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Old Bridge NJ Dentist for Kids, Adults & Autistic Patients –Kidzdent


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Old Bridge NJ Dentist Dr. Cavan Brunsden & Dr. Nancy Villa serving healthy dental services to the surrounding cities and suburbs of Old Bridge, NJ and Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Visit us at :

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Old Bridge NJ Dentist for Kids, Adults & Autistic Patients –Kidzdent

  1. 2. Pediatric Dentistry We can take a young child, treat their teeth so they are free of disease, make their visits fun, guide their teeth and jaws into proper alignment, and give them something to really smile about. Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to creating a lifetime of positive dental habits as well as guiding the development of the child's dentition. Infants, children, adolescents, as well as the handicapped, benefit from early preventive care and guidance.
  2. 3. Why should your child visit the pediatric dentist by AGE ONE ? One out of four children develop tooth decay by age 3. - U.S. Attorney General Childhood decay is 100% preventable! Visit the pediatric dentist by age one and avoid unnecessary "fear" of the dentist later. Your infant's dental visit will include: Free exam and infant toothbrush Infant fluoride therapy and treatment Parental brushing tips and training Diet and Nutrition guidebook
  3. 4. Features of the Office
  4. 5. Contact us 2455 Rt. 516 Old Bridge, New Jersey  08857 (732) 679-2323
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