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100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter in 2015

  1. 100 Content Marketers to follow on Twitter in 2015
  2. Ahava Leibtag @ahaval Content Wizard, Author of The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web 9,974 TWEETS 5,384 FOLLOWERS 557 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  3. Alex Hisaka @alexhisaka Global Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, Content Strategist, Copywriter 7,640 TWEETS 15.6K FOLLOWERS 9,435 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  4. Alexis Grant @alexisgrant Entrepreneurial Writer, Digital Strategist, Founder of “The Write Life” 21.2K TWEETS 10.2K FOLLOWERS 1,932 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  5. Alina Bradford @alinabradford Content Strategist, Blogger, Writer for Businesses & Publishers 2,450 TWEETS 1,154 FOLLOWERS 450 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  6. Amanda Maksymiw @amandamaks Content Marketing Tactician, Contributer to the Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs 7,818 TWEETS 4,471 FOLLOWERS 910 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  7. Amy Vernon @AmyVernon Speaker, Networker, Prize-winning Writer & Journalist, Guest on Pulse on Marketing 91.9K TWEETS 23.9K FOLLOWERS 4,101 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  8. Andrew Davis @TPLDrew Author, Marketing Speaker & Founder of Monumental Shift 17.6K TWEETS 8,969 FOLLOWERS 3,520 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  9. Andy Crestodina @crestodina Co-founder Orbit Media, Speaker, Content Marketer, Environmentalist & Author 7,478 TWEETS 8,133 FOLLOWERS 2,818 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  10. Ann Handley @annhandley Author, Marketer, Chief Content Officer 5,696 TWEETS 10.4K FOLLOWERS 8,982 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  11. Ardath Albee @ardath421 B2B Content Marketing Strategist, Writer, Storyteller & Author of Digital Relevance 7,618 TWEETS 17.7K FOLLOWERS 5,871 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  12. Arnie Kuenn @ArnieK CEO Vertical Measures, Frequent Speaker, Co-author of Content Marketing Works 28.3K TWEETS 10.9K FOLLOWERS 814 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  13. Avinash Kaushik @avinash The Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, Co-founder Market Motive, Author 15.1K TWEETS 149K FOLLOWERS 88 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  14. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks Keynote Speaker, Trainer, PR Stategist, Author 20.1K TWEETS 11.8K FOLLOWERS 1,934 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  15. Barry Feldman @FeldmanCreative Content Marketing Consultant, Copywriter & Social Media Advisor 5,930 TWEETS 14.4K FOLLOWERS 9,831 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  16. Ben Francia @benfrancia Digital Marketing Consultant, Outsourcing Specialist, Speaker, Life Coach 36.4K TWEETS 7,807 FOLLOWERS 7,022 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  17. Bernard Marr @BernardMarr Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Strategic Performance Consultant 8,386 TWEETS 80K FOLLOWERS 33.5K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  18. Bernie Borges @bernieborges Digital Marketing Agency CEO, Host of Social Business Engine Digital TV show, Blogger, Speaker, Author 20.2K TWEETS 15.8K FOLLOWERS 6,815 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  19. Brian Clark @brianclark Founder of CopyBlogger, Host of New Rainmaker 30.2K TWEETS 172K FOLLOWERS 200 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  20. Brian Honigman @BrianHonigman Marketing Consultant, Tech Writer & Speaker, Contributor 16.1K TWEETS 18K FOLLOWERS 17K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  21. Carla Johnson @CarlaJohnson President, Type A Communications, Content Marketing Strategist, Author 7,526 TWEETS 6,669 FOLLOWERS 5,132 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  22. Carlos Hidalgo @cahidalgo CEOofAnnuitas,DemandProcess Transformation, Marketing Automation, B2B Marketing 10.5K TWEETS 6,690 FOLLOWERS 3,858 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  23. Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie Senior Digital PR consultant - Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO 25.2K TWEETS 12.9K FOLLOWERS 5,861 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  24. Cathy McPhillips @cmcphillips Social & Content Marketing, Digital & Web Strategy, Director of Marketing 10.4K TWEETS 7,894 FOLLOWERS 7,826 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  25. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman Founder of Never Enough Days, Author of Amazing Things Will Happen & Content Rules 106K TWEETS 45.3K FOLLOWERS 17.3K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  26. Chad Pollitt @ChadPollitt Web Traffic Controller, Author VP of Audience, & Co-founder of Relevance 27.9K TWEETS 27.7K FOLLOWERS 9,647 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  27. Cor Hospes @corhospes Social Media, Content Marketer, Guerrilla Marketing, Author of Content Bible 25K TWEETS 12.8K FOLLOWERS 7,974 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  28. Daniel Newman @danielnewmanUV Founder Broadsuite, An experienced C-Level Executive, Author, Editor of Smart Insights 75.2K TWEETS 35.7K FOLLOWERS 8,052 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  29. Dr Dave Chaffey @DaveChaffey Editor Smart Insights, Author of Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation & Practice 6,148 TWEETS 18.3K FOLLOWERS 1,923 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  30. Deana Goldasich @goldasich CEO of Well Planned Web, Helping B2B clients nurture leads by marketing their expertise 10.4K TWEETS 11.5K FOLLOWERS 6,937 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  31. Derek Halpern @derekhalpern Founder of Social Triggers, Expert Marketer & Entrepreneur 9,198 TWEETS 55.5K FOLLOWERS 543 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  32. Elizabeth Maness @ElizbethLManess Relationship Expert Helping Singles & Businesses meet their perfect match using Social Media & SEO 121K TWEETS 42.9K FOLLOWERS 30.6K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  33. Frank Barry @franswaa Expert in Content Marketing, Search Marketing & Social Marketing 17.4K TWEETS 6,376 FOLLOWERS 1,875 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  34. Geno Prussakov @ePrussakov Affiliate Marketing Consultant, International Speaker, Founder of AM Days, AM Navigator, Author, Blogger 28.8K TWEETS 11.5K FOLLOWERS 61 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  35. Gerry Moran @GerryMoran Global Head of Social Media & Content at Cognizant, Social Selling Coach, Builds Marketing programs from scratch 12.8K TWEETS 79.4K FOLLOWERS 59.1K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  36. Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich CEO Arment Dietrich, Author Spin Sucks, Blogger & Writer, Co-Author Marketing in the Round 114K TWEETS 36K FOLLOWERS 23.7K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  37. Glen Gilmore @GlenGilmore Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Marketing Strategist, Lawyer, Author 51.6K TWEETS 302K FOLLOWERS 140K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  38. Guilhem Bertholet @guilhem Founder Invox Agency, Content Marketing, Helping companies create & operate their own online media 15.9K TWEETS 13.3K FOLLOWERS 327 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  39. Guy Kawasaki @GuyKawasaki Chief Evangelist of, Author of twelve books, Former Chief Evangelist of Apple 135K TWEETS 1.44M FOLLOWERS 107K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  40. Heidi Cohen @heidicohen Actionable Marketing Expert, Professor, Journalist & Speaker 26.8K TWEETS 26.3K FOLLOWERS 1,109 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  41. Ian Stanley @meanoiano Senior Marketing Manager with Hubspot, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, CRO 1,152 TWEETS 2,116 FOLLOWERS 365 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  42. Ilise Benun @MMToolbox Author, Speaker & CEO of Marketing Mentor Toolbox, Consultant & Content Marketer 14.4K TWEETS 22.1K FOLLOWERS 24.3K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  43. Jason A Miller @JasonMillerCA Sr. Manager Content & Social Marketing Solutions at Linkedin, Blogger 17.5K TWEETS 18.1K FOLLOWERS 8,928 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  44. Jay Acunzo @Jay_zo Platform & Content Marketing at NextView Ventures Co-founder of Boston Content 13K TWEETS 5,150 FOLLOWERS 1,834 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  45. Jay Baer @jaybaer NY Times best Selling Author, Marketing Consultant, Speaker, President of Convince & Convert 38.2K TWEETS 143K FOLLOWERS 27.8K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  46. Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas Social Media Marketing Blogger, Strategist & Speaker, Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer 2013 200K TWEETS 289K FOLLOWERS 146K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  47. Jeff Domansky @ThePRCoach CEO Peak Communications, Author, Integrating PR, Social Media, Content Marketing 23.2K TWEETS 14.4K FOLLOWERS 7,024 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  48. Jeff Haden @jeff_haden Ghostwriter, Speaker, Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor, LinkedIn Influencer 1,423 TWEETS 32.5K FOLLOWERS 15 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  49. Joe Chernov @jchernov VP of Content at HubSpot, Advisor to Little Bird & TrackMaven 15.2K TWEETS 20.7K FOLLOWERS 2,330 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  50. Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi Founder of Content Marketing Institute & Content Marketing World, Author 13.8K TWEETS 63.9K FOLLOWERS 20K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  51. John Jantsch @ducttape Small Business Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author 18.9K TWEETS 93.9K FOLLOWERS 376 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  52. Jonathan Mildenhall @Mildenhall CMO of Airbnb, VP of Global Advertising Strategy & Creative Excellence at Coca-Cola Company 6,045 TWEETS 13.5K FOLLOWERS 791 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  53. Justin P Lambert @JustinPLambert Content Marketing specialist, Author of The Content Marketing Hurricane, Blogger 18K TWEETS 3,621 FOLLOWERS 3,212 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  54. Karen Schopp @custom_publish Content Marketing Evangelist, Custom Publishing Enthusiast & Media Sales Executive for the CMI 8,782 TWEETS 3,493 FOLLOWERS 3,800 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  55. Kathryn Hawkins @kathrynhawkins Principal at Eucalypt Media, Helping companies & organizations captivate audiences with their stories 3,363 TWEETS 2,525 FOLLOWERS 1,230 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  56. Kim Garst @kimgarst Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Author, Speaker, Social Media Consultant, CEO Boom Social 231K TWEETS 313K FOLLOWERS 201K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  57. Klaus Eck @klauseck Empowering Digital Business, Social Business, Speaker, Author of The Content-Revolution 21.1K TWEETS 39.1K FOLLOWERS 4,122 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  58. Kristina Halvorson @halvorson CEO Brain Traffic, Founder Confab Events, Author, Content Strategist 25.6K TWEETS 33.5K FOLLOWERS 398 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  59. Lee Odden @leeodden CEO of Top Rank Marketing, Author, Speaker & Consultant for B2B Content Marketing, Social Media 31K TWEETS 77.2K FOLLOWERS 3,887 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  60. Lin Grensing-Pophal @LinWriter Content Marketer, Writer, Owner of Strategic Communications 3,397 TWEETS 1,776 FOLLOWERS 1,276 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  61. Lisa Petrilli @LisaPetrilli Forbes Top 50 CMO, CMO Vanda Inc., Author: The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business & Leadership 32K TWEETS 20.8K FOLLOWERS 13.8K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  62. Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion Consulting, Speaking on all things Inbound Content Marketing, Business 8,522 TWEETS 15.7K FOLLOWERS 654 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  63. Mark Ragan @MarkRaganCEO CEO of Ragan Communications, Publisher of PRDaily, RaganComms, RaganHealth 106K TWEETS 74.1K FOLLOWERS 9,651 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  64. Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer Chieftain of the blog {grow} & Social Media bouncer, Consultant, Educator, Author 53.9K TWEETS 102K FOLLOWERS 34.4K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  65. Martin Jones @martinjonesaz Leader in Social Media Content & Growth Hack Marketing strategies, Senior Marketing Manger at Cox Business 19.8K TWEETS 120K FOLLOWERS 58.4K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  66. Meryl K. Evans @merylkevans Writer, Editor, Content Marketer, Author of “Brilliant Outlook Pocketbook” 32.2K TWEETS 11K FOLLOWERS 10.6K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  67. Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael Head of Strategy at NewsCred, Former VP of Marketing at SAP, Speaker, Author & Blogger at 35K TWEETS 48.3K FOLLOWERS 17.7K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  68. Michael Krebs @MichaelPKrebs Director, Brand Solutions, HipCricket, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising 5,471 TWEETS 4,961 FOLLOWERS 4,977 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  69. Michael A. Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner Founder Social Media Examiner, Host of Social Media Marketing podcast, Author: “Launch & Writing White Papers” 21.1K TWEETS 91K FOLLOWERS 24.7K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  70. Mike Allton @mike_allton Social Media and Blogging Consultant for SMB, HootSuite Pro, Author 44.4K TWEETS 14.6K FOLLOWERS 2,865 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  71. Mike Brown @Brainzooming Author, Speaker, Strategy, Innovation, Creativity & Social Media ideas at brainzooming 78K TWEETS 19.6K FOLLOWERS 8,857 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  72. Nenad Senić @NenadSenic Award-winning Brand Editor, Teacher & Customer Magazine Collector, European Editor of CCO Magazine CMI 37.7K TWEETS 1,872 FOLLOWERS 429 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  73. Pam Didner @PamDidner Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Author of upcoming book: Global Content Marketing 5,825 TWEETS 4,468 FOLLOWERS 2,450 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  74. Pam Dyer @pamdyer SolutionsIQ Marketing Maven, Forbes Top 25 Social Media Power Influencer, Social Media Marketing Blogger 7,014 TWEETS 99.6K FOLLOWERS 86.1K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  75. Pam Moore @PamMktgNut Forbes TOP 10 Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Author & CEO at Marketing Nutz 96.8K TWEETS 229K FOLLOWERS 133K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  76. Pamela Muldoon @pamelamuldoon Audio Content Consultant, Content Strategist, Content Systems, Audio Production 9,908 TWEETS 5,368 FOLLOWERS 5,778 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  77. Patrick Hayslett @PatrickHayslett Blogger at Content Marketing, Spin Sucks & Business 2 Community, Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, Social Media 3,423 TWEETS 2,586 FOLLOWERS 2,557 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  78. Patsi Krakoff @Patsiblogsquad Helping business and Executive Coaches to improve their online visibility with blogs, Newsletters & Social Media 4,164 TWEETS 7,844 FOLLOWERS 8,588 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  79. Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer Founder & CEO of PR 20/20, Author: The Marketing Performance Blueprint, Creator of Marketing Score 13K TWEETS 12.9K FOLLOWERS 8,284 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  80. Rebecca Lieb @lieblink Altimeter Group analyst covering Digital Advertising, Consultant on Digital Strategy, Content Strategy 6,418 TWEETS 8,009 FOLLOWERS 1,228 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  81. Rick Ramos @ricktramos Founder of Rick Ramos Consulting, Author of Content Marketing 3,855 TWEETS 54.9K FOLLOWERS 37.5K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  82. Robert Rose @Robert_Rose Chief Strategist at CMI, Author, Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, Speaker 13.1K TWEETS 28.9K FOLLOWERS 14.3K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  83. Roger C. Parker @Rogercparker Author of 38 Books, Promote Visual Literacy & Enhanced Productivity, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach 13.1K TWEETS 5,187 FOLLOWERS 5,697 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  84. Russell Sparkman @fusionspark 10+ years in Content Marketing Strategy & Content Development, Connector of dots in Digital Media 5,605 TWEETS 2,636 FOLLOWERS 2,119 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  85. Ryan Hanley @RyanHanley_Com Speaker, Author “Content Warfare”, President of Hanley Media Lab 32.2K TWEETS 10.3K FOLLOWERS 2,630 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  86. Sarah Skerik @SarahSkerik VP of Content Marketing for PR Newswire, PR Data nerd, Content Marketer, Blogger, Author 14.5K TWEETS 7,670 FOLLOWERS 6,785 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  87. Scott Abel @scottabel The Content Wrangler, Content Strategist, Intelligent Content, Columnist, Presenter, Content Marketer 52.2K TWEETS 19K FOLLOWERS 24.6K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  88. Sharon Flaherty @ContentPRlover Content, PR & Social lover, MD of BrandContent 1,012 TWEETS 2,016 FOLLOWERS 1,619 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  89. Sharon Tanton @sjtanton Creative Director of Valuable Content, Co-author of Valuable Content Marketing 17.1K TWEETS 1,749 FOLLOWERS 1,428 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  90. Shelly Kramer @ShellyKramer Marketing/Brand Strategist, Idea generator, Digital Content Magician 157K TWEETS 76.4K FOLLOWERS 47.7K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  91. Sonja Jefferson @SonjaJefferson Content marketing strategist, Founder of Valuable Content, Co-author: Valuable Content Marketing book 12.6K TWEETS 4,473 FOLLOWERS 4,385 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  92. Stanford Smith @pushingsocial Content Marketing expert, Blog promotion, Blog marketing 26.3K TWEETS 23.7K FOLLOWERS 23.1K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  93. Steve Farnsworth @Steveology A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer & Demand Generation Content Marketing Strategist for B2B 80.7K TWEETS 117K FOLLOWERS 38.8K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  94. Steve Olenski @steveolenski Senior Content Creative Strategist at Responsys, Content development & Management expert 32K TWEETS 6,233 FOLLOWERS 3,548 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  95. Steven Sefton @seftonmedia Inspiring Small Business Owners to use Digital Marketing the Right Way, Marketer and Boss at Zap Designs 9,235 TWEETS 5,863 FOLLOWERS 4,933 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  96. Susanna Gebauer @dreckbaerfrau Writer, Marketer, Co-founder of The Social Marketers, Founder 92.3K TWEETS 166K FOLLOWERS 44.7K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  97. Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris Co-founder/Pres. M4 Communications, Marketing strategist, Advocate, Writer 36.3K TWEETS 3,981 FOLLOWERS 975 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  98. Ted Hart Karczewski @TeddyHK The Marketing Content Specialist at Skyword, Managing Editor of The Content Standard 5,835 TWEETS 3,264 FOLLOWERS 750 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  99. Tony Zambito @TonyZambito Founder and creator of buyer personas to inform Marketing & Sales Strategies 14.5K TWEETS 3,339 FOLLOWERS 1,825 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  100. Trent Dyrsmid @TrentDyrsmid Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Content Marketing & Marketing Automation Expert 13.9K TWEETS 8,162 FOLLOWERS 2,255 FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
  101. Trevor Young @trevoryoung Speaker, Strategist, Adviser - Thought Leadership, Content Marketing, Social Media, Author: microDOMINATION 46.2K TWEETS 16.4K FOLLOWERS 11.2K FOLLOWING @wittyparrotapp
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