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Alternative programs


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1. Do you like my presentation? (1-10)
2. What do you like especially in my presentation? (your own words)
3. Did my presentation helped you? (yes/no)
4. Was it easy to understand? (1-10)
5. Were the informations clearly stated? (1-10)

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Alternative programs

  1. 1. Name: Michał WiszniewskiClass: 1BMYP Level: VSchool Year: 2011/12
  2. 2. WORD AbiWord EXCEL Abykus POWERPOINT Kpresenter PAINT GIMP OUTLOOK Thunderbird, Zimbra, IncrediMail This is the simple table of content. It presentsalternative freeware programs to Microsoft office programs.
  3. 3. Many people are not consious that here areother programs besides Microsoft office’ ones. Due to lack of knowledge they illegaly download illeagal copies of ’Office’. However, they do not know that they can downloadfreeware programs which are the same or even better than Microsoft ones. So my aim is to present such programs which substitute Microsoft office software.
  4. 4. Alternative toMicrosoft Office Word ~~~~~~ Abi Word
  5. 5. AbiWord is very similar toMicrosoft Word. People who are used to Word will nothave any bigger difficulties whith switching over to AbiWord.
  6. 6. Features:- Able to read and write all industry standard document types- Advanced Document Layout- Comes in many different languages- Ready to use mail forms. Just needs to be filled in- Can run on ’Non-State of the art’ softwares
  7. 7. My opinionI think thatAbiWord is a gratalternative. It isuser friendly,everything can beeasily found and Ihad no problemswhith running it onmy computer.
  8. 8. Alternative toMicrosoft Office Excel ~~~~~~ Gnumeric
  9. 9. Gnumeric and its source code areavailable free of charge.This makes it easy to audit, and make custom extensions. Gnumeric handleslarge spreadsheets while remainingresponsive. Gnumerics has built-in functions and tools which are accurate
  10. 10. Features:- Fully compatible with MS Excel- Advanced Statistical analysis- Advanced computation (Inter sheet dependencies,Implicitintersection, Implicit iteration, Dynamic dependencies, Arrays values andformulas)- Miscellaneous view options- Extra sheet objects (Charts, pictures etc.)- All formats support
  11. 11. My OpinionI consider Gnumericas a very goodalternative. It’s lookis very appealingand functions areclearly visiblr. I hadno problems withrunning thisprogram.
  12. 12. Alternative toMicrosoft Office PowerPoint ~~~~~~ KPresenter
  13. 13. KPresenter is a presentation application part of the KOffice. With KPresenter, you can prepare a set of slides for use in an on-screen slideshow or for printing. Slides can include text and graphics in a variety of formats.
  14. 14. Features:- support for the standard file format- inserting and editing rich text- adding pictures, gifs etc.- auto-forms- many effects;- print as PostScript;
  15. 15. My opinionI think that this programis by far the best one tomake presentations. Ireally liked the interface. Itwas user friendly, simpleand neat. I also like 3Doptions. They made thediagrams look very nice. Itotally recomend thisprogram.
  16. 16. Alternative toMicrosoft Office Outlook ~~~~~~ Thunderbird
  17. 17. Thunderbird is Mozilla’sdesktop e-mail client. Assuch, it’s an open sourceapplication and supports various addons, whichenhance its functionality.
  18. 18. Features:- Customizable themes- Available on many platforms, not onlyWindows- Available in many languages- Many extensions
  19. 19. My opinionEventhough, I am usingmy browser as my e-mailclient I would defineatlyuse this program if Iwere to chose. I reallyliked changable themsand additional extensionwhich made it veryuseful. Compared to MSOutlook, Thunderbirdwins.
  20. 20. Alternative toMicrosoft Office Outlook ~~~~~~ Zimbra
  21. 21. The free Zimbra Desktop client allows you to meld the online and offline worlds – storingand synching your email, calendar, contacts, files and documents in the cloud. Zimbra aggregates information across accounts (Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)and social networks (Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc.) to help make communicating & sharing information easier than ever.
  22. 22. Features:- Can store information in ’Cloud’-Email, contacts, calendar, and documents all in one application-Syncs any e-mail contacts and calendars-Works on almost every platform-No limit to the size of your email storage-It works online and offline-Available in 20 languages
  23. 23. My OpinionI really enjoyed thisprogram. Interface wasreally neat. Optionswere easy to find. Itwas very easy to use.The thing I liked mostwas the calendar. Ithad many optionswhich made it the bestcalendar I have everused.
  24. 24. Alternative toMicrosoft Office Outlook ~~~~~~ IncrediMail
  25. 25. IncrediMail is a fun, powerful and user-friendly email program available to everyone free of charge. IncrediMail is compatible with leading email services. Importing your active email accounts and messages with IncrediMail is quick and simple. The program includes advanced message filtering, automatic spellchecker, and font style preferences
  26. 26. Features:- Hundreds e-mail backgrounds- Incoming mail sounds- Hundreds of thems- Emoticons- Animations and 3D effects
  27. 27. My opinionIncrediMail is thefunniest program I haveever used. I used tooperate on it in the past,so I had some moreexpirience. Despite allthese awesome features Idid not like it very much.The number of extrathings wasoverwhelming.Everything was easy tofind, though. I recomendthis program for youngpoeple who want to havefun with e-mails.
  28. 28. There are many morealternative programs. However,these are the best. I chose them by looking on notes given byusers. I wanted to give the best possible freeware software possibilites.
  29. 29. Thank you for watchingI hope my presentation will help you 