2014 WithumSmith+Brown Strength Award


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The WS+B Strength awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and distinguished service; achievements that have enhanced the Firm's, a client's, or a Community Service Organization's position of strength.

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2014 WithumSmith+Brown Strength Award

  1. 1. SCOTT BARTOLF Scott was nominated by Jennifer Safeer for the Strength of Client Service Award. Since day one Scott has been dependable, professional, and has exhibited a strong dedication to client service. Over the last 6 years he has really excelled in providing great service to our clients. He embraces a strong attention to detail, will research and gain knowledge on his client's complex issues and industries to ensure he is providing accurate and solution based advice. He arrives at client engagements with a plan, ready to tackle tasks head on and to ensure that engagements are completed as timely as possible. He keeps the lines of communication open with partners, managers, and staff to keep engagement momentum and he is a great client service excellence role-model for the lessexperienced staff. He has been able to retain and grow client relationships, bringing in an additiional $75,000 in revenue as a result of his efforts and he did a tremendous job handling the Integrated Security & Communications engagement which involved the transition of a single independent NJ company to a holding company with six subsidiaries doing business in ten states with multiple owners in each of the entities. As Debbie Thomas, bookkeeper at Integrated said, "Scott Bartolf was an absolute savior to our company...Scott was always available to help me in any regard and always did so with professionalism and a great attitude. His expertise helped to keep the books straight, while his personality made me feel like I was the best bookkeeper he has ever come across...Scott worked tirelessly for us...He is a great asset to your firm and should be recognized for the hard work and great spirit he shows."
  2. 2. DIANA CIPRIANO The New Brunswick Partner group nominated Diana for a Strength of Client Service award because she shows exemplary dedication to her clients and the firm. In addition to being a “go to” person for New Brunswick staff, she goes above and beyond to train and develop staff working on not for profit clients in the field. She also does a great job limiting the interruptions in the client’s daily activities during the audit which is very well received by them. She directly manages approximately $900k in revenue with improved realizations in the 3-18% range, depending on the client, excluding start-up costs in the previous year due to Knowledge Coach Implementation.Through her efforts to retain and grow the client relationship, Diana brought in an additional almost $40,000 from Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ. She does a great job supervising Applied Housing Companies, the largest client group in the firm, with her positive attitude helping to the pull the staff through long hours. She provided instruction to the the bookkeeper at Family and Children's Services which helped them to maximize their grant and contract revenue. She has worked tirelessly on making the Community Food Bank of NJ audit efficient and effective. As Robert Barry, CFO states, "As CFO for the past 20 years I have worked with many auditors from several different firms. I feel that Ms. Cipriano is one of the best I have had the privelege of working with."
  3. 3. BEN DAVEY
  4. 4. BEN DAVEY Nominated by Theresa Richardson (and the SO/MO Partner Group) Ben consistently puts our clients and the Firm in a position of strength by utilizing his positive attitude, superior managerial skills, extensive knowledge, overall experience and talent to provide world class client service. He does this through utilizing Profit Cents to forward relevant articles to his clients, keeping his clients apprised of best practices within their industry, being honest and truthful with all of his clients, providing them with timely client service, asking his clients the right questions, and making personal connections with his clients. The client endorsement from Robert J. Friedman, CFO of Bambco Inc. says it best. "I have worked with Ben Davey..for nearly 10 years with great results..Ben is an "A" player. As a CPA in industry, I fully understand the issues and challenges that public accountants face in servicing their clients. Ben has consistently been excellent...He cares about us as a client...A few years ago he recommended that we look into the possibility of benefiting from R & D Tax credits. Thus far we have received over $500k in credits over 6 years. Thanks Ben".
  5. 5. DANIELLE HENN Rob Crigler nominated Danielle for the Client Service Award as Danielle’s performance, attention to detail, responsiveness to client needs and deadlines has proven to be extremely valuable to both the Firm’s clients and to the Firm as well. Clients have consistently commented on her proactive approach and timely communication. Per Rob, "Her performance has provided them with a level of comfort that Withum is not only a valued, trusted advisor but also a resource they consider “in their corner”, “on their side” and “part of the team”.Danielle’s regular communication and informative updates outside of typical compliance deadline periods prove valuable for client retention and referrals." Many of her clients have provided new client opportunities primarily attributable to her performance and communication with them. Her knowledge of the Federal and State tax code and compliance requirements has helped with engagement efficiency and has benefitted the client. She identified an "ownership" error made by a client's in-house legal department helping to avoid Unrelated Business INcome Tax and was successful in recognizing service nexus issues in a client performing services in 34 states which resulted in an addtional $20,000 in fees to Withum but also insured full tax compliance and protection for the client! She has helped us to keep fee increases to a minimum because of her above average turnaround time on projects which are also completed at or below budget.
  6. 6. MARIA INCIARDI As Michael Serluco who nominated Maria states, "Maria is quickly being recognized as a hidden gem within the Red Bank office." Everyone in the Firm strives to provide world-class client service, but few have demonstrated the consistency and professionalism in achieving that goal like Maria has. Often faced with tight deadlines, Maria routinely goes the extra mile to provide both her colelagues and our clients with exceptional service. Her desire for excellence and pride in deliverying quality service are embedded in her DNA. She truly understands that providing world-class client service is an ongoing process which involves maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. She made a major impact on RC Solutions at Village Care, where she was instrumental in first winning and then servicing this client. With horrible turnover in their accounting department, growing deficits, and financial uncertainty, Maria provided them with the accounting expertise and ingenuity to streamline operations they so desperately needed. She commuted to NYC for seven months and generated almost $125,000 in fees for the Firm. She also showed this same ability to step in and step up on all of her audit teams as a result of her Manager's leave of absence. Maria quickly took control of the situation, was instrumental in transitioning all of her engagements to Knowledge Coach and mentored new staff with little disruption to our clients during this transition process.
  7. 7. NICOLE LYONS Nicole consistently exceeds her clients (Attorneys) expectations for responsiveness, timeliness, organization, and thinking outside the box for case concepts.She is relied upon to ensure adherence to discovery demands and compliance in large, complex, litigation matters. The attorney's reliance on Nicole generates additional revenues for our firm on the larger cases. She quickly gains their trust and respect. Her superior client service has kept the Firm competitive in all markets. She consistently demonstrates to these attorneys that she is better than the small firms as she provides them with her expertise, and the backing of a large firm, at a competitive price. Her expertise and client service has also kept us in front of many of these boutique firms so that when they land larger cases, WSB remains at the top of their list for referral. Many attorneys have stated that they refer cases to WS+B because of Nicole. In fact, Stephanie Hagan, Esq. said just that, "I have been fortunate enough to work with Nicole on a number of matters and was impressed with her professinalism, attentiveness, technical skills and her abilty to build a rapport with my clients, especiallly the needy ones. Nicole is one of the reasons I continue to refer cases to WithumSmith+Brown." Nicole has also dedicated a significant amount of time outside of work hours attending numerous client events, functions, conferences with a growing group of attorneys with whom she has developed strong relationships and has garnered referrals as a result.
  8. 8. MICHAEL ORTH Eric Strauss nominated Mike because of the outstanding client service he provides to often difficult, demanding, and sometimes uncooperative clients. Through the comprehensive audit planning sessions he provides, he gains a great grasp of the client's issues so he is regularly able to meet and exceed their expectations. As Eric has observed, "Mike does not simply perform an audit or prepare a 990, his keen observations of a client's operations lead to concise recommnedations in areas of grant management, cost allocation, footnote disclosures and board member fiduciary responsibilities, among other recommendations. Mike has a unique ability to understand most not for profit issues and has been on the cutting edge of the problem solving in this area." Mike has proven to be the client's trusted advisor and friend, while still ensuring his professional responsibilities are always at the forefront. Janet Simon, Direct of Development at the Princeton Public Library Foundation summarizes it perfectly, "I enjoy working with Mike because he leaves me with a feeling of confidence. I know I'll receive intelligent and professional work; a friendly and earnest manner and he will never waste my time."
  9. 9. LAURA VASDIAS The Princeton Partner group nominated Laura for the Client Service award because whenever a new or challenging client is engaged the thought of who should staff the engagement immediately goes to Laura because they know that she will provide world class client service. Erin Lydon, Controller at Miele USA, states that "Laura's professionalism and high level customer service continues to be exceptional...Whether Laura is counting inventory..discussing theories of our Accounts Receivable calculations or testing our 401(k) transactions, Laura's hard work and dedication to WS+B translates into her ablity to be a "value added" resource for Miele." In the four years that Laura has been at Withum she has continually expanded both her technical expertise and her client interaction each and every year. Her body of work is large enough to give comfort in knowing that Laura can handle any job and consistently will exceed her clients' expectations.
  10. 10. ASHTON ABBY As administrative support for the Marketing Department, Ashton is always professional, treats everone with respect, is dependable, competent, and has a positive attitude. For these reasons, along with the fact that she willingly takes on added responsibilities and provdes assistance to other departments is why Rhonda Maraziti nominated Ashton for the Administrative Strength Award. Ashton does her job very well, is eager to grow and learn new things. She provides Jamie Quinn with welcomed support at CPE events and assists Rob Lightman with the CRM. As Rhonda states, "Ashton is truly needed...She helps us to be more efficient and productive, saving us time and keeping us organized. We are successful in our jobs because we have people like Ashton as part of our system."
  11. 11. LINDA COOKE Linda was nominated by Bill Morrison, Tom Hoberman, Tom Reck, and Randy Paulikens for the Administrtative Strength Award because of her overall outstanding performance. As a Paraprofessional in the Litigation group she continually goes above and beyond. In the most recent year, Linda has made herself a key figure in the monthly billing and interacts with the Parterns to aid them in the collection process. She is always the first person to see to it that specific needs are addressed, whether it pertains to file maintenance, the destruction of old records, or the inventorying of case-specific data, Linda gets things done! This year she was instrumental in the implementation of an internal program whereby staff availability is more closely matched to client work needing to be performed, thereby increasing the number of charge hours especially at the administrative level. Linda has become so proficient that her responsibilities now involve direct client contact. In fact, she has exhibited such a high degree of professionalism that attorneys ask to deal solely with her.
  12. 12. MELISSA FEINTHEL Rebecca Machinga nominated Melissa for her strong work ethic and overall contribution to the Princeton office. She has taken on the role as the administrative SCM champion for the Princeton office, always striving to gather and input good information into the system, and ensuring that the Princeton office can use XCM to its fullest potential. She also has taken ownership of the electronic filing of corporate and partnership income tax returns and extensions for the entire Princeton office. Melissa has an enviable work ethic and rarely is there a time when anyone needs to go back to her with any corrections. She handles stress incredibly well and as Rebecca states, "she is reliable, confident, trustworthy, and a great pleasure to work with."
  13. 13. THE IT DEPARTMENT The entire I.T. department was nominated for the Administrative Strength Award for their success in merging th eSomervill enad Morristown offices without a hitch. They put in extra hours, off hours, to ensure that all hardware (servers, copiers, printers, cabling, networks, phones, software files, etc.) were moved/set-up/configured, etc. wo that there was very little down-time in each of the respective offices. According to Kirk Holderbaum, "....Four and a half months later from our official merger date I can proudly say that the Technology Department didn't miss a deadline and the integration ran smoother than I could ever imagine..Their cooperative attitude, spirit, and firm first attitude is something that we can all emulate."
  14. 14. BRENDAN KOBUS Taryn nominated Brenda for the Administrative Strength Award as a result of his continued hard work and dedication to the implementation and support of CCH Engagement and Knowledge Coach. He has done an outstanding job with software deployment, evaluating system requirements, constant upkeep of the Engagement software and Knowledge coach titles. He continually works to ensure that the sofware in working correctly and monitorsthe KC Help emails to ensure problems are addressed and solutions are found in a timely manner. Through his technical knowledge and expertise with Engagement / Knowledge Coach he has been able to provide users with world-class service.
  15. 15. ABIGAIL MCINTYRE Bob Demmett nominated Gail for the Administrative Strength Award because she has done an extraordinary job in her first year as a Tax Control Supervisor. She did an outstanding job learning Go System and XCM and ultimately teaching to the rest of the staff. This was quite a challenge considering it was New York's first year using Go Systems and XCM. In addition, Gail is always pleasant even when others may make her job more difficult. She patiently dealt with stressed parnters, professional staff, and administrative staffduring a very difficult time and never once complained about the long hours associated with the implementation. Simply put, "Our difficult busy season would have been much worse without Gail."
  16. 16. ELIZABETH MOORE Rich Cohen has nominated Beth for the Administrative Strength Award because of her overall outstanding performance as the administrative/marketing support person for the Philadelphia office. She not only serves as the Office Manager but she also serves as the Marketing Representative to the Government Services Group and she is the Marketing Representative for the Philadelphia office. In addition to the many everyday tasks that are associated with these three roles, Beth also helps out with establishing many office processes such as the filing of tax returns to the proper close out of tax return filings and she has also helped to establish processes for finalizing binders. Moreover, Beth is keenly aware of all of the firms marketing initiatives and plays a vital role in conveying them to the office on a daily and weekly basis. Finally, over the eyars Beth has taken it upon herself to get to know each and every one of the Philadelphia office's clients enabling her to be part of the team that services them. Beth's contribution reach far beyond what is listed here but suffice it to say she adds value to the Philly Office, the Government Niche, and our Firm every single day!
  17. 17. DEBBIE SANTANGELO Anthonly L' Altrelli and Matt Basilo nomninated Debbie for her oustanding client service, her professionalism. Positive attitude, and strong work ethic that she displays every day. She was a tremendous help in preparing the office for th earrival of the Somerville staff and she willingly and positively has embraced her shifting responsiblities that have resulted from the merge. As Ken Lang says, "Debbie consistently puts the firm first when it comes to completing tasks assigned to her..She is a main cog in the wheel of busy season ensuring returns are processed and filled timely. She never declines or shies from taking on additional responsibilities." She already has started working closely with the former Somerville partners helping them out with whatever they need.
  18. 18. BRAD CARUSO Brad was nominated for the Innovative Strength Award by the New Brunswick Partner Group as a result of his innovative approach to everyday processes. It is said that through technology and innovation you get better results with less work. Brad has adopted this spirit like no other, continually questioning what is being done, strategizing on how to do it better, and streamlining processes as a result. He has brought the use of IDEA (ACL) software to life in every audit and provded a resource to every staff person that is willing to learn. He has streamlined audit testing to make it efficient and effective for clients and staff and he is the champion for utilizing the power of the sofware to its fullest while continually availing himself to assisting staff in developing ways that they too can harness the technology on their engagements. He has written articles on the use of IDEA, and presented externally on its application, including a session at Withum's annual NFP CPE. Brad's innovation goes beyond IDEA. He has developed checklists and binders and developed lunch and learns on audit planning issues, all because he found a way to do things better. Our clients also notice the innovation that Brad brings to engagements evidenced by the unsolicited client testimonials that we have received on his behalf. One of these came from Ross Danis, President and CEO of Newark Trust for Education who states, "...I can honestly say that during my 35-year professional career I have not once written a letter to an accouning firm to sing the praises of the lead accountant on an auditing team - until now. It is likely no surprise to you and your colleagues and partners that Brad Caruso is simply outstanding in every way..Brad ... is the kind of young man we need more of in this world - responsible, imperturbable, and focused...We have always appreciated the quality of the professionals associated with WithumSmith+Brown. We simply wish to go on record to say how much we respect and admire Brad Caruso..."
  19. 19. KAREN COVIELLO Jim Bourke has nominated Karen Coviello for an Innovative Strength Award for her "outside the box" approach, discovering and deploying collaborative tools for the Technoogy niche that have assisted the professional team in exceeding their goals. Through the use of Glassboard, Uberflip, and other tools Karen has brought her involvement in the technology niche from the role of market niche coordinator to active niche participant. Per Jim Bourke, "...Karen Coviello clearly demonstrated that she has a proven ability to create, nurture, and improve the Firm processes, methods and procedures and she has enhanced the strength of the Firm through her exceptional ability to think "outside the box!"
  20. 20. JARROD RHEN Hal Terr nominated Jarrod for his innovation in creating a Financial Reporting case study. On his own personal time, Jarrod created a case study and instructional lecture for a graduate level course on the Issues in Financial Reporting. Jarrod was able to make the very difficult and technical topic both instructional and interesting to the graduate students requiring the students to apply critical thinking and professional judgment to the real world example. This has led to publication of this case study to be used by other graduate accounting programs and will further the visibility of WS&B as a thought leader in the academic community. Very few professionals at Jarrod’s level would be willing and able to create such a case study that was so well received by the accounting professor and graduate students. Jarrod has taken this experience in teaching to assist and upgrade the accounting thought process of the staff working on his engagements.
  21. 21. IAN TA YLOR
  22. 22. IAN TAYLOR John Krystofik nominated Ian for the technical acumen that he possesses.He thrives on being challenged intellectually and when confronted with complex issues he takes it upon himself to research and resolve them. He then shares this information with other staff. For example when confronted with a variety of complex tax issues such as intangible drilling cost and depletion issues or partner's basis and passive loss limitations in the corporate context, Ian took it upon himself to research and resolve the matters. In the partnership arena Ian set up a template which can be used firm-wide to analyze a partner's basis, at-risk basis and passive loss limitations. In working on several corporate matters involving passive losses, Ian persistently followed through with GoSystem at the DEVELOPER level to get them to fix their program. Ian readily shares his technical expertise by providing CPE's on topics such as the use of the BNA tax planning program, Pro-System Engagement, and he has co-authored "Engagement for Tax Return Preparation," which he then introduced in a firm-wide webinar. As John says, "Ian is intelligent, reliable and a fine example of the very best that Withum has to offer."
  23. 23. NINA CHMURA John Krystofik nominated Ian for the technical acumen that he possesses.He thrives on being challenged intellectually and when confronted with complex issues he takes it upon himself to research and resolve them. He then shares this information with other staff. For example when confronted with a variety of complex tax issues such as intangible drilling cost and depletion issues or partner's basis and passive loss limitations in the corporate context, Ian took it upon himself to research and resolve the matters. In the partnership arena Ian set up a template which can be used firm-wide to analyze a partner's basis, at-risk basis and passive loss limitations. In working on several corporate matters involving passive losses, Ian persistently followed through with GoSystem at the DEVELOPER level to get them to fix their program. Ian readily shares his technical expertise by providing CPE's on topics such as the use of the BNA tax planning program, Pro-System Engagement, and he has co-authored "Engagement for Tax Return Preparation," which he then introduced in a firm-wide webinar. As John says, "Ian is intelligent, reliable and a fine example of the very best that Withum has to offer."
  24. 24. SARAH CIRELLI Karen Coviello and Rhonda Maraziti have nominated Sarah for the Marketing Strength Award because as a non-accountant she has managed to make an impact not only on our clients but also within our industry due to her expertise in the social media realm. She has garnered national awards, high-profile speaking engagements and has taken on roles which have led to new business and new business relationships. This has also contributed to the creation of a new profit center for the Firm - Marketing Consulting - as she uses her expertise to assist the Firm's clients and contacts with their social media needs. She has helped them to build brand awareness for their own businesses and in turn, has generated fees for the firm.
  25. 25. CHRIS DEMAYO Jessica Offer nominated Chris for the Marketing Strength Award because of his outstanding business development skills. In fiscal year 2013 Chris was responsible for over $290,000 of new busines generation and, at the time the nomination was made, had over $100,000 of new business opportunities in the pipeline. Chris never limits himself when trying to get new business and is always thinking of additional cross selling services for existing clients. He particularily admires founders of technology companies because "they start many of their sentences with 'what if you could...' This statement mirrors Chris' own philosophy when it comes to his stellar marketing efforts.
  26. 26. Tony Chapman nominated Paul for his tireless marketing efforts for the firm, especially the efforts he has made within the Construction Niche. He was instrumental in landing Sanzari as a client as he seeks out leadership roles within trade associations to gain further visibility for the Firm. All this while maintaining a full billable client load. Lou Sandor, Practice Leader of the Construction Niche has stated that he can always count on Paul to actively attend construction related events regardless of location any time of the year. Paul has always embraced the "One Firm Concept" and works across all niches, and services without regard to office. In fact, a comment on his recent performance review says it all, "Paul's outstanding marketing efforts are strengthening our brand and adding significant value to our firm!"
  27. 27. JOSEPH MALFETTANO Steve Talkowsky nominated Joe for the Marketing Strength Award because, as Steve simply states, he is a "relentless marketer." Joe's strength is in building and sustaining client relationships. He has demonstrated the ability to form and maintain professional relationships as well as gain the trust of all of this clients. The ability to connect with his clients has led Joe to sell additional services to existing clients. In fact, St. james Insurance company has become so enamored with Joe's service that when they decide to seek new business ventures they seek Joe's guidance. Furthermore, Joe clearly understanding that marketing is an ongoing process which also involves building long term relationships. He is regularly seen after hours and on weekends at networking and volunteer events. As a result of all of his efforts he leveraged two new tax engagements this year, generating $100,000 in new revenue.
  28. 28. ERIC WILSON Eric is a true ambassador for the WS+B brand. On average, Eric attends a networking/marketing event 2 to 3 times per week. He understands what it means to "be out there." He is tireless in his efforts to attend functions, meet people, and look for opportunities to build our business and the Withum brand in the marketplace. He formed his own young professionals group that has grown to more than 400 members. Eric also represents the Firm as a consistent contributor to both the Real Estate and Technology niches and he acts as our Firm's ambassador for "Xero," a new and rapidly expanding accounting software which we will offer as a software solution to our clients.
  29. 29. MELISSA CROWE Chris DeMayo nominated Melissa for the significant efforts and contributions she has made in the area of Community Service. Ever since joining the Firm, Melissa has acted as an ambassador for the Somerville (now also Morristown) office when it comes to community outreach and charitable endeavors. Her passion for enriching our community and helping those less fortunate is inspiring to both her peers and the leadership group within the office. She is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Somerville office. She also is a member of the United Way Young Professionals where she serves on the Steering Committte and donates her time for a variety of causes.Other charities that benefit from her time and dedication include Junior Achievement, Youth Leadership Summit, the Leukemia & Lymphona Society, 5k and mud runs, and NJSCPA's Pay It Forward and Scholarship Committees. Melissa has clearly made a profound impact on the community as well as her co-workers who are motivated and inspired by what she does. Melissa's efforts put us in a position of strength, not just for the Firm but for all of th epeople and organizations who have been touched by her philanthorpic generosity.
  30. 30. BILL STAHL Paul Gergel nominated Bill for his community service efforts with regards to Veterans. He has made notable contributions supporting them by initiating and participating in fundraisers such as Withum's Bike Night for the Troops benefitting the GI GO Fund; participating in Veteran Job Fairs such as "hire our Heroes" at Rider University; providing career advice on a radio show segment devoted to recruiting of veterans; working with the Veterans Coordinator to provide mentoring and guidance to Rider students who are veterans; and attending Welcome Home Celebrations as part of a motorcycle escort whereby soldiers arriving at Philadelphia International Airport receive "Rock Star" treatment as they are escorted home.Bill's efforts have had a positive impact on the Veteran community and we are sure, on the many lives he has touched in the process. Always Remember. Never Forget.
  31. 31. HEATHER SUDDOTH Heather participates in many charitable endeavors throughout the year from the NJ Chamber of Commerce's LearnDoEarn Workshop for high school students at Burlington Community College to attending the annual Casino Night fundraiser for New Brunswick client NREIC. But, anyone who knows Heather knows that she is especially compassionate when it comes to charities supporting children. So, when John Mortenson asked her to "come up with something special" for the Embrace Kids Foundation annual fundraising dinner (John is on the Board) Heather took the task to heart. She pitched the idea of a children's concert comprised of Embrace Kids' young clients. The goal that evening was to raise $100,000. But, everyone was so moved by the uplifing and inspiring concert that Heather orchestrated $300,000 was raised instead!
  32. 32. LAUREN TAGUER Lauren was nominated by Bill Sansone because her community involvement and dedication continue to be a very strong focus for her. She co-captained Red Bank teams for the March of Dimes and American Cancer Society's Making Strides Walk; she is a founding member and now Treasurer of the Red Shoes Crew for the Benefit of Ronald McDonald Houses of NY whose purpose is to develop community awareness in younger people about the mission of the Ronald McDonald House to inspire them to volunteer. Other organizations and causes that benefit from her time, emotion, and personal financial support include Charity Water, Hope for Children, the Wounded Warrior Project Tough Mudder, and she Mentors students on career and class decisions as part of Monmouth University's Mentor Program. Lauren's efforts are impressive and can be best summed-up by Madalaine rice, Senior director Community engagement Jersey Shore Region of the American Cancer Society, "In a world where you hear only bad news about what is going on ...I thought it only right to share with you that there are selfless people like Lauren who are willing to make a difference for the good."
  33. 33. JULIA VAN SAUN Tom Basilo and Ed O'Connell nominated Julia for another Community Strength Award because she continually demonstrates a strong desire to help people through the many organizations that she has chosen to become involved in and, she has been a driving force in getting Morristown Partners and staff involved in participating and raising funds for these programs. One of her most significant contributions has been with Junior Achievementwhere she gets our staff to volunteer to teach young people about business and free enterprise, including the coordination of WS+B's participation in JA's annual accountant's bowl-a-thon. Overall, she devotes almost 150 hoursof her time to JA, NJSCPA's, Jersey Battered Women Services, Homeless Solutions, Inc. and the American Cancer Society. Dawn Schwartz, Vice President, Development and Communications of Junior Achievement of New Jersey states that "we would not be able to do what we do without champions like Julia...Last year Julia recruited and motivated WS+B teams to raise over $1500 which helped two classrooms (more than 40 students) to receive JA programming last school year."
  34. 34. MICHAEL KULICK Mike was nominated for the Frederick S. Withum Outstanding Achievement Award by Jim Hannan who states that Mike's "dedication and positive attitude embody the Fred Withum Award." His commitment to excellnce in client service continues to be exceptional. The Morristown Partner Group and Mike's Industry Group Leaders believe that Mike demonstrates the "Firm First" attitude in all that he does, despite a very busy schedule and extensive commitments. He volunteers his expertise to support a high visibility ERISA engagement requiring extensive out of town travel to obscure locations; there is no client attrition with the Firm's several large and strategic clients on which Mike works; his wide breadth of experience is a critical resource in attracting "upstream" clients and he moves easily in servicing and attracting the major accounts as a result; he is actively involved in on-campus recruiting, and he has volunteered for several new responsibilities to support firm initiatives which further complement his entrepreneurial spirit, individual development, and emerging leadership roles including being a firm-wide Knowledge Coach Champion, a CPE Instructor, a "Go To" Resource on Major Engagement Teams, and an Erisa Team Leader in the Morristown Office. As Dave Dacey states, " Mike embodies all of the qualities one would look for in awarding the Fred Withum Strength Award. He is a consummate professional, not only meeting and exceeding client expectations, but meeting those obligations in a manner that is both low-key and professional, which embodies the essence of our culture."
  35. 35. BRIAN LOVETT As nominator Kimberlee Phelan states, "Brian certainly possesses the same 'tenacious spirit' as Frederick S. Withum - driving forward to put himself, his clients, and the New Brunswick Tax Practice and the Firm in a Position of Strength." Year after year he consistently delivers high billable hours while devoting excess hours to marketing, training, learning, and improving. This year his "firm first" outlook went even further when the New Brunswick office was facing a serious shortage of leadership in its tax group. The group was in need of direction and the staff needed a strong mentor and role model. Even though Brian was fully engaged in the Princeton office he recognized the need and willingly accepted the challenge. Per John Mortenson, "Since the transfer I have seen tremendous progress in the group...our tax group will be one of the key strengths of the office in the next few years."
  36. 36. SUSAN SANFILLIPO Stephen Talkowsky nominated Susan for the Fred S. Withum Outstanding Achievement Award. Only with the firm a little over a year, she demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, is positive, easygoing, and eager, and is the consummate team player. At the time Susan was hired the Red Bank tax department was short-staffed and although hired as an experienced manager, she readiliy volunteered to prepare numerous tax returns in an effort to ease the burden of others. Additionally, she took it upon herself to help streamline the tax compliance process. From scheduling, mentoring, and training staff her initiatives have led to a more efficient approach.
  37. 37. FRANK Susan sanFillipo BOUTILLETTE