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Accessing Windows Files from LinuxBefore you can Use it, you need to Mount ItWhen you install Linux on a system with an ex...
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Accessing windows files from linux


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Accessing windows files from linux

  1. 1. Accessing Windows Files from LinuxBefore you can Use it, you need to Mount ItWhen you install Linux on a system with an existing operating system like Microsoft Windows™ it is easyto make those files and directories available under Linux. Often installations of Linux even auto-mountcertain things like floppy drives, cd-roms, etc. for you. However, it is often common for your Windowsdisk/partition not to be automatically mounted for use.To be able to get access to your Windows drive/partition under Linux you will need to perform two steps. 1. Create a directory under Linux that will link to your Windows drive/partition at the prompt type (only do this once): mkdir /mnt/win 2. Then mount your Windows drive and link it to this new directory under Linux at the prompt type exactly: mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/winNOTE: If you are using Windows NT, 2000, 2003, or XP you need to instead use this command: mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/winHOW EVER, N O T IC E t ha t f or th os e m ou nt i n g a W ind o ws NT Fi l e S ys tem i t is p os s ib l e t oc orr up t t he NT FS wh en wr i t in g t o i t f rom L i nux . T her ef or e m os t of th e t im e th e m ou nt wi l lon l y m o u nt t he W indo ws dr i ve as r ea d o n l y! 3. Now try changing directories to your Windows drive/partition by typing at the prompt: cd /mnt/win and then typing: ls –allNotice that the actual disk or partition information in this example is /dev/hda1. This is usually the case ifyou have installed Linux onto a system with existing Windows. The hda1 refers to the first partition of yourmaster (1st) hard drive. However, in some cases you may be using a system where Linux is on the hda1and your Windows drive is actually something different. If you have an error, check what drives andpartitions are already mounted by simply typing the command: mountIf you get the Error Message “Filesystem Unsupported” your Linux installation may not have included theneeded NTFS (NT, Win 2000, WinXP) driver. This requires either a reinstall or Kernel compile.Written for Inventive solution in-house software developer developing java applications.In-charge: Vivek K. SinghDate: May 04, 2004