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Solar Santa - Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights


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Solar Santa is the leading online Solar Light store with largest selection of Solar Powered Lights, Solar Christmas Lights, String Lights, Outdoor Lights, Floating Lights, Garden Stakes, Pavers, Net Lights, Garland, Wreaths & Tree Lights. Visit us at :

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  • With More and more Professional Christmas Light Installation Business popping up all the times its a great time to show off what every new home owner wants to see. They want to know what is available and new out. So thanks for showing us what is available this year specially in the solar area this year. As our customers still want to be able to save money on electric bills this type of lighting will be in demand.
    To find out how to become a Professional Christmas Light Installation check out this site:
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Solar Santa - Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

  1. 2. is owned by Mr. Light, Inc., located in suburban Philadelphia, PA, is a family owned business with decades of experience in lighting manufacturing and distribution. We take pride in our products, whether we make them ourselves, or design them and contract with other manufacturers to build them. Our current emphasis is on LED and Electroluminescent products, although we also work with neon, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting products. If you are looking for state of the art, unique lighting, and you don't see it on our site, just ask. About us
  2. 3. Some of our products All MultiColor LED Choices All Warm White LED Choices All Bright White LED Choices
  3. 4. Some of our products Solar Planter Light Assorted Hanging Solar Solar "Snow" Balls
  4. 5. Some of our products 3.5 Ft x 10 Ft Solar Net Lights All Blue and White LED Choices All Green LED Choices
  5. 6. Some of our products Lanterns Garden Stakes with Decorative Toppers Bubble Stakes
  6. 7. Contact us Please fill in your contact information on below link, We will contact you very shortly.
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