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Minnesota Cosmetic Dentist Dr Stephen R Bjorklund, DDS


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Minnesota Cosmetic Dentist Dr Stephen R Bjorklund, DDS specialized in providing cosmetic dentistry services and help you retain your natural, healthy teeth and smile. Serving Wayzata, Minnesota (MN) areas. Visit our office today get beautiful smile! Visit us at :

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Minnesota Cosmetic Dentist Dr Stephen R Bjorklund, DDS

  1. 2. About Minneapolis Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bjorklund specializes in cosmetic dentistry as well as family dentistry. Dr Stephen Bjorklund DDS and staff would like to invite you to visit their office. Designing beautiful and comfortable smiles is their passion. As a leader among Minnesota cosmetic dentists, they can straighten crooked teeth with veneers and bonding and brighten your smile with bleaching procedures to create a great Hollywood Smile
  2. 3. About The Minnesota Cosmetic Dentist Practice Now with cosmetic dentistry, back teeth can look great too! With modern adhesive dentistry, like onlays, back teeth can be made to look natural — free of dark metal and mercury silver fillings. In addition, the tooth colored restorations add strength not possible with the old technology. Because there is no metal to hide, the restorations can be kept above the gumline for more healthy tissue and ease of cleaning. St Paul Cosmetic Dentist Dr Stephen R Bjorklund continues his education and work with Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies making sure to always provide the latest in Cosmetic Dentistry techniques.
  3. 4. Bjorklund Dental Designs Technology: Filmless Dental X—rays Filmless dental x—rays is another way of describing digitized, computer generated dental x—rays. We went to this system in 1997 because it offers so many advantages to our patients compared to traditional x—rays Laser Enhanced Smiles As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our patients with the best possible care, we′re pleased to offer the benefits of the dental laser. We hope the following information will "enlighten" you regarding this exciting new technology.
  4. 5. Bjorklund Dental Designs Technology: We at Minneapolis Dentistry have invested in a new computer controlled anesthetic delivery system called The WAND®. This system allows us to administer a virtually pain free injection because it automatically controls the flow and volume of anesthetic and delivers it at a very slow rate below the threshold of pain. It also delivers a drop of anesthetic ahead of the needle so an anesthetic pathway is created, further reducing any discomfort. The WAND® also allows us to administer anesthetic in such a way that in many cases we do not have to numb your lips or face - we only numb the individual teeth we are going to work on. NO MORE DROOPING LIPS OR NUMB FACE! Just think of it! You can have dental work done and resume your normal activities! The whole process is very comfortable and stress free. We have many rave reviews from patients who have experienced The WAND®.
  5. 6. Bjorklund Dental Designs Technology: Dental implants are not newcomers, nor are they some mysterious or exotic treatment. Like orthopedic implants (hip replacements, for example), dental implants have become quite predictable and will become the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth. We work very closely with the implant surgeons to provide the following benefits to our patients. ■ Eliminate the need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth for a bridge. ■ Eliminate or replace the need for an awkward or unsightly removable partial denture. ■ Provide the closest possible replacement of natural teeth. ■ By maintaining the natural look of the gum tissue, we can make the smile appear natural. Quite simply, what they are is a titanium replacement for the missing root of the extracted tooth that can then support some kind of dental replacement for the tooth or teeth.
  6. 7. Contact St Paul Cosmetic Dentist Wayzata Medical Building 250 North Central, Suite 111 Wayzata, MN 55391 Phone: 952-475-1997 Fax: 952-475-3978 Email: [email_address]
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