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WISE MPR, the MPR Company in Seoul, Korea_2012.09.14


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WISE MPR Co., Ltd is a Marketing PR company that execute Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC) in Seoul, Korea.

As a Marketing PR company, we have performed various projects to get successful results: raising the clients’ awareness and increasing their sales.

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WISE MPR, the MPR Company in Seoul, Korea_2012.09.14

  1. 1. MPR Consulting WIM ConsultingWISE MPR communications Create your own Value !
  2. 2. WISE MPR IS… WISE MPR Co., Ltd. is a Marketing PR company that execute Integrated Marketing Communications in Seoul, Korea. Established in 2009, our passionate team of PR and marketing professionals has created value for our clients. With experience across a wide range of industries including food, NGO, IT, interior design, etc., we have the knowledge and insight to make your business top in its category. We can build strategies according to your situation: investigating problems, solving them, and then making out right results. The best solution that we offer makes you go up in values. Marketing PR
  3. 3. CLIENTS Marketing PR
  4. 4. 3 Core Values WISE Creativeness Innovation Marketing PR
  5. 5. PUBLIC RELATIONS Publicity Press release, Feature articles, Columns, Interview, and Photograph Media Events Press conference, Press availability, Media round table, and Media tour Online & Social Media Online communities, Blogs marketing, Online monitoring, facebook, twitter, Linked In, and YouTube Others Media training, Crisis management, PI, News monitoring, Clipping, and ROI Marketing PR
  6. 6. Success Story Fine Technix • Articles of 16 when launching Sunwise • Interviewing with the CEO desk lamps and about the industry • Articles of 21 when participating the Korea academy of optometry Marketing PR
  7. 7. Success Story Tong-In Express • Articles of 21 on the press conference • Interviewing with the CEO to 6 newspapers Marketing PR
  8. 8. Success Story M&B Publishing • A book publication party giving • Press release on the book of a lecture and book-signing at COEX ‘Learning Global Etiquette through English’: 21 articles • Invited to the radio show of ‘On the mic with Isaac’ at Korea’s Global TV, ‘arirang’ Marketing PR
  9. 9. Success Story Yongworum Festival(Korean Dragon Martial Arts) • Interviews about ‘Yongworum Festival’ • ‘Yongworum Festival’ articles with 6 cases to 58 newspapers • Korean Dragon Martial Arts(Yongworum Festival), broadcasted on two TV news channels Marketing PR
  10. 10. Success Story Yongworum Festival(Korean Dragon Martial Arts) • Featured articles Yongworm Festival • Invited to the radio show of to Chosun Ilbo and the Korean Times ‘On the mic with Isaac’ at Korea’s Golobal TV, ‘arirang’ (Top headline for Chosun Ilbo) (Full page for Korean Times) Marketing PR
  11. 11. Success Story Care & Help • The Vision Festival of ‘Care & Help’ • Articles of the interview and • 54 media including newspapers, TV, and radio participating a industry fair • 23 articles written Marketing PR
  12. 12. Success Story Local Children’s Center • The project of facelifting for kids homes • The articles about ‘the local children’s center’ on newspapers, radio, and TV Marketing PR
  13. 13. Success Story The Frypan • The articles about ‘The Frypan’ on newspapers, magazines, and TV Marketing PR
  14. 14. Success Story Sujiewon Net Soft • The articles about the software solution of • The articles of interviewing ‘ZipIt Road’ with the CEO to 3 newspapers • 16 to IT newspapers Marketing PR
  15. 15. PR CONSULTING PR Consulting Consumer Research, Media Audit, MPR Consulting, Branding Consulting PR Events Launching, Affiliate Promotion, Sports Marketing, Exhibition, Seminar, Road Show, SNS Marketing ADs & PR Materials ADs, Advertorial, Brochure, Leaflet, Publications, Video, DM, Newsletter Other Projects Contribution to public welfare, Sponsoring Marketing PR
  16. 16. WIM CONSULTING WIM is WISE Innovation Method. It is the consulting tool that makes our clients believe the possibility that leaders and team members can challenge. Your system goes through five steps to develop proper prototype and concept. each ‘Inno Lab’ of WIM has specialty experts from a variety of fields to draw creative methods. Do you want to pull out latent desire from the employees and come to an agreement for everlasting corporation? Then, we may be your partner. Marketing PR
  17. 17. The WIM Process Analyzing the clients’ current situations Situations Taking an action to Action Vision & Setting up the pursue opportunities Values vision and values, WIM the essential factors for each company Solution Belief Finding the solution Making them believe through various fields the possibility that leaders and teams can challenge Marketing PR
  18. 18. WISE MPR TEAM We are the team of expertized professionals in PR, marketing, and planning strategies who are passionate and committed about what we do and the clients that we do it for. We work to continually go beyond for our clients regarding our more strategic and coordinated approach. We’re confidently sure of being your perfect partner to create your own value in the industry. Marketing PR
  19. 19. WISE People Matilda Chung CEO at WISE MPR “The success of client is our success. We always do our best.” Professional Careers ∙ Performing marketing, PR, strategy planning at Samsung Corp. . Doing marketing consulting for clients at Cobrain Consulting Group . Taking in charge of PR and marketing at Infoguru, Cecraft, Yesventure, CPMG . Planning MPR strategy, executing the tactics according to the strategy, and make a success for our clients such as Fine Technix, Tong-In Express, M&B Publishing, YWCA, Sujiewon Net Soft, The Frypan, etc. Expertized in market analysis, strategic planning, storytelling, creative writing, and systemizing Marketing PR
  20. 20. WISE People Jiyeon CHOE Manager at WISE MPR “Respect a man, he’ll do the more.” (James Howell) Professional Careers ∙ Planning & directing everything that has to do with English camps for elementary and middle students ∙ Developing the English camps’ programs and curriculum ∙ Planning management strategies of language centers in universities ∙ Planning English text books for kids, and contents(on/off) ∙ Sales, Marketing, and PR on the North America market (such as IT’s, Mobile contents, Online games, and etc.) Expertized in market analysis, strategic planning, storytelling, creative writing, and systemizing Marketing PR
  21. 21. WISE MPR’s Services Public Relations Social Media Online Marketing Communication strategy planning Crisis communications WISE MPR creates your own value! Article development PR Consulting WIM Consulting www.wisempr.comWISE MPR Communications#834 B LG Eclat, 142-3, SAMSEONG-DONG,GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, KOREAPhone: +82-2-6204-4320Fax: +82-2-6918-4320E-mail: