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New and Used Yachts and Boats for Sale @ Yacht Authority


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Yachts & Boats for Sale here on Yacht Authority. Find your Boat or Yacht here on We make it easy to find what you are looking for by giving you a wide range of Tools to find them. Visit us at :

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New and Used Yachts and Boats for Sale @ Yacht Authority

  1. 1. Yachts and Boats for Sale New and Used
  2. 2. About us Welcome to Yacht Authority, the website bringing you more of your boating world! Cruise through our site and you'll find we have boats in every size and class. We have everything boat-related, including boat accessories, boat repair services, marine surveyors, and much, much more! We're here to enhance your boating experience.
  3. 3. About us Our brokers and dealers are here to assist you with every step of purchasing or selling your boat, especially the process of financing, refinancing, insuring, documenting or trading in your boat. Find out what's new and available in your price range - our navigation tools make it easier than ever. We hope you enjoy your visit at Yacht Authority . We look forward to your suggestions as we continue to enhance our site for your cruising pleasure.
  4. 4. Some of our Boats
  5. 5. Some of our Boats
  6. 6. Some of our Boats
  7. 7. Contact us Address: P.O. BOX 775 NY, NY 10108 Phone: (646) 915-5500 Fax: (212) 658-9420 Email:
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