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Lap Band System & Gastric Banding Texas


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We focus on teaching, which we start even before your surgery, to help you live with your Gastric Adjustable Band and maximize your weight loss. Visit us at :

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Lap Band System & Gastric Banding Texas

  1. 1. About Us As a Surgeon for the last 30 years I, have always been interested in weight loss surgery, performing some procedures when I first went into practice. After completing a Bariatric Surgery Fellowship, at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School , I learned about the Lap Band Procedure and went on to become trained to perform this procedure. Soon thereafter I became affiliated with the world’s largest provider of outpatient lap Band surgery - American Institute of Gastric Banding. By helping others attain their lifelong goal of losing weight, I can watch them open up their lives, but more importantly become healthier. I never thought that I would cure Diabetes with surgery, but now I do it routinely.
  2. 2. Our Services Tru-You Aftercare Educational Workshops Fluadjustments for ultimate weight loss Nutritional Counseling Revisions from previous weight loss surgeryoroscopic Behavior Modification Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with or without the Lap Band® Monthly visits with the Surgeon Support Groups
  3. 3. Contact Us Address Richard S Wilkenfeld MD 8000 Hwy 242, Suite 123 Conroe, TX 77385 936-321-2263 Phone 936-441-3133 Fax 936-321-3232 E-mail Id :
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