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Muncie Indiana Dentist Dr. Greg Pyle DDS


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Hornbrook Group Doctor Greg Pyle DDS providing services in cosmetic dentistry to the communities of Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit us at :

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Muncie Indiana Dentist Dr. Greg Pyle DDS

  1. 1. Muncie Indiana Dentist Dr Greg Pyle DDS
  2. 2. Experience dentistry that creates beautiful smiles, boosts your confidence and even turns back the years! Muncie dentist, Dr. Pyle is transforming smiles and helping people see the difference a new smile can make in their life. Dr. Pyle accomplishes this by providing a variety of services that include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, non-metal fillings and smile design. Many of these cosmetic solutions can "reverse" the natural aging process of the teeth. He also uses the latest in dental technology; from an intraoral camera to get a closer look at your mouth, to gum contouring to create a beautiful frame for your teeth. Dr. Pyle believes in individualized care. Each person is greeted by the dentist himself and enjoys a one-on-one conversation where you can express the desires for your smile. All concerns such as feelings, expectations, time and recovery are handled prior to the dentist appointment. Muncie Dentist Dr. Greg Pyle
  3. 3. This Muncie dentist works alongside a dedicated staff – a team that makes it their aim to ease anxiety and help create the beautiful smile you deserve. During your dental treatment, you will experience a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, including warm blankets and soft music. Dr. Pyle and his Muncie dental team combine expertise with gentle care, making for a satisfying experience. Feel confident, healthy, younger and beautiful. Our clients have felt the difference that a new smile has made in their lives. Come and see what we can do for you Serving the Areas of Indianapolis & Anderson, IN
  4. 4. Services When it comes to your health and appearance, Dr. Pyle and his team work to provide you the same quality materials and techniques they would provide for themselves. Advanced dental solutions include: ■ TMJ Treatment ■ Bonding ■ Non-Metal Fillings ■ Full Mouth Makeovers ■ Smile Design ■ Teeth Whitening ■ Porcelain Veneers and Instant Orthodontics ■ Porcelain Crowns ■ Dental Implants ■ Bridges
  5. 5. Services Smile Design Teeth Whitening Bonding Crowns
  6. 6. Services With TMJ treatment, patients finally feel relief from painful and chronic jaw or headache symptoms. Cosmetic dentistry also provides an array of options that work for you - procedures like bonding and Tooth Colored Fillings offer fast results in fewer visits. With today's materials, these restorations are hand-sculpted by our experienced dentist with polished, naturally blending and long-lasting materials. Through Dental Implants, Smile Design, Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns, state-of-the-art dentistry can take years off your smile. It offers real self-confidence and brightens your personality, improves your bite and health and offers you the best in every-day function.
  7. 7. Services Advanced Dentistry The latest in technology allows this Muncie dentist and his team to provide these bright, radiant results... and to enhance your comfort during the treatment: Intraoral Camera, providing superior diagnosis and allowing you to see progress. Digital X-Rays, a healthier and convenient alternative with much less radiation. Digital Panoramic X-Rays, for a wider and detailed view. Diagnodent, a laser cavity detector to diagnose decay earlier. Soft Tissue Laser, makes gum contouring and care a fast procedure. Pharmaceutical Grade Topical Gel, for your comfort. Joint Vibration Analysis, for high-tech and precise TMJ treatment.
  8. 8. Contact us Get Directions 800 W. University Ave Muncie, IN 47303 Phone : 765-273-4892
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