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Education and Training for The Future Workforce


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Are graduates happy with their career options? What skill do they need to be better prepared for future jobs? Is the future of degrees only in the hand of universities?

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Education and Training for The Future Workforce

  1. 1. WISG wise-qntnnorg Education data Once in the job market, only 45% of youth* say they were happy with their chosen field of study " 4,500 respondents aged a 29in 9 countries who were either in the labor or currently studying 3 Q 9 9 9 9 e 9 9 9 Mn Kinsey, Education In Eruplnyrrleut survey 2012
  2. 2. WISE wise-qatanorg Education data Education providers believe that their graduates are prepared for work but less than 50% of youth and employers agree Education providers Are graduates prepared for work? 72°/ o 55°/ o 58% Youth Employers Source: Mc Kinsey « Education to Employment survey -, 2012
  3. 3. W138 win-qutuorg "School in 2030" Survey’ In 2030, the most valuable assets for students will be interpersonal skills * WISE Survey: 545 leading education experts, policymakers and practictioners representative ol the global WISE Community / Academic knowledge Know-how and practical skills Source: .2030 survey: which was conducted between June 3rd and June 30th. 2014
  4. 4. W288 wise-qatar. org "School in 2030" Survey‘ Company certifications will challenge traditional diplomas ' WISE SllrVr‘y, iil15ivillillllll'lilll; Zlil()ll l, ’X[lE‘Ii§, policymakers and IIIACIICIIDIIPIS lt‘lIPSElllai| Vl3 cl illl. ’ qlolml WISE Corrtitiltiitty How will skills be assessed? 39% i 37% 24% l I School Company diplomas I cenilications Peer endorsements Snlltw jfllfiilt-Ilt'. ‘r", “i tuliirlt “, ‘r1'»t‘t lllllll lril IlPl. '.‘t’I'IIJllllt- ‘ltd illltiJlllll": iUIil ZHN
  5. 5. W386 wise-qatar. org Education data 46% of young people around the world say they cannot afford and/ or do not have time to study because they are working '»i, FtlJllrt-slrtriiili-tit:1mil-iiillH120iitSit: trlrtitrii--1wlin "vl'H' uttllizr Ill llii; irlitlli lurt: i- ur i. IIrrt: itl| ‘,i '1Il| liyl| lt| i‘ M -‘mi-. _~, irtrli yiirirl mt‘. -i, ‘
  6. 6. W288 wise-qatar. org Education data 360 million young people‘ worldwide are not in education, employment, or training (NEET) ' 15124 years old who are not in education. employment or training Percentage of NEET in total youth population Latin America 23% Middle East 8: North Africa 41% Sub-Saharan Africa 22% South Asia 31°/ o East Asia & Pacific 18°/ o Europe 8: Central Asia 24% osco 15% Source OECD 2010, World flank ZUIZ