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Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration : WordPress plugin


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Moodle is King when it comes to Learning Management Systems. It has rich features, is scalable, and also provides you the flexibility to modify the system if needed. But Moodle’s capabilities encompass e-learning, and not e-commerce. In e-Commerce the requirements are different. The focus is an online store, with product and inventory management. And that’s where an e-Commerce plugin like WooCommerce comes into picture. WooCommerce provides you the needed functionality to sell your Moodle courses. Such a plugin, can be used to sell course material such as Books, or DVDs, as well. But as you know, Moodle is a completely standalone platform, and WooCommerce is on WordPress, which is a different platform.

So how will you be able to sell Moodle Courses in WooCommerce? You would need the WooCommerce Moodle Integration by WisdmLabs. This is a WooCommerce extension plugin for your WordPress website. Once you install and setup the plugin, you will have a one-click option to automatically import Moodle courses as products in WooCommerce. The course data such as course name and id are associated with the created product. The course categories are imported as WordPress term, and the created product is categorised under the term associated with the course category in Moodle. Upon synchronization, previously imported courses and course categories are also updated, as per any changes made in Moodle.

So you must be wondering if this integration benefits your students as well. Well, this integration provides your students several benefits. Since the course is available as a usual product in WooCommerce, your students can purchase it as usual. Upon purchasing a particular course, they are automatically enrolled for it in Moodle. The student is registered on the Moodle site, with the same WordPress credentials (username and password) and the student’s details (such as name, email address) are exported as part of their profile. So the student can login with the same WordPress credentials and start taking the course immediately!

Sounds like something you need? Head on over to Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration, and purchase the plugin today!

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Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration : WordPress plugin

  1. 1. How to Sell Moodle Courses in WordPress
  2. 2. Create Courses in Moodle Moodle is King when it comes to Learning Management Systems But I am not an e-Commerce Store!
  3. 3. Create a Shop in WooCommerce WooCommerce is a comprehensive solution for your e-Commerce Store You can sell virtual products like courses, and sell course material like books, DVDs too!
  4. 4. But.. WooCommerce is on WordPress How Will Moodle and WordPress work together?
  6. 6. What is WooCommerce Moodle Integration One Click Import of Moodle Courses as WooCommerce Products Sell individual courses or course bundles Auto registration of WooCommerce customers as Moodle Students Automatic enrolment of Student for Purchased Course
  7. 7. One-Click Import of Courses Import Moodle courses easily using a button- click option Synchronize courses and course categories
  8. 8. Sell Courses and Course Bundles Link several courses as a Course Bundle to a single WooCommerce Product
  9. 9. WooCommerce Moodle Integration Sounds like something I would need! But how will my Students benefit?
  10. 10. WooCommerce Moodle Integration Buy Courses Cart Moodle Courses are available as products in your WooCommerce store A student can purchase courses as usual
  11. 11. WooCommerce Moodle Integration Student is automatically enrolled for the course he purchases A Moodle account is created for students registered on your WP site with the same credentials Profile Created Auto Enrollment
  12. 12. WooCommerce Moodle Integration Student can thus start taking the course immediately! Awesome!Courses
  13. 13. I’m Convinced! How do I buy? WooCommerce Moodle Integration
  14. 14. Start Selling Courses Now! Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration Get your copy of the solution using the link below!