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Whats new in GLAM


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Summary of current trends and emerging topics in GLAM-Wiki activities. Presented at the Central & Eastern European (CEE) Wikimedians conference, August 2016

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Whats new in GLAM

  1. 1. What’s new in GLAM? Liam Wyatt / @Wittylama / [[user:Wittylama]] #WMCEE2016 #GLAMWIKI Dilijan, Armenia
  2. 2.,_1874_(4359955260).jpg The following are merely my opinions. I ENCOURAGE suggestions and additions
  3. 3. Background: Why? • Often a start local community external collaborations. Pride, legitimacy, focus. • “We’re doing the same thing, for the same reason, for the same people, often in the same medium, in a different way. Let’s do it together.”
  4. 4. Definitional changes zoos botanical gardens sports medicine higher education Our “pitch” has changed. Wikipedia  Commons  Wikidata broadcasters Corporate archives What about Wikisource? Wiktionary? ethnographic documentation projects
  5. 5. Metrics changes • Global metrics  Metrics Library • 3 standard + 2 user-defined grant metrics • “# participants, # newly registered, #pages created/improved aggregated • Lab/Redesigning_Global_Metrics_%26_its_supp ort/Outcome Determine the goal, measure against THAT goal
  6. 6. Mass upload • ComeOn • Pattypan • GLAMWikiToolset
  7. 7. Libraries • WikiCite – Structured citation data! • The Wikipedia Library – Now with support from IFLA • 1Lib1Ref (‘citation hunt’; hashtags) • Catalonia Library Network • Reference libraries • User:Sadads  Astinson (WMF)
  8. 8. Tours -> Content • “behind the scenes” → Carpathian project • Transcribing; Scanning (e.g. Argentina) • OSM… atre_-_bride_and_groom_dancing.jpg
  9. 9. Now THIS is campaign infrastructure!
  10. 10. Wikidata idata-glam/ • Sum of all Paintings – Europeana Art History Challenge – TED Challenge • Connected Open Heritage – Visiting Tiblisi: 9-11 November
  11. 11. UNESCO • MediaBank content release (coming soon) • ‘Biosphere’ project: data, images, articles • Own texts/publications • Policy emphasis on ‘open’ • Memory of the World Time – Every document is a creature of its time Place – The place of its creation is a key attribute of its importance People – The social and cultural context of its creation Subject/Theme – The subject matter may represent particular historical or intellectual developments Form/Style – The item may…be a key exemplar of a type of presentation, custom or medium Social/Community significance – The document must have an emotional hold on people who are alive today
  12. 12. Legal challenges iki/Category:Images_subject_to_Rei ss_Engelhorn_Museum_lawsuit • Reiss Engelhorn • Prado: request for community input • FoP lobbying  aerial a.k.a. “FoP 2.0”
  13. 13. New formats • Dynamic maps, Wikidata lists/infoboxes • 360 photos, audio, 3D models (legal!) • Aerial (photo and video): Wiki From Above
  14. 14. Peace, Love & Metadata Liam Wyatt / @Wittylama / [[user:Wittylama]] #WMCEE2016 #GLAMWIKI Dilijan, Armenia