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An intranet is the application of Internet technology, more specifically World Wide Web technology within the organizational boundary. The very same technology is applies (Web servers, browsers, protocols etc.), but access is restricted exclusively to organizational members for example by means of "firewalls" or physically separating the intranet from external network ("firebreaks").

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  • Corporate Home Page: Display the corporate home page in internet with all the recent updates and news.Discussion Group, News Fees, Polls, Profile: Dynamic application for real-time communication and knowledge exchangeDifferent Computing Platform: Platform independent, need only web browser. Web Browser: Support all available web browser, IE 6-9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.Mobile Access: Work with all mobile browserOrganizational Apps: Workplace, Calendar, Knowledge Resource etc.Organizational Database: DB for employees with department and designation, financial data available on portal all the time to access from anywhereSearch Engine: Filter based search engine will allow search any information and records with in seconds. Static Information: Information like bank policies, HR rules and regulation will be displayed this section, which organization change rarely.
  • FEATURESOrganization Intranet: Create a centralized resource for bank. Run the intranet with no specialized software or servers. Upload bank Policy documents, financial, departmental, statistical information, multimedia content and many more. Publish content quickly and keep intranet content dynamic. Enterprise level security guaranteed. Dashboard view helps everyone see the latest changes and updates in the intranet.Team Collaboration: Workspaces within the organization allow the teams to have their own space and at the same time collaborate with other groups and use for effective knowledge sharing and doing work together in a team. Each team can have separate administrators, can set up permissions on their own and also have a unique look and feel by having a different theme. User can insert dynamic content like videos, presentations, polls and also share reports among the team.Knowledge Management Base: Build an effective knowledge base for bank; ensure data is always up-to-date. With Stream update display, E-Mail notifications and RSS feeds, watch page stay up-to-date on the changes happening in the Knowledge Base. Create a collaborative environment for employees and writers to ensure data accuracy in the help financial and statistical data they create. Publish content in different formats like PDF, HTML and Word.Training: Create collaborative training content. Build employees, management and experts’ community pages/group/forum. Use videos and presentations to develop dynamic sites and encourage employees’ participation.Increase Accountability: Task assignments and reminders reinforce team accountability and highlight individual team member contributions.Workflow: workflow solutions that allow you to automate and streamline your existing business procedures, increasing efficiency and productivity.Mobile Integration: The mobile intranet includes viewing and working with features including the new live feed, the employee directory, calendars, micro blogging, tasks, and documents. Some tools, such as blogs, can be used in offline form and will sync with the intranet when connected.Content Management System: Make sure portal is up to date and performing well and managing portal from one central location by administrator.
  • TBC INTRANET BUSINESS DRIVEREnvironment: Process Automation, less printingBusiness Process: Work Instruction, Procedures, Process workflowEmployee Engagement: News, blogs, communicationCollaboration: Staff directory, discuss forum, document and content managementData & Application: Front end access to corporate financial dataKnowledge Management: Document & content management, search, taxonomy, tagging of contentChange Management: Alert, news items, page updatesNew Ideas & Improvements: Discussion forum, online suggestion, brainstorming
  • Bank intranet

    1. 1. Bank Enterprise Network INTRANET PORTAL FOR BANK Technical Specification & Process Detail Contact UsWiweckSinghConsultant 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, Agra P. +91-9897739779/
    2. 2. ENTERPRISE NETWORK: BANK INTRANET An intranet is the application of Internet technology, more specifically Corporate Home page World Wide Web technology within Static Discussion group, the organizational boundary. The Informatio News Feed, Polls, n Profiles very same technology is applies Search (Web servers, browsers, protocols Engine etc.), but access is restricted Different exclusively to organizational Computing Intranet Web Platforms members for example by means of Organizational Server Database "firewalls" or physically separating the intranet from external network ("firebreaks"). Organizational Web Productivity Apps Browser Mobile Access Contact UsWiweckSingh 1 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    3. 3. INTRANET FEATURES & BENEFITS Following are the major features Following are the benefits • Centralize information resource • Friendly Work Atmosphere • Team collaboration • Learning while working • Knowledge management base • Effective Knowledge Management • Training • Increase bank productivity • Increase Accountability • Team collaboration • Workflow • Reduce rework • Mobile Integration • Complete project faster • Content Management System • Access work from anywhere, at anytime Contact UsWiweckSingh 2 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    4. 4. TBC INTRANET BUSINESS DRIVERS Environment New Ideas Employee generation Engagement Business BANK Collaboration Process INTRANET Change Data & Management Application Knowledge Management Contact UsWiweckSingh 3 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    5. 5. FUNCTIONAL MODULE User Panel Administrator Control Panel • User Login • Login • Welcome Page & Profile • Manage User List • Wall Post • Manage Department • Search • Manage User Gallery • Other User Profile • Manage News • Event & Poll Module • Manage Events • Media Gallery – Photos, Videos and Audios • Manage Documents • Document Gallery - Documents • Manage Blogs • Private Message & Chat Module • Manage Polls • Conference Room Module • Manage Currency Convertor • Blogs Module • Manage Company Info, Workplace Info, Knowledge • Knowledge Centre Module Centre Info • Address Book Module • Links Book Module • Company Info Module • Work Place Module Contact UsWiweckSingh 4 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    6. 6. BANK Intranet Architecture Employee Access Admin Access PC Mobile Admin System Setting Dashboard Social Collaboration Profile Feeds Search Other User Directory Profile Setting User Social Apps Incorporation Blogs Communities Chat Message Address Book Polls Events Media Gallery Enterprise Integration Calendar Documents Work Place Knowledge Resource Stat & Financial Info Company Info Link Book Internet Collaboration Contact UsWiweckSingh 5 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    7. 7. wiweck.wordpress.comPORTAL OPERATIONAL LEVEL 1st OPERATIONAL Provide Content LEVEL IT/Intranet Manager 2nd OPERATIONAL Provide Content LEVEL IT/Intranet Manager Department Head All Employees IT/Intranet Manager Interaction 3rd OPERATIONAL Provide Content LEVEL Promote Department Head Relevant Content Contact UsWiweckSingh 6 of 6 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/
    8. 8. THANK YOU Contact UsWiweckSingh 41 Indradhanush Colony., Dayalbagh, AgraConsultant P. +91-9897739779/