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Wizscribe brochure

  1. 1. possibilities unlimitedwizscribeA SUITE OF TRANSCRIPTIONSERVICES TO MEET GLOBAL NEEDS
  2. 2. GeneralTranscriptionServicesWizscribe offers a wide range of general transcriptionservices to include song, insurance, medical, book, andseminar transcriptions. We deliver your product to yourspecifications, quickly and accurately.If you are a business person, medical professional,publisher or artist, we have the transcription servicedesigned to fit you specific needs.Music/Song TranscriptionMusicians, songwriters and recording studios have specificneeds when it comes to transcription services. Our highlytrained staff includes technicians well versed in themusic industry so we can offer a comprehensive range ofmusic, song, and lyric transcription services. Whether it isproducing sheet music from hand-written music notes tosong and lyric transcription from live recordings, Wizscribeoffers quick turnaround and a high accuracy rate, all whilekeeping your information secure and confidential.Insurance TranscriptionThe insurance industry requires accurate and sometimestechnical data to be captured in order for claims to beEmbrace OpportunityIndividuals or businesses have a need for transcriptionservices. It takes a special skill and talent to accuratelyand quickly transcribe audio or video files into searchableand editable text documents. Assigning the task to anuntrained employee could result in incomplete or error-prone content, and it takes away an employee from theirdaily tasks.Wizscribe can fill the gap by offering professional servicesto ensure that you have the final transcription you need.We can also customize our services for your needs. Wealso offer additional services such as note taking, timestamping and template filling. All of our services areaffordable and we offer strict security and confidentialityof your information.More details on our specific services are listed below.processed quickly and without errors. Wizscribe provideswritten records produced from audio and video recordingsor from handwritten notes for medical, auto insurance,homeowner’s, or workers’ compensation claims. Wecan augment your in-house services or provide full timesupport.Medical TranscriptionThe medical field dictates very specific transcripts beproduced from various submitted data. Doctors andother health care professionals routinely produce audiorecordings of patient diagnoses, prescribed prescriptionsand periodical reviews of patient cases. Our accurate andconfidential transcription services are available to doctors,hospitals, clinics and medical professionals. We producewritten records of both audio and video recordings thatcan be used for current and future medical needs.Property Reports TranscriptionInsurance and real estate services rely heavily on accurateproperty records reports. For sales and construction,property reports transcriptions must be accurate anddone quickly. We offer transcription services for audio andwww.wizscribe.com
  3. 3. video records from on-site surveys and inspections, courtrecordings, construction recitations and other property-related records.Seminar TranscriptionPresentations from educational, business, training orreligious seminars contain valuable information neededfor future use. Often tasks, ideas and career advice isexchanged verbally during a seminar and without awritten transcript of the content, it is lost forever. Weoffer comprehensive transcript services from recordingsmade during your seminar anywhere on the planet. Ourteam is large enough to provide you with any number oftranscripts from your various seminars.Book TranscriptionA book transcript is different from straight forwardtranscription services because fiction books often containconversation and other nuances that if left to amateurtranscribers, much may be lost in translation. Wizscribewill professionally and accurately transcribe your audiobooks or dictation notes into the format that fits yourneeds. Our turnaround time is exceptional as our highlyskilled staff work 24 hours to provide you the product youdesire.Interview TranscriptionInterviews come in a wide variety of formats. Wizscribeoffers interview transcription services to meet your needsout of the box, or in customized formats specificallydesigned to fit your needs. From celebrity interviews,audition interviews, informational interviews, telephoneinterviews, one-on-one or group interviews, or medicalinterviews, from audio or video mediums, we provideaccurate, efficient and affordable services to meet yourneeds.Read more about our General Transcription Services
  4. 4. AudioTranscriptionServicesAudio recordings of lectures, sermons, oral histories,radio shows, podcasts and academic research notes arean efficient and fast way to capture information. But afterthe event, the data is difficult to recover without spendinghours listening to the recordings and taking notes. Turningover this very time consuming process to Wizscribeprofessionals makes good business sense. Our experts arehighly skilled and will provide over 96 percent accuratetranscriptions of your audio recordings.Our audio transcription services are also customizable. Wewill work with your project, large or small, to provide youwith a fast turnaround time and unparalleled service.Radio Show TranscriptionRadio talk shows and news programs are numerous andthere is no easy way to capture the broadcasts for futureuse. If you want the content transcribed, Wizscribe isthe answer. We will take your audio files from radio talkshows, series and news programs, from a few hours tothousands of hours, and accurately and quickly transcribethe content for legacy use.Lecture TranscriptionCollege lectures or business training seminar lecturescontain a great deal of information, interaction fromaudience members and other valuable data. But withouta transcript, the content is often lost due to the effortrequired to recover it—you have to listen to hours oflectures and take notes. Wizscribe offers comprehensivelecture transcription services for traditional lectureformats and the increasingly more popular online lectures.We will also take your archived lectures, recorded on tape,and transcribe the data for future use in whatever formatyou need.Sermons TranscriptionIf you give frequent sermons as part of a church,synagogue, temple or other religious organization, youraccumulated recorded sermons are not editable orsearchable in their current format. We will take yoursermons and transcribe them into a usable format. Weoffer transcript services for the following: - Textual Sermons - Expository Sermons - Topical Sermons - Devotional Sermons - Allegorical Sermons - Biographical Sermons - Personal Testimony Sermons - Biblical Sermons
  5. 5. Oral History TranscriptionUsed by historians, analysts and marketing experts,oral histories are used to preserve a wide range of vitalinformation. Used for research, ancestry, testimonials orstories, oral histories need to be transcribed into writtenformat for future use. Wizscribe takes the effort out oftranscribing hours of oral histories and we do it accurately,quickly and affordably.Voicemail TranscriptionVoicemail is used by businesses and individuals forboth convenience and information gathering. Someuse voicemail to record and compile information fromcustomers. The experts at Wizscribe promise to providevoicemail transcription services to include:Standard VoicemailExtended VoicemailVoice On-DemandCall LogsPodcast TranscriptionPodcasts began showing up several years ago andcontinue to be popular ways to share information,promote products and broadcast news around the world.The portable format makes it easy to download and listento at your leisure. But if you desire to use the informationor analyze it, you need a transcript of the podcasts. Wespecialize in providing transcripts from audio and videopodcasts. Wizscribe also provides text transcripts fromenhanced podcasts when additional information such aspresentations and notes are used.Online TranscriptionBusinesses struggle with how to capture onlineinformation from blogs, chat rooms, forums, instantmessaging and other Internet communications. This datais posted in cyberspace but is lost from view in a day.Wizscribe can transcribe your real time communicationsas they are taking place as well as many other onlinetransactions for future use.Academic TranscriptionAcademic research is performed by interviews, focusgroups conferences, training seminars and otherelectronic gathering sources. We will accurately transcribeinformation compiled from these and other methods intoa usable format you can edit, copy or analyze.Read more about our Audio Transcription Services
  6. 6. VideoTranscriptionServicesWizscribe offers a full menu of video transcription servicesranging from subtitling, advertising, films, documentaries,conference calls, surveillance, webinars and more. Ourexpert transcribers are here to serve your every need,from small to large projects. We guarantee accuracy, fastturnaround and security of your information.Advertisement TranscriptionFrom video advertisements, to audio advertisements,to rough cuts and storyboards, we offer transcriptionservices to turn whatever format your broadcastadvertisement originated in to the format you desire.Valuable information about competitors’ products andprices are contained in these ads and our services willturn all of the data into a usable format for you.Documentary & Film TranscriptionThe information contained in documentaries oreducational films can be valuable to a variety oforganizations such as media companies, movie productionhouses, educational institutions, postproduction studios,research companies, medical research companies andresearchers. We offer transcription services to accuratelyand quickly turn the data into a usable format you canread, analyze and use for research purposes. We can alsohelp prepare the transcript for immediate use. You tell uswhat end product you need and we will create it.Video Conference Call TranscriptionToday’s technology enables colleges, businesses andtraining institutions to take advantage of the existingglobal communications networks to reach people locatedin all part of the world. Video conferences are a popularand cost-effective way to reach multiple people scatteredacross the globe. We can turn the information sharedduring video conferences, GoToMeeting and Google+handouts into a format that can be used immediately orfor future projects. We specialize in: - Legal video conferences - Focus group video conferences - Online video conferences - One to one video conferences - Multi-point video conferencesSurveillance Recording TranscriptionWhether you work in law enforcement or have a needto turn audio or video surveillance recordings intowritten transcripts, Wizscribe is can do the task quicklyand accurately. We also ensure confidentiality for alltranscriptions performed.Television Series TranscriptionUsing multilingual professionals, Wizscribe can turnthousands of hours of television programming intoreadable content for use in improving future shows, newsreports, educational shows and sports programming.We also offer transcripts of televised interviews and talkshows.Animation TranscriptionAnimated storyboards and animated stories containvaluable information needed to produce storyboards fora future project and for review by your team members.Wizscribe offers accurate and fast transcription servicesfrom animated content.Webinar TranscriptionWebinars are used daily for business, educational, trainingand product promotion. But watching and taking notesfrom hundreds of webinars is not practical. Wizscribe canperform the time consuming task for you by turning thecontent into manageable, searchable data.We can also transcribe the content from a live webinarinto transcripts immediately available for delivery orreference.Read more about our Video Transcription Services
  7. 7. LegalTranscriptionServicesTranscribing legal documents requires skilled andexperienced technicians. Wizscribe only hires individualswho can meet the requirements and we continuously trainour staff to meet our highest standards.We guarantee our legal services will meet the needsof attorneys, police departments, law schools, privateinvestigators and other legal professions.We ensure confidentiality for all customers.Deposition TranscriptionThe information from depositions is used in court casesand police investigations. For that reason, accuracyand fast turnaround is needed. Wizscibe will take therecordings from court hearings, interrogations, 911 callsand witness and victims interviews and turn them intolegally admissible transcripts.Court Briefs /Proceedings TranscriptionWizscribe offers comprehensive transcription services forcourt arguments, audio recordings, pleadings, appeals andpetitions. The transcripts can be used by legal authorities,attorneys and investigators. We guarantee accuracy andconfidentiality.Court Report TranscriptionCourt proceedings produce thousands of hours of audioand video files. But the information is hard to reviewunless it is turned into readable transcripts for useby attorneys, law enforcement officials or law collegeprofessionals. We transcribe attorney reports, policerecords, investigative reports, defendant or claimantreports and business legal reports.SubpoenasSubpoenas and information related to them are usedby a variety of court and law enforcement officials forfuture court cases. Wizscribe offers a range of subpoenatranscription services to include: - Witness subpoenas - Attorney in law subpoenas - Clerk issued subpoenas - Jury instruction TranscriptionWhether is it for a civil or criminal jury trial, ourtranscription services ensure accurate translation fromvideo or audio recordings of judge issued instructions tojuries. The precise data given in the instruction specifics isfor delivery of a verdict on how to handle specific piecesof evidence. Wizscribe will quickly and accurately convertthis data to text transcripts.Testimonies TranscriptionCourt testimonies can have an impact on the outcomeof the case so accurate transcripts are very important.Wizscribe is equipped to deliver transcripts from witness,expert or police testimonies.
  8. 8. Arbitrations TranscriptionA valuable way to settle contract and other legal disputesprior to going to court is to use arbitration. Since it is avaluable tool to avoid court time, arbitration transcriptionservices need to be handled professionally and quickly.Wizscribe offers transcription services for the following: - Binding arbitration - Non-binding arbitration - Court appointed arbitration - Grievance arbitration - Independent arbitrationInvestigation TranscriptionFrom police, FBI, property, insurance, scientific or medicalinvestigations, the audio and video files contain valuableinformation in need of transcription so the parties canread, study and use for upcoming legal cases. Wizscribeguarantees 96 percent accuracy and confidentiality oninvestigation transcription servicesForensic TranscriptionSometimes handwritten, but often recorded by audio andvideo devices, forensic evidence uncovered at a crimescene or in a lab is extremely valuable for investigatorsand lawyers. Wizscribe offers forensic transcriptionservices’ for all of your needs, from carbon dating,forensic reports, cyber forensics to forensic testimonies,we are accurate and keep the information in the strictestconfidence.Police interview videos TranscriptionPolice interviews are critical to criminal investigations.Most of the interviews are recorded either using audio orvideo recording devices. Wizscribe offers expert, accurateand fast turnaround transcription services to turn thedigital data into whatever format you need.Read more about our Legal Transcription ServicesBusinessTranscriptionServicesIn today’s worldwide business environment, more andmore organizations are saving money by using technologyto hold meetings and seminars with their personneland clients scattered around the globe. But all of thatinformation is lost if it is not properly archived andrecorded for future use.Wizscribe offers business transcription services forconference calls, board meetings, real time interactions,webcasts and international business meetings. Ourservices are accurate and affordable.Investor/Analyst Conference Calls TranscriptionCalls to investors and industry analysts are vital to yourfuture business success. Wizscribe will step in and turnconference calls into usable formats for immediate andfuture reference. We also offer customized services thatinclude general note taking if verbatim transcription is notneeded.
  9. 9. Webcast TranscriptionUsing webcasts to communicate live with analysts,marketing professionals, executives or other employeesis a growing trend in the business community. But noteveryone can attend each meeting and the informationcontained in each webcast is hard to search or pinpoint aparticular section if it is not in text form. Wizscribe offerswebcast transcription services to suit your needs, anddelivers the product quickly and accurately.Real-time TranscriptionThe ability to produce full transcripts of real-timebroadcasts while the broadcast is ongoing is a specialty ofWizscribe. We offer comprehensive real-time transcriptionservices using the latest software and technology todeliver an accurate document as soon as the event ormeeting is over.Board Meetings TranscriptionWithout attending the actual board meeting, theinformation relayed in the meeting is hard to access.Wizscribe offers board meeting transcription servicesto fill that void and to provide the data to both meetingattendees and those in need of the content.Business Meetings TranscriptionMeetings are an essential component for businesses toconduct business. But attending each one and keepingtrack of important details and information exchanged ineach one is difficult to accomplish. Wizscribe offers severalmeeting transcription services to include joint venturemeetings, business acquisition meetings, client meetings,online business meetings and business developmentmeetings.Minutes Of Meeting TranscriptionWizscribe offers comprehensive minutes of meetingtranscription services that takes your existing notes ortranscribes those recorded during the meeting and turnsthem into usable, searchable documents for future use.Read more about our Business Transcription ServiceswizscribeOfficial Website: http://www.wizscribe.com/Email us at: info@wizscribe.comFor Enquiries: http://www.wizscribe.com/contact-us.phpContact