Photo field observation [SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT]


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Anthropology 121 photo field observation project -

_Photo Field observation project due to Dr. Leanna Wolfe

_project prepared by Madelen Hem (June 23rd, 2013)

original file format is pptx

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Photo field observation [SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT]

  1. 1. Photo Field ObservationInstructor : Dr Leanna WolfeAnthropology 121Photo and Prepared by - Madelen HemDate compeletion – June 23rd, 2013Same Same BUT DIFFERENT!
  2. 2. This is the main hall of the temples and how it looks from the front. The maintemples is decorated with unique cultural design ideas and colored in gold, red andwhite. There are two clone giant sculptures stood side by side of the templegate, with demon facial expression, said that it‟s the symbol to protect all the evilspirit away from the temples.
  3. 3. This is also known as a sacred place inside the temples. The sacred place here is called „God JatukarmRamathep‟. He was the legend.
  4. 4. • “Guan Shi Yin / Guanyin” statues assacred places.• Guan Yin was a Chinese-God-Woman, she was a symbol ofluck, beauty and kind. She known as„The God of Mercy‟
  5. 5. • This is a very unique tree Ifound around the area ofthe temple. Beneath thetree, there were many smallstatues of Buddha, whilethe trunk of the tree werewrapped around a cloththat was colored in gold.
  6. 6. • Inside the main temple, onthe altar; in themiddle, there was a giantgold Buddha andsurrounded him were otherstatues of Buddha too.They were all colored ingold. It is a sacred placewhere natives come to prayand monks do their sermonhere.• Natives and visitors needto sit with legs and kneesbend behind their back asthey bowed thrice to showtheir respects to hisBuddha.
  7. 7. • As you can see, there are 5 silver bowl were placed there.• Each silver bowl is like a donation box, where people whose comes candonate, each silver bowl has different purposes.• And just right behind there, you can see „Holy Water‟, the water symbolize luck.You can use the water to wash your face/hair just so to bring lucks into your life.
  8. 8. • The native kids also visited the temples to study, participate and practiced theirvery own religion ritual. They were wearing normal/casual clothes.
  9. 9. • The boxes that were placed there waslike boxes of donation including variousmerchandise that the monks could use.• I was told that we could pay at anyamount for the box and the moneywould go to the temples‟ donation boxand the box itself will be given to themonks.• This is a religious practices, the monkswill later perform the sermon as theydedicated all these stuffs to the relativesthat already passed away.
  10. 10. • As i came out, I also saw people paidrespect to this another sacred place insidethe temples as well. The statues representsgod and beside there, His Buddha‟s head.• In front of this little sacred place, thereplaced two lions figure, which representsas the protector of the god, chase away allthe evil spirits.
  11. 11. • This is recognized as pile of white dust, they were used as for place where people can sticktheir incenses on it after praying and bowing to the Buddha. Natives usually uses 3 stick ofincenses, which in Thai religious practice, had it said that, one of the incense is for thosewho passed away, another one is for everybody and another one is for themselves. Stickingup incense in the white dust usually meaning the end of ritual performance. Some would dthis in the beginning. Its all fine. Lit up incense is for the purpose of praying and payingrespect to the Buddha.
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention! BY : Madelen HemFor original quality picture, you can visit or download it here -