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Wizmen Cash Management Features


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Wizmen Cash Management Features

  1. 1. WIZ-ERP Cash Management Features
  2. 2. WIZ-CM – Overview Other Receipts Other Payments Bank Statement Receipts from Accounts Receivable Payments from Accounts Payables General Ledger System Bank Reconciliation WIZMEN Cash Management System Bank Markup
  3. 3. WIZ-CM – Bank Account Creation A Bank Branch is created with its details. Bank Account in the branch is then created to identify the account type, account number, account branch, account currency.
  4. 4. WIZ-CM – Currency Definition Currency can be defined with its symbol and country information. A Multi Currency is defined to handle the LC account and FC account as well.
  5. 5. WIZ-CM Bank Account Attributes Bank Account Attributes is Defined Like Account Type, Bank Type, Bank Doc Type. Bank Account Types Bank Types Bank Document Types
  6. 6. WIZ-CM – Cheque Book Definition By Using the Cheque Book Definition Form you may get control on the single Cheque Leave. And the system may help to prevent the wrong entries into the system like duplication of cheuqe.
  7. 7. WIZ-CM – Other Payments Other Payment incorporate all types of the Payments like Bank to Bank Transfer, Bank to Cash Transfer, Bank Loans , Bank Payments to Expense ,Cash Payment to Expense etc.
  8. 8. WIZ-CM – Other Receipts Other Receipts incorporate all types of the Receipts like Bank to Bank Transfer Receipt, Bank to Cash Transfer Receipt, Bank Loans Receipt , Bank Receipts from other accounts, Cash Receipts etc.
  9. 9. WIZ-CM Other Payment Receipts Inquiry This Screen helps to inquire the Payments and Receipts entered into the system and to Post into General Ledger Module.
  10. 10. WIZ-CM Bank Reconciliation Bank Reconciliation Helps to electronically match the bank ledger with bank statement. It fetches all the receipt and payments data from AR, AP & CM.
  11. 11. WIZ-CM – Bank Reconciliation Statement Bank Reconciliation Statement Can Be Generated into the System having the output Given,
  12. 12. WIZ-CM Cheque Printing The system prints the cheque which are entered into the AP and CM Module into this system. This can be bulk printing in cheque book order or one by one as the requirement. This feature of the system helps to control the errors generated into the manual method.
  13. 13. WIZ-CM Cheque Signing and Releasing Authorities After Cheque Printing Cheque is electronically marked as Signed By the Middle or Higher Management and then it is sent to the Cheque Released Manager to deliver it to the relevant party. Cheque Signed Cheque Released
  14. 14. WIZ-CM Cheque Printing Report Cheque printing report Helps to identify cheque leave actual status so that user controls on there Cheque Books.
  15. 15. WIZ-CM – Bank Account Markup Configuration Bank Account Markup configuration help to set the markup method for the Bank Loan. This method further use to compute the markup to help in the Financial Management.
  16. 16. WIZ-CM Bank Markup Report Bank Markup Report calculate the actual markup generated from the specified bank account