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Top 100 Sales Influencers To Follow On Twitter


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We at WittyParrot have compiled a list of 100 Sales Influencers to follow on Twitter in 2014 and 2015. Read the complete blog post here:

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Top 100 Sales Influencers To Follow On Twitter

  1. Top 100 Sales Influencers To Follow On Twitter
  2. @mayeralen Alen Mayer @wittyparrotapp Sales Expert & Sales Trainer Following
  3. @andyPreston Andy Preston @wittyparrotapp Sales Expert & Authority on Cold Calling Following
  4. @annekeseley Anneke Seley @wittyparrotapp Sales 2.0 Author & OracleDirect Founder Following
  5. @ardath421 Ardath Albee @wittyparrotapp B2B Marketer & Content Strategist Following
  6. @artsobczak Art Sobszcak @wittyparrotapp Sales Training for Inside Sales & Best Selling Author: Smart Calling Following
  7. @b_bradley Ben Bradley @wittyparrotapp Director of Marketing, Marketing Automation & CRM for Top B2B Brands Following
  8. @billcaskey Bill Caskey @wittyparrotapp Trainer of B2B Sales Teams-Advanced Selling Podcast Following
  9. @bobapollo Bob Apollo @wittyparrotapp Helping B2B Companies Raise Sales to the Next Level Following
  10. @TheRetailDoctor Bob Phibbs @wittyparrotapp Professional Speaker on Retail Sales, Training & Marketing Following
  11. @CaskeyChick Brooke Green @wittyparrotapp Partner, Sales Consultant & Leadership Coach Following
  12. @salespowertips Butch Bellah @wittyparrotapp Speaker, Sales Coach, Author: The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars Following
  13. @ChaleneJohnson Chalene Johnson @wittyparrotapp Social Media Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Celebrity Fitness Trainer Following
  14. @CheBrownSales Che Brown @wittyparrotapp America’s Leading Sales Expert & Global Sales Trainer Following
  15. @cwindley Chris Windley @wittyparrotapp Digital Strategy, Sales, Marketing Expert, Beauty Biz. Consultant, Top Global Tech. Investor Following
  16. @ClareGardenNews Clare Foggett @wittyparrotapp Editor of Garden News, The UK’s Best- Selling Weekly Gardening Magazine Following
  17. @EngageColleen Colleen Francis @wittyparrotapp Owner, Engage Selling Solutions & Professional Training & Coaching Consultant Following
  18. @CraigElias Craig Elias @wittyparrotapp Creator of Trigger Event Selling™ Following
  19. @funnelholic Craig Rosenberg @wittyparrotapp Co-Founder at Topo Sales, Marketing, Student of the Game Following
  20. @EiSelling Colleen Stanley @wittyparrotapp President of SalesLeadership, Inc., a Sales Development Firm Following
  21. @dandade Dan McDade @wittyparrotapp Expert, Data Driven Lead Generation & Qualification Following
  22. @DanWaldo Dan Waldschmidt @wittyparrotapp Business Strategist, Popular Speaker & Ultra-Runner Following
  23. @DanielNewmanUV Daniel Newman @wittyparrotapp Founder / CEO at Broadsuite, Huffpost & Forbes Contributor Following
  24. @mooreconsortium Dave Moore @wittyparrotapp Human Potential Technology Creator & Transformation Evangelist Following
  25. @davestei Dave Stein @wittyparrotapp Big Deal Strategist, Author / Columnist, Speaker & Social Seller Following
  26. @DavidABrock David Brock @wittyparrotapp Helping Sales & Business Professionals Achieve Extraordinary Goals Following
  27. @DMScott David Meerman Scott @wittyparrotapp Leading Marketing & Sales Speaker for Companies Following
  28. @EricLofholm Eric Lofholm @wittyparrotapp Motivational Speaker & Master Sales Trainer Following
  29. @masfrancesc Francesc Mas @wittyparrotapp Consultant, Speaker & Trainer Following
  30. @garthm Garth Moulton @wittyparrotapp Chief Customer Officer for Circleback Inc. & Co-Founder of Jigsaw Following
  31. @SalesDuJour Gary S. Hart @wittyparrotapp Stalled Sales Prevention Expert & B2B sales thought leader Following
  32. @Sales_Source Geoffrey James @wittyparrotapp Columnist at Following
  33. @gerhard20 Gerhard Gschwandtner @wittyparrotapp Founder & Publisher of Selling Power, host of Following
  34. @GrantCardone Grant Cardone @wittyparrotapp Founder & CEO Cardone Training Technologies Inc., Cardonegroup Following
  35. @GregAlexander Greg Alexander @wittyparrotapp CEO, Sales Benchmark Index - Sales & Marketing Expert Following
  36. @ianbrodie Ian Brodie @wittyparrotapp Marketing Coach: Straight Talking Advice for Consultants & Coaches Following
  37. @IanKnowlson Ian Knowlson @wittyparrotapp Business Development & Recruitment Expert Following
  38. @thelinkedinman James Potter @wittyparrotapp Expert at Helping People, Directors, CEO’s & Corporates turn LinkedIn into the Success they Seek Following
  39. @SalesGravy Jeb Blount @wittyparrotapp CEO at Sales Gravy, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Strategist Following
  40. @JeffSheehan Jeff Sheehan @wittyparrotapp Marketing, Social Media Pro, Speaker & Author Following
  41. @JeromeBailly Jérôme Bailly @wittyparrotapp eCommerce & Digital Marketing Specialist Following
  42. @JillKonrath Jill Konrath @wittyparrotapp Sales Speaker, Author of Agile Selling & Snap Selling Following
  43. @Keenan Jim Keenan @wittyparrotapp CEO / President, A Sales Guy Inc., Speaker & Strategist Following
  44. @ReferralSales Joanne Black @wittyparrotapp Referral Sales Expert & Interim Sales Advisor Following
  45. @JohnMBarrows John Barrows @wittyparrotapp Sales Trainer to the World’s Leading Tech Companies Following
  46. @jcousineau John Cousineau @wittyparrotapp CEO at Amacus & makers of Amacus Following
  47. @TopSalesWorld Jonathan Farrington @wittyparrotapp Keynote Speaker, CEO, Senior Partner & Business Coach Following
  48. @jonlondon Jonathan London @wittyparrotapp R.e.a.l. Selling, Author of using Technology to Sell & Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling Following
  49. @JosianeFeigon Josaine Feigon @wittyparrotapp CEO of Telesmart & #1 Rated Inside Sales Training Bestselling Author Following
  50. @acting4sales Julie Hansen @wittyparrotapp Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Author Following
  51. @KeithRosen Keith Rosen @wittyparrotapp Pioneer of Sales Management Coach Training-CEO of Profit Builders Following
  52. @Kel_Robertson Kelley Robertson @wittyparrotapp Leader in Developing & Delivering Sales Training Programs that get Results Following
  53. @eWeb2Sales Kenneth Darryl Brown @wittyparrotapp B2B Sales Expert, Sales, Technology & Profit Evangelist! Coach
  54. @KenThoreson Ken Thoreson @wittyparrotapp Sales Leadership Consultant, Strategy, Speaker & Author Following
  55. @kevinsgaither Kevin Gaither @wittyparrotapp Passionate Inside Sales Expert & Leader Following
  56. @SalesDiva Kim Duke @wittyparrotapp Founder of The Sales Divas & International Sales Expert Following
  57. @KristinZhivago Kristin Zhivago @wittyparrotapp Revenue Coach to CEOs & Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker & Blogger Following
  58. @SalesArchitects Lee Salz @wittyparrotapp Sales Management Expert & Author of Hire Right Following
  59. @nlpSalesSuccess Leigh Ashton @wittyparrotapp Expert on Increasing Sales through Psychology & Mindset Following
  60. @RichardsonSales Linda Richardson @wittyparrotapp Founder of Richardson, Author & Consultant Following
  61. @LisaEarleMcLeod Lisa Earle McLeod @wittyparrotapp Sales Leadership Consultant, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker Following
  62. @ScoreMoreSales Lori Richardson @wittyparrotapp B2B Mid-Market Sales Growth Expert & Social Selling Speaker Following
  63. @marcogiunta Marco Giunta @wittyparrotapp Technologist, Innovator & Financial Services Following
  64. @markjcundiff Mark J. Cundiff @wittyparrotapp Senior Business Executive & Global Sales Manager Leadership Expert Following
  65. @TheSalesHunter Mark Hunter @wittyparrotapp The Sales Hunter, Keynote Sales Speaker, Sales Consultant & Pricing Consultant Following
  66. @marktewart Mark Tewart @wittyparrotapp Sales Expert & Automotive Industry Expert Following
  67. @marshallk Marshall Kirkpatrick @wittyparrotapp CEO at Little Bird: Surfacing Opportunity in Social Networks Following
  68. @mattbertuzzi Matt Bertuzzi @wittyparrotapp B2B Marketing, Operations Guy & 3X Salesforce MVP Following
  69. @HeinzMarketing Matt Heinz @wittyparrotapp B2B Revenue Acceleration Via Sales & Marketing Strategy Following
  70. @MelonieDodaro Melonie Dodaro @wittyparrotapp Dubbed by the Media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert Following
  71. @mike_weinberg Mike Weinberg @wittyparrotapp Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author Following
  72. @MilesAustin Miles Austin @wittyparrotapp “The Web Tools Guy”, Sales & Marketing Speaker Following
  73. @SalesProInsider Nancy Bleeke @wittyparrotapp Founder & President, Sales Pro Insider & Sales Training Expert Following
  74. @SellingTools Nancy Nardin @wittyparrotapp Partner, Sales Consultant & Leadership Coach Following
  75. @9PT Oliver Müller-Marc @wittyparrotapp CEO & Founder of Ensego Management Consulting & Sales & Marketing Expert Following
  76. @SellingSherpa Patrick L. Williams @wittyparrotapp CEO of You Rock!® & Branding Consultant Following
  77. @PFripp Patricia Fripp @wittyparrotapp Executive Speech Coach & Keynote Speaker Following
  78. @PaulCastain Paul Castain @wittyparrotapp Vice President of Rock Star Development Castain Training Systems & Trainer Following
  79. @paul_mccord Paul McCord @wittyparrotapp Forbes Top 30 Social Selling Thought Leader & Training B2B Sellers Following
  80. @perryvanbeek Perry van Beek @wittyparrotapp Linkedin & Social Selling Expert Following
  81. @PerryMarshall Perry Marshall @wittyparrotapp World’s #1 Expert on Sales Growth through 80/20 Leverage Following
  82. @RobertTerson Robert Terson @wittyparrotapp Master Salesman & Motivator, Author & Speaker Following
  83. @ronkarr Ron Karr @wittyparrotapp Expert Speaker and Business Coach on Sales, Leadership & Negotiations Following
  84. @saleshorizons Richard Ruff @wittyparrotapp Managing Partner at Sales Momentum & Co-Founder of Sales Horizons Following
  85. @StartupSandy Sandy Hathaway @wittyparrotapp Co-founder at RetentionGrid & MB Ecommerce Customer Retention Expert Following
  86. @seanvbradley Sean V. Bradley @wittyparrotapp Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development & AutoMarketing Expert Following
  87. @thisissethsblog Seth Godin @wittyparrotapp Founder of SquidooHQ, Author & Blogger Following
  88. @shanegibson Shane Gibson @wittyparrotapp Author & Instructor at Langara College Professional Sales Program Following
  89. @shawmu Shawn Murphy @wittyparrotapp CEO, Co-Founder Switch & Shift, Speaker Following
  90. @StanSher Stan Sher @wittyparrotapp Automotive Industry Consultant, Speaker & Sales & Digital Marketing expert Following
  91. @stevewmartin1 Steve W.Martin @wittyparrotapp Author of the Heavy Hitter Sales Series of Books for Senior Salespeople Following
  92. @stevenarosen Steven Rosen @wittyparrotapp Executive Sales Coach & Inspiring Sales Executives to Achieve Success Following
  93. @Iannarino S. Anthony Iannarino @wittyparrotapp Catalyst, Instigator & Agitator Following
  94. @TedCoine Ted Coine @wittyparrotapp Author of A World Gone Social Following
  95. @TiborShanto Tibor Shanto @wittyparrotapp Speaker, Award Winning Author & Professional Development Following
  96. @TheHopeGiver Tiffany Peterson @wittyparrotapp Speaker, Sales Expert & Success Coach Following
  97. @ACTC Tony Cole @wittyparrotapp Founder & CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group Following
  98. @TrentLeyshan Trent Leyshan @wittyparrotapp Founder of Boom! Sales, Author of ‘Outlaw’ & The Naked Salesman Following
  99. @bridgegroupinc Trish Bertuzzi @wittyparrotapp Unleashing the Power of Inside Sales for B2B Tech Companies Following
  100. @thegrowthguy Verne Harnish @wittyparrotapp Owner, Gazelles, Inc., A Strategic Planning & Professional Training Following
  101. @SalesWhisperer Wes Schaeffer @wittyparrotapp Marketing Automation Expert & Sales Trainer Following
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