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Wizmen Purchase & Accounts Steel Coil features


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Wizmen Purchase & Accounts Steel Coil features

  1. 1. WIZ-ERP Purchase & Accounts Payable Features         131 - Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lahore - Pakistan. Voice   # +9242-35886651 – +9242-35845570 - 71 Cell       # +92321-9416 913 Website: Email:  
  2. 2. WIZ-AP – Overview
  3. 3. WIZ-AP – Supplier Creation A very detailed information regarding Supplier is fed into the system for creation of Suppliers Inter-Supplier relationships may be defined in the system and merged reports by using this relationship definition can be generated from the system
  4. 4. WIZ-AP – Supplier Creation Option to feed Multiple Customer contacts is available in the system A very detailed information regarding Supplier is fed into the system for creation of Suppliers
  5. 5. WIZ-AP – Supplier Creation Supplier GL binding is made at the time of Supplier feeding and this process is automated depending on the configuration A very detailed information regarding Supplier is fed into the system for creation of Suppliers
  6. 6. WIZ-AP – Item Creation By using the standard feature of Key Flex Fields, items are defined with all details This example is showing definition of a store item having 9 segments
  7. 7. WIZ-AP – Purchase Contract (Pakistan Steel) This is blanket Purchase Contract with Pakistan Steel Mills. Option to feed tolerance percentage Option to feed Commission and discount Option to feed steel coil related parameters
  8. 8. WIZ-AP – Purchase Contract (Pakistan Steel) View of Purchase Contract (Pakistan Steel) document print
  9. 9. WIZ-AP – NOR (Pakistan Steel) Notice of readiness is sent by Pakistan Steel. This NOR is fed into the system with the reference of Purchase Contract. Option to feed Packet No issued by Pakistan Steel.
  10. 10. WIZ-AP – Purchase Order (With NOR) Purchase Order is fed in system after receiving intimation of NOR from Pakistan Steel.
  11. 11. WIZ-AP – Purchase Order (Open) System allows to create PO for open market as well. This type of PO is not required to match with NOR.
  12. 12. WIZ-AP – Purchase Order (Open) View of Purchase Order document print
  13. 13. WIZ-AP – GRN Goods are received by using the GRN process. Heat# and Coil# is input on GRN form
  14. 14. WIZ-AP – GRN View of GRN document print
  15. 15. WIZ-AP – Purchase Invoice Purchase Invoice is created with reference to GRN.
  16. 16. WIZ-AP – Purchase Invoice View of Purchase Invoice document print
  17. 17. WIZ-AP – RMA Outward In case of any defect in received goods, RMA Outward is created to return the goods.
  18. 18. WIZ-AP – Purchase Return Financial effect of RMA Outward is given by feeding a Purchase Return Invoice.
  19. 19. WIZ-AP – Payment Payments can be made On Account as well as against any Purchase Invoice. This is payment screen and it has options to make payment to Suppliers. Bank Payments and Cash Payments can be made via this screen. Payment can be made against a Purchase Invoice, Purchase Contract or On Account.
  20. 20. WIZ-AP – Payment This is Payment Acknowledgement Sheet