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Api in Simple Terms


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A presentation to explain the business value of API to non-technical people and account managers. This presentation covers the difference between product and platform in simple terms.

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Api in Simple Terms

  1. 1. API in Simple Terms Amir Mohtasebi (@amirmohtasebi)
  2. 2. Product
  3. 3. Platform CameraAPI LocationAPIProximityAPI BiometricAPI NFC API
  4. 4. What is API? - Application Programmable Interface - It’s a contract between applications allowing them to talk to each other - This contract is like English language. Everyone knows it. - API input/output is machine readable - The API we are talking about is mainly Web API, that is over the internet (rather than a device like iPhone)
  5. 5. ANY Weather APP MetService API GET /Weather/Wellington (Give me current Wellington Weather) { Min: 8, Max: 10, Description: “Partly Cloudy” } TMJ API Example:
  6. 6. Traditional Way of Building Applications Image Credit: CA APIAcademy
  7. 7. New Way: Decouple Data from UI Image Credit: CA APIAcademy
  8. 8. Integration Opportunities are Everywhere Image Credit: CA APIAcademy
  9. 9. Benefits: Allows us to create new: - Applications (Mobile Apps, etc.) - Revenue Streams - Businesses
  10. 10. Access Models - Public - To support someone else’s product - Goal: Growth and Adoption (e.g. Twitter and all the third-party clients it has) - Governance: Control over API - Private - To support our own product - Goal: Reduces the cost of integration (Internal Payment Gateway) - Governance: Control over Product - Partner - Built to support known products - Can be consumed by known entities (Integration with known third-parties) - Goal: Increase growth/reduce cost/use their resources and competitive advantage - Governance: Control over API and relationship
  11. 11. Summary - It is bringing $$ home - API is an interface/contract between machines so it is as good as it’s documentation - It helps us to provide value to the community and instead foster innovation, adoption, engagement - API governance is important to protect our IP - Open platform beats closed products every single time