Roosevelt Islands Vital Design


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In 2010 an exciting overseas island joined Cradle to Cradle Islands project: Roosevelt Island in New York.

During 2010 a feasibility study was executed on Roosevelt Island by Urban Answers in cooperation with the Columbia and Fordham Universities. At the end of 2010 the results were presented to the the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. A very good starting point to discuss further cooperation possibilities to implement Cradle to Cradle Island solutions on Roosevelt Island.

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Roosevelt Islands Vital Design

  1. 1. Roosevelt Island Vital Designa Cradle to Cradle® Islands Project Winter 2010 Thanks to the Province of Fryslan & Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation 1
  2. 2. wiki The viTal design wiki • Multimedia Research Resource • Online Collaboration Platform (open source capability) • Presentation Tool One year subscription paid for by the project Options • RIOC Internal Database • RIOC and Invited Partners Interactive Platform • Public/Private Open Source WebsiteWiki Screenshots 2
  3. 3. wATER waTer access AccEss hisTory Historically the island had ferry connections to Manhattan and Queens, but with the opening of the 36th Avenue Bridge to Queens ferry transit largely died out in the mid 20th century eXisTing • Growing demand exists for waterborne access • 2 Ferry landings in Manhattan within 10 minutes on the east side alone • Multiple locations to connect to in Queens, Brooklyn, and regionally   • Tidal current speeds at their peak are almost 3x the Hudson — a challenge for small craft 5   • The Oil Dock (see #2) most recently accomodated mid-sized vessels recommended Landfill Excavation • Recreational boating/small craft require a channel, basin, inlet • Target remaining development sites or underutilizied space 1   • Consider marina functions 2   Ferries • Lobby for Phase 2 of NYCs 4   Citywide Ferry Program • Oil Dock 3   Roosevelt Island might be best thought of as a landing or layover, rather than an origin for large- scale public programs or anything for novices Solar Powered Vessel, Hong Kong 3
  4. 4. wATER runoff & conservaTion eXisTing Urban Runoff • A significant amount of the island is already designed to allow runoff from rain and snow to infiltrate and nourish the landscape. Still, there are many areas where capture rates could be improved Water Conservation • Many buildings on the island pre-date newer conservation caption? strategies such as LEED or USEPA’s “Water Sense” fixtures and appliances recommended Urban Runoff • Create a runoff recapture goal of 75% of the island’s surfaces. This calculation should include building roofs, planted areas, parking and transportation areas caption? Water Conservation • Create a baseline for current water consumption on the island — per resident, household, and per institution and establish a goal for reducing consumption by x% per year over the next xx years. A good milestone would be Roosevelt Island @ 50 years old. caption? 4
  5. 5. EnERgy supply/generaTion eXisTing RIOC purchases electricity generated by hydropower (NYPA), but residential buildings mostly purchase electricity from ConEd, which offers a mix of sources Steam Plant • 95% of output serves hospitals • Runs on #6 fuel oil Tidal Energy • Operated by Verdant Power, located on Roosevelt Island • First phase 30 turbines (1MW capacity) 2012 • Two additional tidal energy installations are being planned for the East River (Natural Currents, LLC and NY Tidal Energy) Steam Plant Solar • The Octagon has one of the citys largest arrays • Community gardens • Southern campus designed for passive solar RITE: Verdant Power RITE: Water Turbine Octagon PV panels Community Garden PV 5
  6. 6. EnERgy supply/generaTion recommended Steam Plant • Energy and Resource Solutions study recommends Combined Heat and Power • Consider Combined Heat and Power (CoGen) plant (requires additional natural gas line) Roosevelt Island Annual Electricity Consumption • Incentivise switch to ConEd renewable providers Tidal Energy • Expand existing programs to serve Roosevelt Island • Phase 1 (30 East Channel turbines) = 5% of total load = all RIOC properties • Consider production/distribution of tidal energy systems on island Other Renewable Sources • Anaerobic Digestion (see maTeRIals section) • Wind Turbines • Combined Heat and Power (CoGen) Residential Buildings & • Expand Photovoltaics: streetlights may cut consumption by > 50% Racquet Club; 74% • Smart Grid technology: monitor and manage energy consumption, savings Goldwater Hospital; 11% and electricity/heat supply (Incentive bonus for buildings with Coler Hospital; 9% greatest reductions) RIOC Properties; 5% Steam Plant & Misc.; 1% Solar Park - find out where from Klaar Solar powered street fixture 6
  7. 7. AccEss TransporTaTion eXisTing Autos • Island is auto dependent "…[A] modern urban environment that • Parking is costly, obstruction of views emphasizes its river setting and includes • GPS tracking is available to users with smart phones a complete ban on private cars…" Mayor V. Lindsay, 1973 Bicycles/Peds • Lack of continuous path/clear pike baths • Bridge ramp unfriendly to cyclists Public Transit • Red Bus vs. MTA bus: duplication • Overcrowded F train • Poor ADA accessibility ? Discontinued promenade New tram in action Bike racks at capacity 7
  8. 8. AccEss TransporTaTion recommended Autos • Convert RIOC fleet to electric • Encourage alternative modes • Develop carpooling/car sharing programs • Private electric vehicle incentives • Take advantage of available technology Bicycles/Peds • Island-wide bike sharing • Encourage bike shops and ubiquitous parking • Offer discounts to cyclists at local businesses and on the tram • Improve continuity of the promenade around the island • Mark clear bike/pedestrian lanes where possible, esp. bridge access • Require all buildings to offer bike storage/racks Trolley service to QB elevator • Reintroduce vertical access to Queensboro bridge, for pedestrians and cyclists Public Transit • Countdown clocks for users without smart phones • Universal access for all modes of transportation • Pedestranize intermodal connections • Celebrate the tram! (tours, interactive maps/diagrams/timelines) Open Spot application 8
  9. 9. mATERiAls deliveries eXisTing • Poor data on deliveries to island • No current RIOC protocol for material delivery • Barges supplying marble to FDR Memorial recommended • Establish a target and methodology for reducing vehicle deliveries • Urban Consolidation Center, to coordinate island deliveries • Establish a protocol and encourage waterborne deliveries 100% deliveries on Island are truck based Waterborne marble delivery to construct the Four Freedoms Memorial Park 9
  10. 10. mATERiAls wasTe eXisTing Residential/Commercial/Construction • Non AVAC waste is collected by truck on Roosevelt Island • Food waste = 20% of waste stream in NYC (No recovery program: PlaNYC considering anaerobic digestion pilot in the Bronx) • No current RIOC protocol for material recovery AVAC System • Collects residential and school municipal solid waste (MSW) without trucks • System has operated continuously since installation and every new building connects to the network • Innovative to this day, the system requires investment to handle sorting and to increase capacity Avac facility interior Roosevelt Island AVAC system 10
  11. 11. mATERiAls wasTe recommended Residential/Commercial/Construction • Establish a target of improving the recycling rate by 50% (for example) • Explore the feasibility of separating organic waste and processing it to generate energy (biogas) and compost with an anaerobic digestion facility, possibly the City’s first • Designate storing area such as the AVAC facility yard for material recovery • Waste management protocol of 75% recovery of construction debris (LEED) • Explore urban farming AVAC • Establish a plan for the next 40 years, beginning with a feasibility study to explore upgrading the system to include recyclables and commercial waste • Establish knowledge sharing with AVAC operator at Summit Plaza in Jersey City, NJ. R.I. Weekend Farmers Market Separate inlets for recycling and organic Modern collection facility - where is waste - where is this? this? 11
  12. 12. hospiTAls hospiTals NORTH Coler Goldwater kitchens were replaced by vending machines in 2007 Patient food is prepared . off site. • Target hospital food: reopen the kitchens and plant gardens on hospital grounds to provide fresh ingredients. Improve the quality of the food options, encourage staff to eat together, encourage staff and patients to participate, and raise the profile of the facility. • Consolidate the two campuses into the Northern campus. SOUTH The southern campus was built in the 1930s and will likely close if fire safety upgrades are not made by 2013. It was laid out to max solar benefits and to consider the roof for ulterior energies. Southern Campus is being considered for alternative uses. • Program the Southern Campus to support the health and hospital sector with programs such as assisted living facility, food service/production, laundry, and swing space for east side hospital renovations (consider initial design competition) Solar benefit configuration Hospital Cafeteria Hospital Corridor 12
  13. 13. EnERgy AccEss wATER mATERiAls infrasTrucTure insTiTuTe overview • Innovation and environmental quality were part of Roosevelt Island’s development, but RIOC does not have the resources to establish long term planning and sustainability projects to ensure Roosevelt Island as a model for the future. • Roosevelt Island offers one of the best vantage points for understanding New York Harbor • Main street storefronts Exhibit at eco-development visitors center in Sweden Fast trash exhibit 13
  14. 14. EnERgy AccEss wATER mATERiAls infrasTrucTure insTiTuTe recommended • Encourage creation of an independent “infrastructure institute” on the island to work with RIOC, institutions, agencies and residents with four main roles: research, planning, cultural programming and outreach. A storefront would provide a cultural anchor on Main Street for residents and visitors. • A capital expense item that would take 3—5 years to realize • RI “Corps” (like AmeriCorps or Teaching Fellows) to bring experienced professionals to train island residents to play a more active role in the stewardship and maintenance of the island’s landscapes—current residents present untapped labor pool for landscape stewardship • Create an interpretive “Water Walk” along the East Channel with interpretive information about the Ravenswood Power Plant, NYCs’s combined sewer system, the Island’s steam infrastructure, “de-watering” pumps, the Channel’s tidal power potential, and the richness of life in the waters surrounding the island Green Apple Tours Collaboration 14
  15. 15. InfRASTRUCTURE InSTITUTEestablish an independent “Institute of Urban Infrastructure” From . AnAEROBIC DIgESTIOnHealth and Hospitals to education, Parks, Transportation and Waste explore the feasibility of separating organicmanagement, Roosevelt Island is a microcosm and a model location waste and processing it to generate energyfrom which to learn about the natural and human infrastructure of (biogas) and compost with an anaerobicNew York City. Research, exchange, programming and funding could digestion facility, possibly the City’s firstprovide a focus for raising awareness and monies for recommenda-tions like those contained herein. a storefront…and visitors. PROmEnADE Build continuous promenadeCOlER gOlDWATER hOSPITAl: nORTh with clear distinction for bikesConsolidate all healthcare functions. Focus on vs. pedsfood preparation, consumption and waste. fERRy ACCESS Connect with NYCs Citywide ferry pilot program starting in BIkE ShARIng STATIOn spring 2011 Combine bike parking with bike AVAC sharing, comparable with cities Build on an impressive infra- like D.C. and montreal structure. Designate storage area for construction materials TIDAl EnERgy expand the RITe tidal energy project to serveSTEAm PlAnT Roosevelt Island. The 30 planned east ChannelConsider expanding to a larger turbines would provide enough power (5%) tocapacity, Combined Heat and Power supply all RIOC properties with electricityplant, with new natural gas line AnAEROBIC DIgESTIOn separating organic waste and processing it to generate energy QUEEnSBORO BRIDgE VERTICAl (biogas) and compost with an TRAnSPORTATIOn anaerobic digestion facility Feasibility study + competition with high design aspirations and specific fiscal requirements can yield creative solutions. SOUTh hOSPITAl Gravity fed and renewably powered lifts, support the health and hospital sector with programs such commercial programming at the pylon as assisted living facility, food service/production, laundry, and connecting to the pedestrian infra- and swing space for east side hospital renovations structure of the Tram. 15