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Valentine Day Wishes And Greetings


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Amazing Valentine Day Wishes and Quotes are providing you a best Wishes and Quotes to express your feeling with your loved one. Valentine day it’s not just for lover it’s also for whom guy’s who love their families. Amazing Valentine Day Whishes has also uploaded quotes which you dedicate your family members, these wishes you can also use for the message, greeting cards, Facebook status. That day you can show your family and your future life partner what role they are performing in your life. If you want a Best Valentine Quotes, so you finally reach the right place. Hope you will enjoy it much more from you expectations.

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Valentine Day Wishes And Greetings

  1. 1. Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes And Greetings 1 ) We’re twoparts of a lovingwhole twoheartsanda single soul.HappyValentine’sDay 2 ) HappyValentine’sDayHoney! 3 ) Everyday,I thankGod for He allowedme tomeetyouinmy journeyinlife.Ilove you,Happy Valentine’sDay! 4 ) R forred, redfor blood,bloodforheart,heartforlove,love foryou,youforme,me isyou,I love you. Happy Valentine’sDay. 5 ) HappyValentine’sDaytothe sweetestvalentine Icouldwant.Youare mysweetheart,andIam glad you’re mine. 6 ) Onthe dayof the hearts,I wantyou to know thatyou will be myValentine,again!Andforthe many Valentine’sDaytocome. 7 ) ButI’m really proudandpleasedToknow that youare mine AndIhope that youstill love me My DarlingValentine. 8 ) We beganas strangers.We became friends.We became one witheachother…We remainasone forever.HappyValentine’sDay. 9 ) To be treatedthe same wayeveryday…that’smytake onValentine’sDay.HappyValentine’sDay. 10 ) Everytime I see you,I couldfeel alittle flameinmyheartlightingup.Andthat’sbecause Itrulylove you.Happy Valentine’sDay! 11 ) Each momentthat I am far fromyou,it seemsthatmytears couldfill the oceanblue.Ilove you, Happy Valentine’sDay! 12 ) I Love you HappyValentine’sDay. 13 ) Love is justtooweakof a wordto expresswhatI feel foryou.One life isjustnotenoughtotell you howmadlyinlove I am withyou.HappyValentine’sDay! 14 ) Fallinginlove islike lookingatthe stars.If you pickone out of the billionsandstare at itlong enoughall the otherswill meltaway. 15 ) Our love islike alovelybridge betweenyourheartsandmine A bridge we’ve builtdownthroughthe yearsJust toour own design.HappyValentine’sDay. 16 ) God has createdyouonlyfor me,because he knowsnoone can love youmore than me! 17 ) If I could die earlyIwouldaskGod if I couldbe yourguardianangel,soI could wrap my wings aroundyou and embracesyouwheneveryoufeelalone.HappyValentine’sDay.
  2. 2. 18 ) I will holdonyouforeverhoney,becauseIhave neverevermetsomeonemore specialthanyou are,I love you.HappyValentine’sDay! 19 ) EventhoughValentine’sdaycostsa lotmore witha girlfriend,youare the one girl inthisworldwho istotallyworthit. 20 ) Cupidshootswell forme!He hityou andme withperfectaim. 21 ) I may notalwaystell youWhat I’mfeelingdeepinside The emotionsandthe feelingsThatI sometimestendtohide.HappyValentine’sDay. 22 ) Love mightbe one of the most misunderstoodfeelingsinthisworld.Yet,itweakensthe brain, causesthe cheekstoglow,eyestosparkle andbloodpressure torise.HappyValentine’sDay! 23 ) Sometimeswe make lovewithoureyes.Sometimeswe make lovewithourhands.Sometimeswe make love withourbodies.Alwayswe make lovewithourhearts.HappyValentine’sDay. 24 ) May this Valentine’sDaybe filledwithlove,understanding,andcontentmentasyoujourney throughlife withthose youholddear.HappyValentine’sDay. 25 ) Happy Valentine’sDay,sweetheart!Iamreallyluckytohave youin mylife.Youare fun,crazy and smart,and beingwithyouisdefinitelythe happiestmomentinmylife. 26 ) You walkedin,andthe sunbroke throughthe clouds.Suddenly,life wasworthliving,anditbecame thisbigadventure.Thankyouforbeingpart of my life. 27 ) I am the luckiesttohave youin mylife!HappyValentine’sDaymysweetheart! 28 ) Love QuotesforHim. HappyValentine’sDay. 29 ) A daywithoutyouinmy life shouldnevercome andevenif itdoes,letthatbe the last day of my life. 30 ) You knowyou’re inlove if youcannotbringyourself tofall asleepbecausethe realityisfinallybetter than whatis inyourdreams.Happy Valentine’sDay! 31 ) You are unique youare caringand youare the Best.Happy Valentine’sDay. 32 ) don’treallyknowhowtocome upwithgreat messages,butIjustwantyou to know how special you are to me.I love you,HappyValentine’sDay! 33 ) The day we metis a day I will nevereverforget.Ihave neverbeensohappysince theydayIfound you.Happy Valentine’sDaymylove! 34 ) Love is tooweaka word forwhat I feel foryou.One life istoosmall atime to expresshow madlyI am inlove withyou.
  3. 3. 35 ) It isverytough to believe astranger,Butif someone lovesyoumore thanfishloveswater,Holds your handtightwithtearsin hiseyesandsays,The momentIsaw youI fell inlove withyouIcan’t live withoutyouandwant to spendthe restof my life withyouHappyValentine’sDay. 36 ) Curvedhighona mountain,covereddeepindew,Isaw these words…I LOVE YOU! 37 ) Everytime I see you,I feel alittle flameinmyheart,thatlightsup,because…I LOVEYOU! 38 ) We all make mistakesinlife.Butitisnevera mistake tolove.HappyValentine’sDay,mylove.Ilove youso much! 39 ) As busyas we get, we needtobe remindedthatwe are still sweethearts.Valentine’sDayisa good day forme to stopand realize howwonderful youmake me feel.HappyValentine’sDay. 40 ) I love youbecause youare my life.HappyValentine’sDay.