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From sausages to feedom


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Presentation given in Stockholm, 9 July at the "CC-licensering och fotografiska samlingar" workshop.

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From sausages to feedom

  1. 1. GLAM-WIKI: Från korv till frihet From sausages to freedom Liam Wyatt, 9 Juni 2010 Licensiering av fotosamlingar Stockholm
  2. 2. Sausages, law, encyclopedias.... Laszlo Szalai, PD -
  3. 3. How many GLAMs have a volunteer program?
  4. 4. e-volunteer program?
  5. 5. We’re doing the same thing, for the same reason, for the same people, in the same medium. Let’s do it together.
  6. 6. How can we create a proactive GLAM-WIKI relationship?
  7. 7. These organisations do
  8. 8. expected and unexpected
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Articles related to public art in Indianapolis, Indiana were seen 16k times in March 2010. Up from 2k in October 2009.
  11. 11. Gnangarra - CC-by Recommendations:
  12. 12. WP:GLAM
  13. 13. The BM & me the-british-museum-and-me/ Andrew Dunn - CC-by-SA File:British_Museum_Great_Court_roof.jpg
  14. 14. “[The British Museum is] one of the broadest-ranging cultural collections in the world. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is the most consulted and largest compendium of knowledge ever compiled. By harnessing the expertise of the British Museum and the reach of Wikipedia, this project aims to bring mutual benefit to both organisations.” - @matthewcock
  15. 15. Qualitative & Quantitative
  16. 16. Qualitative & Quantitative
  17. 17. “Backstage Pass” Fae CC-BY-SA File:An_Van_Camp_with_D%C3%BCrer_block.jpg Magnus Manske CC-BY-SA wiki/File:Backstage_pass_BM_2010-06-04_16-03-54.jpg
  18. 18. “Free x2” not for profit, volunteer created, available to use, and re-use. Imagine if you never had to deal with a licensing org. again! Gratis Libre
  19. 19. Re-use
  20. 20. • Freedom of Panorama • Cultural rights • Terms of use • Donor restrictions • Commercial license • Photography policy • Attribution • Fair Use • TPMs/DRMs • International • Copyright in scans copyright terms Control of Museum Art Images: The Reach and Limits of Copyright and Licensing Melissa Brown, Kenneth Crews - Columbia University
  21. 21. Fair Use Same article in: < Afrikaans Swedish >
  22. 22. Licensing Conditions on 3rd parties? If you take a picture (when you’re not supposed to) Richard Giles - CC-by-SA (??) and give it to File:Usain_Bolt_Olympics_Celebration .jpg me, am I bound by your license conditions?
  23. 23. ç
  24. 24. What creates copyright: ? “Originality” “Sweat of the Brow”
  25. 25. The legal arguments are just that. What about the moral argument?
  26. 26. If you love something, set it free.
  27. 27. We’re doing the same thing, for the same reason, for the same people, in the same medium. Let’s do it together.
  28. 28. Peace, Love & Metadata [[user:witty lama]] @wittylama This presentation will be available via my website