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Optimising research possibilities in online teaching and learning


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Presentation given at Unisa seminar in Pretoria, 11 June 2012.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Optimising research possibilities in online teaching and learning

  1. 1. Ming Nie, Research Associate, Gabi Witthaus, Research Fellow Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester For Unisa (Pretoria), 11 June
  2. 2.  Part 1: Showcase of e-learning research at Leicester Part 2: Examples of using new technologies for research
  3. 3.  What research are you doing into online teaching and learning?
  4. 4. • Data – Online survey (260 returns) – Departmental visits• Key findings – Used for content & administration – Pockets of innovation – More support needed on effective design strategies – Tension between teaching and research – Usability issue
  5. 5. • VLE as a safe nursery slope• Shift from content to activities• Promote reflection and collaboration• Mobile VLE
  6. 6. It was more Great to have very detailed and personal allowed a greater feedback! The Audio feedback explanation of the gave a good general comments made overview and helpedIt also helps to me to understandprovide a more where I needed to makepersonal touch changes. The writtenand to feel better comments showed me exactly where theconnected to my Now I understand changes needed to besupervisor more about what made you were trying to I felt that a lot of say than I did with attention was paid the last set of to my dissertation feedback we got
  7. 7. Voice boards and distance learners
  8. 8. How I kill time has been transformed by this device, as previously I would have just spent the 20 minutes playing games on my iPhone!I commute to (work)... Its Ive been taking it to work and after lunch reading a fewso much easier to take the pages... Before with the papere-reader rather than taking version, I’d allocate myaround a lot of papers. weekends for study.
  9. 9. • Individual research• Contact session notes: – Workshops, Lectures• Assessment: – Core module question sets – Reports, presentations, multimedia – Lab: Proformas & Reports – Electronic MCQs – Exams (Special Ed Needs)
  10. 10. School of Museum Studies M.A.students at the British Museum usingtablet computers to explore museumethics
  11. 11. Creation Cascading OERs in Health Sciences iTunes UOER university EVOL-OER: Reuse POERUP:OER policy
  12. 12. Conceptualise What do we want to design, who for and why?The 7Cs of design and delivery Consolidate Evaluate and embed your design
  13. 13. Books, increasingly as e-books andaudiobooks Social network: my Twitter network is especially useful for gainingE-journals, Google Scholar and Mendeley. feedback, asking for suggestions and, on a daily basis, as a filter andDelicious collection mechanism for sharing resources.Blogs: I subscribe to more than 100 blogs inGoogle Reader Google alerts: Providing daily email updates on new content containingMy own blog: I have kept a blog for around the keywords. This allowed me tofive years now, and it provided a useful find new resources, trackresource for items I have commented on and conversations and stay abreast of adrafts of sections of this book. The blog was field which was changing as I wrotealso a means of posting draft content to gain the book.comments and feedback, which could thenbe incorporated into further iterations of Seminars and conferences: mywriting. attendance at face-to-face conferences has declined, but IYouTube, Wikipedia, Slideshare, Scribd, regularly attend or dip intoCloudworks: Sharing resources, and getting conferences remotely.insightful comment.
  14. 14. Ale: Online tutorialswith PhD students Terese: social media Gabi: researching in the open
  15. 15. There is still some reluctance to embrace twitter in healthcareNatalia: Delicious practice. I think there is concern about confidentiality and inadvertently giving away information... Tony: Twitter Alison
  16. 16. Thanks to rapidtravelchai for the image of the Union Buildings, Pretoria on cover slide