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Free Business Continuity Training


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This is the slide deck for our FREE business continuity video.

You can prepare your business to survive any disaster by following the steps in this deck.

Download the original file and read the speaker notes for details.

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Free Business Continuity Training

  1. 1. Email: leo@crashproofsolutions.comFREE Business Survival Training Presented by Leonid S. Knyshov Business Continuity Consultant Call TODAY 24/7 510-282-1008
  2. 2. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Before we get started… “What will you do after a disaster?”
  3. 3. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: When the Disaster Strikes… Replace Operating Rebuilding Equipment Capital Expertise Insurance Carrier Crashproof (interruption) (continuity) Business Interruption + Continuity
  4. 4. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Business Interruption Claims Surprise You absolutely must have your vital business records stored away from your premises to maximize claims. • Must prove claimed sales profits using your business records. • Hire your own forensic accountant. Your insurer will pay for her. Failure to produce these records will likely result in substantially reduced payments and increased delays.
  5. 5. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Universal Business Continuity Plan Setup continuous data protection with Backblaze (as little as $5/mo/pc). Create FREE Acronis whole disk backup of all PCs and store it at DataSafe. Store all paper records at a facility like DataSafe (as low as $10/mo). Create a comprehensive business survival manual and test rebuilding your entire business as if it were completely destroyed using just that manual.
  6. 6. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Key Principle of Data Loss Reduction “No data related to the business, including for sentimental reasons, should ever exist in a single copy” • Never keep all copies and backups of that data in one place. • Exception: original non-essential archived documents may be stored in a single copy at a secure records storage facility.
  7. 7. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Off-site Storage of Documents Protect records against fire and water damage Reduce lawsuit liability exposure related to ID theft • Thieves and employees can no longer access sensitive data. Defer the necessity to digitize older archives • Records companies offer “scan on demand” service that lets you access documents on your computer as you need them instead of scanning entire archives while keeping originals safe.
  8. 8. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Backup your Original Software CDs Use ImgBurn to create copies of all of your software CDs and store them in one place on your main computer. • Copy all other software installers into the same location. • Copy license keys into files to be stored along with installers and CD images. • Note the computer to which each license key corresponds. • Store digital images of original license key documents and purchase receipts for software and equipment. Your insurer and vendors will ask for them. • Tip: You can use your cell phone camera for taking these pictures. Don’t forget about the stickers on your computers as they are proof of license.
  9. 9. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: How to get Acronis TrueImage for FREE Acronis TrueImage Home is $50 You can buy an external HDD by Seagate or Western Digital and use it for FREE
  10. 10. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Entire Office Disk Backup Strategy Configure Backblaze on every computer you will be protecting today. This way, you can download data created since this backup from Backblaze without reinstalling it. It costs $5/mo/computer • Backblaze: Download Seagate DiscWizard or Acronis WD Edition, and store it to your external drive. Simply buy a retail Seagate or Western Digital external drive to avoid hassles. 3.5” drives cost less. • Seagate DiscWizard: • Acronis TrueImage WD Edition: • Western Digital owns Hitachi but, as of this writing, Acronis WD Edition does not unlock itself with Hitachi drives. Install it on all computers you want to backup and store the disk backup on the external drive. Verify that the backup completed successfully by restoring it to a blank HDD and booting from it. • You will never use this hard drive again after you verify your ability to restore the data it stores. • Optional strategy: clone to new internal drives (new HDDs are faster) and take the original drives away from the office. Repeat this for every computer and store this external hard drive at DataSafe or a similar facility. Never store this drive at premises that are at risk. You will desperately need that data after a fire.
  11. 11. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Business Survival Manual Goal: any qualified professional can rebuild the business’s computers relying solely on the information in the manual and the off-site backup. Reset local administrator passwords on all computers and any other passwords you do not already know. • Vendor information (license keys, 24/7 contact phone number, support contract, account number and password, serial numbers, where the ImgBurn CD images are stored). • Network configuration information (router IP/username/password, public IP, firewall rules). • Printer configuration and vital business software configuration settings. • Internet information (domain registrar, DNS, web host, usernames, passwords, email addresses, direct URLs to various control panels). • After hours phone numbers for key staffers and building access instructions. • Domain Administrator’s username and password must be tested and updated.
  12. 12. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Should you do this yourself? You will need our help to protect your invisible computers inside your expensive diagnostic and control equipment. • If you are a medical office, a veterinarian, a dental practice, an automotive repair shop, a machine shop, a warehouse, or a factory We can support them even when your vendor says “No, that is too old, let me transfer you to our sales team”. • These computers are very old and run ancient versions of Windows. • Avoid having to needlessly buy new equipment at great expense.
  13. 13. 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: The Next Steps Buy an external Seagate or Western Digital drive today. • You should only buy the drive that can be attached directly by USB. • 1TB might be enough in 2012. • 2TB should be plenty in 2012. • Your test hard drive should probably be a SATA 2.5” drive if you have laptops in the office. The size should be at least 500GB. If you have sensitive data, we can encrypt all your data to protect you against lawsuits. You should call us today.
  14. 14. Email: leo@crashproofsolutions.comFREE Business Continuity Training Presented by Leonid S. Knyshov Business Continuity Consultant Call TODAY 24/7 510-282-1008