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Healthy thought


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Published in: Education
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Healthy thought

  1. 1. Scroll of Seven (Emily) (By: Karen Michelle Brooks) First, to start, you must know thought Then take care to not get caught; Seeing world’s most times concealed Desire creates what is revealed Restored, slowly, in plain sight Imagination then takes flight Linked to feeling; heed this clue As once discovered, all comes true The only limit’s in the mind Forgotten secret depths you’ll find Go with the flow, in and out Leave behind you every doubt Then, with time, the Dead will out Healing, healing all will shout Resurrected, an old prayer From the earth’s intent to care Time, once slow, will run much faster As you learn to be a Master With fire burning in the night So Creation comes to light Within your faith you’ll twist and turn Your sense of place being where you’ll learn Within yourself is so much more Relative to all that’s been before Once, together, we’ll become All you’ve searched for, not just one Creating magic with each leap All is shown for you to keep Provided by: | Original source: