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Apc Marketing Aug 2007


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Apc Marketing Aug 2007

  1. 1. Making the Microsoft Customer Campaigns work for your business Mike Heald – Microsoft Through Partner Marketing Natalie Jackway – SDM Marketing Kylie Summerhayes – Microsoft Midmarket Lead
  2. 2. Three Proven Steps – Campaigns Working For You Presales Training Technical Team Create a Partner Solution Plan with Infrastructure Plan Assessment a Marketing Plan Framework embedded Partner ready marketing resources on Partner Close Create Marketing Center Demand Solution Sales Finder/Profiler Telesales Campaign - ISVs …Customer Campaigns deliver support in all three areas
  3. 3. Plan & Prepare
  4. 4. Partner Business Planning • Partner Business Plans set up the framework for the partnership. Direction that governs the alliance / partnership • Partner Solution Plans provide the local action plans to drive initiatives deliver inside of this framework
  5. 5. Partner Sales & Marketing Readiness Requirements
  6. 6. Partner Sales & Marketing Readiness Survey Results To Register – Course Description Venues Effectively Selling Solutions for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Microsoft Partners Day 1 & 2 Adelaide & Perth Realising Platform Value Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth Key Marketing Concepts and Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Techniques for Microsoft Partners Adelaide & Perth Effectively Generating and converting Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Leads with Microsoft Infrastructure Adelaide & Perth Optimisation (IO) Campaigns
  7. 7. Partner Readiness Offer To ensure your place at the Microsoft Readiness training events, take advantage of these special Microsoft Partner Readiness Offers NOW*! Partners that uptake this offer, have first option to register for all the Readiness training – as part of the Readiness schedule. Schedule will be publicly available September 3, 2007. Training Days Cost 50 Training Days * $275 per day (ex GST) 25 Training Days* $335 per day (ex GST) Pay As You Go $395 per day (ex GST)
  8. 8. Demand Generation
  9. 9. Increase Visibility with Customers • Partner Solution Profiler is detailed information Form for adding the starting point for partners Checkboxes that identify to promote their solutions to andsolutions visit the search criteria customers who about solution for company • Expose your solutions today • Five Easy Steps: 1. Sign In 2. Prepare Solution – pre populated templates 3. Profile – References, key words 4. Review 5. Repeat
  10. 10. Partner Marketing Center Step by step wizard to build your campaign: Learn how the partner marketing center can help you generate more leads and reach more customers. Campaigns that highlight your expertise: Search for the campaigns that match your expertise. Easy to Download and Print: Use easy to customize marketing templates and print in house Send out your campaign to new and existing customers. Professional Looking Campaigns without the cost of an agency
  11. 11. ISV Telesales Service ISV Telesales Campaign • The ISV Telesales Service is a Microsoft-developed, third- party telesales engine designed to quickly generate actionable sales leads • Joint Call Script – Delivers 20% MSSP qualified business opportunities • Telesales vendors are selected by Microsoft based on their proven capabilities in the marketplace – Skilled at solution selling in an IT environment – Strong knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies • Service cost – *$9,500AUD *pricing varies by country
  12. 12. K2.NET - ISV Telesales Campaign • Participated in the ISV telesales campaign in April 2007 – Completed Marketing Development Funds proposal • CNET provided the telesales services on behalf of Microsoft and K2 – Engaged with Project Manager from CNET to plan campaign – Co-designed call scripts and call strategy – K2 and SDM provided a list of 2,000 contacts to CNET – Call campaign continued for 20 days with regular updates provided by CNET via online portal • 25 qualified leads provided by CNET • All leads to be of a very high quality with excellent prospects of closing within the next 3 months
  13. 13. Accelerate the Sale
  14. 14. Partner Technology Specialist team Team • 5 people nationwide • Split into two groups: Information Worker and Advanced Infrastructure Customers • Maximising the utilisation of existing software investments • Position value of IT investment to the business • Partner awareness • Driving the adoption of new technologies Partners • Assisting Partners to develop new service offerings • Linking Partners with Partners • Drive deals with partners
  15. 15. Tele Pre-sales Technical Support (TPTS) : Opportunities Support Customer TPTS Opportunity Assistance 1. Competitive information My customer is considering migration from competitive product 2. Detailed migration plans to Exchange. I need to: 3. Talking points on benefits 1. Understand how to define of Exchange the solution 4. Tailored Presentations 2. Compete against competition 3. Position Exchange as the right solution 4. Understand migration process TPTS Help You Win Deals!!!
  16. 16. Demo Showcase Demo Showcase is a set of pre sales tools to enable robust platform demonstrations through scenarios aligned with Microsoft Customer Campaigns that are relevant to the decision- maker’s specific role, business requirements and technology needs.
  17. 17. Infrastructure Assessment Framework Website:
  18. 18. Strategic Data Management Natalie Jackway
  19. 19. SDM - Leveraging Microsoft for effective campaigns 3 stages Tools Enterprise Search Plan & Prepare • Partner Solution Plan • Identify search as an offer • Marketing Development • Key messages Funds • Survey • Mailing Lists Demand • Solution Profiler • Offer for delegates Generation • Partner Marketing Center • Telemarketing follow up • Publicity • Conference • Events • Seminars • Mailouts Qualify Sales & • CRM • Reporting template Close • Account Management • Follow-up • Tracking
  20. 20. Participate in a Campaign
  21. 21. Through Partner – This Past Year Weighted Opps by Segment Campaign Number ROI Partners Upper Mid Market CAS 13% 26% Lower Mid Market Security 24 26.2 9% Collaboration 29 19.9 Business 12 14.0 Intelligence Search 8 3.7 Core Mid Market TOTAL 79 18.6 50% Collaboration Campaign - Upper Mid Infrastructure Campaign - Segment View Market Segment View 13% CAS Upper Mid Lower Mid 22% Market Market 18% 12% Lower Mid CAS Market 40% 6% Core Mid Core Mid Market Market 53% 36%
  22. 22. FY08 Customer Campaign Architecture Depth (Big IT) Customer Campaigns Breadth Extension Customer Breadth (Some IT) Business Security & Business Acquisition & Productivity Reliability Solutions Customer Campaigns Retention + + Core Breadth Product Stack Advanced Breadth Product Stack
  23. 23. Breadth Campaign Approach • Campaign effort led by Breadth marketing Segment Led team, rather than individual business groups Unified Campaign • Unified approach, with specific campaign messaging, executed under one unified creative Platform approach • Drive demand To and Through Breadth partners (Distis, VARs, ISVs, and hosters). Streamlined Focus • Address both upper and lower ends of spectrum • Help prospects easily get the relevant information that they need to understand the Solutions Level benefits of Microsoft Technology, what solution Focus they need to talk to their Partner about, and ultimately Buy
  24. 24. Breadth Campaign Structure Customer Level Customer Pain/Need Basic Solution Advanced Solution Based on Solution Level Benefit Benefit customer Product Stack Product Stack size/industry How to buy Special Offer! (License Options, Hosted, MS Finance, PS) Offer Level Where to buy Hosters Buy now Solution Finder
  25. 25. Security & Reliability Customer Campaign SMB customers want peace of mind – they want to stay productive and focus on their business: • Rely on IT and make sure it supports the business to be up & running Customer pain • Store company information centrally in order to protect it better • Reduce security risks (viruses, worms, unauthorized access, hackers, …) • Reduce data loss & down time in the unfortunate event that something does happen • Security is #1 priority in Some IT (AMI2006) Opportunity • Security spend is expected to grow 16% to $7,7B FY08 (IDC2007) No longer worry about losing your critical data and keeping important business information secure Value Proposition Keep your IT up & Scenarios Protect your Data running Products Vista / OneCare / Forefront / Exchange Hosted Services Vista / SBS2003 / WS LH / SCE Partners Disti/Breadth VAR/DMR/LAR/SBC/Hosting Disti/Breadth VAR/DMR/LAR/SBC/Hosting (NI, AI, Sec) Levers (NI, AI, Sec) Breadth partners, Web, PR, Partner Breadth partners, Web, PR, Telemarketing Partner Telemarketing
  26. 26. Marketing Development Funds Aligning to Mid-Market Campaigns (50-500 PCs) Campaign Focus? # Partners PAMs Receive MDF Due Customer ‘Give Gets’ Email Campaign Dates Unified Comms Exchange Upgrades & Windows 10 Aug 23 Sept 13 Oct - May Mobile. Application BizTalk Server 3 Sept 12 Sept 26 Platform OSCI Security, reliability and managing Sept 12 Sept 26 core infrastructure i.e. Forefront Collaboration Collaboration technologies i.e. Sept 20 Oct 11 Sharepoint Business SQL Server / Performance Point– Sept 20 Oct 11 Intelligence Data Warehousing Security Phase 2 of OSCI campaign – TBD exclusive focus on Forefront Windows / SQL MDF & Sponsorship opportunities TBD Server 2008 Launch
  27. 27. Marketing Development Funds (MDF) • Microsoft Provides • Plan with your Account Manager – Dollars $$ (Pending approval – – Creation of Partner Solution Plan ‘PSP’ Funds are limited) – Attend appropriate technical – Your offers, events & solution & marketing training on the customer campaign site • Create Demand – Presales resources – Preferred partner for campaign – Campaign ‘give gets’ email from led opportunities Partner Manager – Monthly ROI reports – Agree to the campaign ‘give gets’ • Partner Commits – Complete MDF Form – Pipeline report on a monthly basis – Campaign objectives, resources – 15:1 ROI – Microsoft product required etc revenue • Submit MDF form to Partner Manager – Equal contribution to funds • Partner Manager will confirm participation
  28. 28. Campaign Reports
  29. 29. Call to Action • Plan and Prepare – Marketing & Technical Training – Partner Solution Plan • Demand Generation – Partner ready marketing resources on Partner Marketing Center for all customer segments – Solution Finder/Profiler • Qualify Sales and Close – Assessment tools – Infrastructure Optimization and Infrastructure Assessment Framework • Participate in a Campaign Today! • Marketing Blog: – Do you want to contribute? Contact:
  30. 30. THANK YOU!