Math Mondays and STEM Girls


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Math Mondays and STEM Girls
NCTM Regional Conference Ppt
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

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Math Mondays and STEM Girls

  1. 1. Math Mondays and STEM Girls NCTM Regional Conference November 4, 2011 Margaret Wirth, Interim Director Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, CSMTE East Carolina University CSMTE
  2. 2. • East Carolina University, Greenville, NC• Located in the College of Education and Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Education• Over 25 years of outreach service to the region for the university• Serves over 24 counties in eastern North Carolina•• Coordinates and collaborates with teachers, faculty, and community leaders in STEM education• Located on the corner of 4th and Cotanche Streets
  3. 3. The mission of the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (CSMTE) is to strengthen the STEM education enterprise by:1. Improving the quality and quantity of K-12 teachers of science and mathematics;2. Providing strong experiences in science and mathematics for all K-16 students while increasing the number of graduates pursuing careers in STEM disciplines;3. Creating a supportive environment for multidisciplinary research, evaluation, and assessment while bridging the gap between educators and STEM professionals; and4. Encouraging community engagement that leads to increased university partnerships with school districts, business and industry.
  4. 4. Center Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 Teachers• Training Sessions and Workshops• Lending Library• TeachNET
  5. 5. Applied Mathematics Topics for Everyone• Martin Gardner and Problem Solving• Mathematics and Human Performance• Meet Alice• Mathematics and Telescope Making
  6. 6. Martin Gardner - February 28th, 2011 - 5-7 PMCelebrate the life of Martin Gardner through his variety of games ofpuzzles. Also learn how to build a Plinko game and the mathematicsinvolved. Directions for building games and activities will be included.Mathematics and Human PerformanceMarch 28, 2011 - 5-7 PMWe will explore how mathematics is used in Exercise Science byexamining the field of Biomechanics. Biomechanics is used to improvehuman performance in athletics and clinical populations. Participantswill explore musculoskeletal modeling, the impulse-momentumequation and the length-force relationship of muscles.
  7. 7. Mathematics and Telescope Making (Astronomy)April 25th, 2011 - 5-7 PMDo you want to stimulate your students into examining the wonder of theuniverse? During this workshop, you will learn how to integrate math andscience through telescope building in your classroom. We will show howyou can have your students build a Dobsonian telescope and then explorethe night sky! A building manual and activities will be included."Meet Alice" - May 16th, 2011 - 5-7 PMIn the Alice workshop, we will introduce the 3-D programmingenvironment called Alice. It will be a hands-on workshop for theparticipants to learn how to create original animations using Alicewhile learning computer programming concepts.
  8. 8. Teachers K-125-7PMRefreshments providedCEUs awarded for seriesRegistration on-lineCost-FreeParticipant evaluations
  9. 9. A Thank You Note
  10. 10. The Teacher Network is an online collaboration system for the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teachers from acrossthe Eastern region to collaborate on content, resources, pedagogy, andlesson plans as well as to communicate professional development needsand questions to the CSMTE Center.Teachers can sign-in using Facebook, Google, or Yahoo accounts or cancreate a new account by clicking the "Sign-Up" link on the webpage.There is also an app available for free on ITunes for your IPad, IPhone andother android communication devices.
  11. 11. • The online lending library is very similar to an experience• Teachers visit us on-site to check out items for classroom or professional development for free.• Click a button to access our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and search all of the resources that are currently available for check-out.• While browsing our library one can add items to a personal clipboard by clicking "Add to Clipboard" after viewing a book or searching for results.• One can click "Clipboard" in the menu bar to print out a list of selections for when you visit our library for checkout.• Book and resources are on loan for 2 weeks.
  12. 12. STEM Girls Science, Technology, Engineering , Mathematics, and Medicine
  13. 13. Why 8th Grade STEM Girls? It is all based on research…..First the studies suggest to attract students into the sciences and engineering we should pay close attention to students’ early exposure to science at the middle grades (and even younger)(Tai, R.H., Liu, C.Q., Maltese, A.V., & Fan, X. (2006)).
  14. 14. There’s Even More Research…..Secondly, the studies suggest that female role models with scientific careers may positively affect both enrollment by girls in high school science courses and their personal consideration of science careers (Farland-Smith, 2008; Smith & Erb, 1986).And lastly, the research on career intervention activities in mathematics instruction directed at girls does lead to increased mathematics enrollment by girls (Farland-Smith, 2008; Becker & Jacobs, 1983).
  15. 15. 8th Grade Girls Conference• Invite 100 8th grade girls to campus• 9AM-2PM university experience• Chancellor welcome, inspirational opening by a young scientist• Five Female Faculty lead round Robin 20-minute sessions on STEMM topics• Lunch on campus• Admissions office posters, STEM Girls T-shirts and stickers, and Pirate hats• Closing Activity with origami boxes and “smartys”
  16. 16. Selection Process
  17. 17. STEM Sessions
  18. 18. NEWSPAPER
  19. 19. “The MAA Tensor Foundation ProgramsMAA Tensor Grant are calling for proposals to encourage women, girls, and underrepresented minorities to continue studying mathematics. Funding from the Tensor Foundation to the MAA is used to encourage women and girls and underrepresented minorities to continue studying mathematics to prepare them to enter mathematics and mathematics- dependent fields. The two MAA sponsored Tensor programs- Tensor-MAA for Women and Girls and Tensor-SUMMA (Strengthening Underrepresented Minorities in Mathematics)-will award approximately $140,000 in 2011 to college and university faculty to conduct projects for middle, high school, or college and university students.”
  20. 20. Our MAA Tensor Grant• $6000• Day-long Conference in Fall• Spring visits to schools-Speakers Bureau• Summer weeklong ½ day STEM institute• Women mentoring in STEM Careers• Research on change in attitudes about STEM careers and high school course enrollment
  21. 21. The Future for STEM Girls•Continue the Day-long 8th gradeconferences on campus each fall•Expand a follow up for 9th gradegirls school year mentoring•Establish a 2nd Summer Institutefor 9th grader girls-full days CSMTE