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Social Brand Builder : Monitor, Promote, Engage


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Jibe's Social Brand Builder provides all essential insights and marketing functionality to build your online Brand, Business and Community

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Social Brand Builder : Monitor, Promote, Engage

  1. 1. introducing Social Brand Builder One Stop Shop for Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Grow your brand & community through Roundtrip Marketing! Roundtrip Marketing : Monitor, Promote, Engage! Monitor : Create oversight and insight in your brand and fans Promote your brand, products & services Engage : meet your fans, build relations through interaction and conversation MONITOR PROMOTE ENGAGE Brand & Fan Insights Digital Marketing Join the Conversation M O N I T O R | I N S I G H T S | P R O M O T I O N | C O N V E R S AT I O N | E N G A G E M E N T | G R O W !
  3. 3. Social Brand Builder : One Stop Shop for Roundtrip Marketing! Monitor : know your brand & customer • Business Performance : reach, traffic, customer interaction, revenue • Customer Profile : customer value, influence, and preferences • Brand Awareness : what customers say about your brand & products Promote : your brand & products ... and your customers • All digital marketing functionality at hand, for promotion through • newsletters • multimedia messages & posts (‘micro-blogging’) • newsfeeds • photo galleries, video channels, podcasts • Reach your customer cross-channel • through web, mobile, social networks and locations! Engage : Meet your customers and fans! • monitor conversations on your live stream on all networks • see your mentions, positive, negative remarks and questions being asked • influence the conversation and build relations K NOW Y OUR B RAND & C USTOMER | P ROMOTE Y OUR B RAND , PRODUCTS & SERVICES | M EET & E NGAGE WITH F ANS
  4. 4. Social Brand Builder : Oversight & Insight to manage on facts! Know your Business Reach for Acquisition Presence for Activate Engagement for Conversion Sales for your financial performance Know your Fans Where & what they spend What they say What is their profile Who are the influencers
  5. 5. Social Brand Builder: Promote online, multichannel M AIL | P OSTS | N EWSFEEDS | P HOTO G ALLERIES | V IDEO C HANNELS | P ODCASTS | E VENT C ALENDERS
  6. 6. Social Brand Builder: Follow conversations, Meet your customer and Engage! M ONITOR | R ECORD & T RACK | I NSIGHTS | M ENTIONS | R EPLY | M EET | D ISCUSS | P OST | A LL N ETWORKS