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  • Early Bird SpecialsAllow people to buy tickets early for a 5 or 10% discountCreate a Referral ProgramAllow your audience to sell more tickets for you via affiliate / referral codes that gives them discounts or rewardsCan you give something away for a milestone ticket sale?T-Shirts for the first 30 people that buy their tickets?VIP Reception Upgrade Then we can jump into the ticketing environment itself and show you what it looks like from the ticket buyer’s perspective. Finally, we’ll show show you how easy it is to create and make changes to your ticketing page and manage your overall ticketing process. We can keep this informal, feel free to stop me if you have any questions, I would prefer this to be more of a discussion than a presentation.
  • There are lots of other ways to drive marketing too and the key is to have every touch tie back to your registration page.
  • Get notified when a friend registersWe’ve had organizers who have sold 20-30% of their tickets as a direct result of this
  • Communicating with attendees made easyChanges to events, postpone, cancellation, weather, parking, etc.On-brand with fonts, pictures, logos, etc.
  • Know your Audience.- Gather information on your attendees - Geography - Demographics - Survey Questions- Access all data through our real time reports- View charts, graphs and heat maps for visual representation of ticket sales data - Page views - Overall ticket sales - Sales by ticket type- Track which buyers are buying through which channelsOne thing every organizer wants to know is who is their audience? Eventbrite empowers event organizers with visibility and control over your guest list with graphical dashboards to track sales and attendees. Some of the capabilities are:Capturing demographic information (city-level)Creating custom survey questions – how did you hear about this event? Capture email or any other data?Segmenting buyers based on ticket type (VIP, GA, Early Bird, etc.) – Send custom messages to different ticket buyersMembership Great way to gain insight on your attendeesThink about the long tail approach of your companyWhat Data can I collect at my event to make this companybe more effective, responsive, and smarterMost will choose the path of least resistance and then wish they were able to have collected certain information after the fact.Is Your Event Free?Ask for a donation!
  • Once you’ve made your event live, there are a few features you want to take advantage of, including custom questionsEvents aren’t just about the event, but collecting information your attendeesConditional logic is a new feature
  • Wix Event - Brianna - Eventbrite

    1. 1. Build Your Business With Unforgettable Events July 2013 #wixevents | @britesf
    2. 2. 1.5 million events 80 million tickets sold $1 billion in gross ticket sales Events in 179 countries Unmatched Size, Scale, and Expertise
    3. 3. ROI on Events = Raising Awareness + Building Community + Positioning as Expert + Makin‟ Extra $$
    4. 4. Event marketing: Remember the before & after!
    5. 5. Understand the Ticketing Lifecycle
    6. 6. 6 You can influence the ticketing lifecycle! Influencing the Ticketing Lifecycle #wixevents | @britesf
    7. 7. Be Proactive
    8. 8. Many organizers send invites when tickets go on sale, but too many fall silent until the event thereafter • Set an attendance goal • Create a marketing and communication plan • Work backwards from the date of the event until the first invite goes out • Plan your promotional activity based off this calendar • Check back frequently, refine and track progress 8 Be Proactive #wixevents | @britesf
    9. 9. Registration Twitter Feed Email to friends Facebook Page Pinterest Board Pro Tip: Bit.ly is a great website to help you shorten links for posts across different social media channels 9 Drive Every Touch to Registration Page
    10. 10. Creating An Event #wixevents | @britesf
    11. 11. What are the strategic times to email people? • 9-11am, Tuesday-Thursday Where should I post information? • Your website, Facebook, Twitter, event directories How can I create incentives to frontload ticket sales? • Consider early bird / flash sales • Provide incentives (free t-shirts, autographed books, etc.) • Reward successful partners (special discounts, contests) 11 Communication & Content Calendar #wixevents | @britesf
    12. 12. Sample Communication & Content Calendar Event Date: June 25th, Calendar Highlights Content Plan Leading up to the Event. #wixevents | @britesf
    13. 13. Leverage Partnerships & Encourage Sharing #wixevents | @britesf
    14. 14. Social Sharing Turns Attendees into Your Biggest Promoters Social influencing Sees which of their friends are going to the event Event discovery Via event directory, mobile, email, or social sites Ticket purchase With one-click, shares the event with friends Social discovery Friends see his post and click on the event Purchase & share Friends buy tickets and shares the event with their friends
    15. 15. Social Graph Amplifies Every Action Resulting in Real Dollars Every time someone shares an event on Facebook, it drives on average $4.15 in additional revenue *Average number of Facebook friends per user in 2012. Source: Arbitron; Edison Research One attendee : 262 friends* Potential reach: 68,600 friends
    16. 16. Communicate with Attendees #wixevents | @britesf
    17. 17. Think “Big Picture”
    18. 18. Use the event as a data collection opportunity Consider the long term vs. short term gains 18 Don‟t Think of your Event Just as an Event #wixevents | @britesf
    19. 19. Collecting Information from Attendees #wixevents | @britesf
    20. 20. Continue the Conversation
    21. 21. 21 After the event: • Ask for feedback, share a survey • Create and share recaps • Call to action! Keep „em Coming Back! #wixevents | @britesf
    22. 22. Social Stream #wixevents | @britesf
    23. 23. Social Stream #wixevents | @britesf
    24. 24. 24 Review your metrics to know which channels were most effective: • Tracking links • Facebook Insights • SproutSocial Metrics Matter #wixevents | @britesf
    25. 25. Stay Connected: eventbrite.com brianna@eventbrite.com twitter & facebook: @britesf