of social community <br />Experienced in event planning and organizing <br />Theme based event: wine & coffee tasting<br />Seminar/Workshop<br />Building partnership relationship with external community and event<br />Chamber of Commerce: CCIFT (in-progress) <br />International Event: <br />Entrepreneur: Startup Weekend Taipei<br />Culture: Canada D’eh Celebration <br />Promote Professional <br />As individual:<br />Organize signature event: 360Knowledge Share<br />As business: <br />Building business network (to-be) <br />