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  • Tools for Citizen engagement, social inclusion, empowerment. Parapolis - how citizen participation regarding urban development can be enhanced with new media. It elaborates how ideas from citizens concerning their local neighborhoods can be collected and later transformed into visual representations. Medearesearchers also explores how new media services in combination with social innovation can enhance groups of citizens everyday activities, making them into a resource for the public sphere and surrounding community (and in the long run possibly establishing and increasing business opportunities for them as a commercial cooperative).
  • This lab focuses on new ways to produce, promote, distribute and finance cultural productions as well as on ways to engage audiences in participating in professional creative processes. A particular emphasis is put on questions related to how place and time-specific media can enhance both events and more persistent media objects such as books, music albums, art works etc.
  • An online twitter poem by Pär Thörn – and Interaction design master students. They explored digital flows and wrote software and code that made queries for sentences starting with “I am”.
  • Most research on IoT concerns the technological infrastructure. Thus, the human users are to a large extent excluded. However, most products and services based on IoTwill include human users in the loop, in some way or other. Moreover, it is what the users need and want that decides what products and services become successful. Thus, IoT is not (only) about the infrastructure, it is even more about the applications, and the applications are about people.We argue that in order to develop successful products and services that are meaningful and useful, the perspective of the users must be integrated in the studies of IoT.
  • Connectivity Lab is an experimental prototype arena where skills, tech and researchers & students meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices. The lab uses virtual/physical prototyping as a method to test and develop new formats, services and products, thereby creating a more efficient and productive collaboration between research resources and the professional and creative industries, start-ups, experts, companies and organizations.
  • Funding: about 5M USD each from KK-foundation, MAH and the companies during 7 yearsSome are big, some are small, some are local, some are global
  • Presentation medea 2013

    1. 1. THE BIG THING Teenagers 50 sms per day 6 billion mobile phones 53% suffers from phobia of losing a mobile phone 330 billion dollar is used by the youth on their mobile phones - 8 times more than what they spend on music 10% of youth are texting while they have sex 1/3 of the young women check their facebook status before they go out of bed 20% of time spent with an Ipad is in bed 22.30 BBC Iplay peak viewing | | |
    2. 2. | | |
    3. 3. A Research Centre for Digital Media An Eco System for growth & innovation Collaborative The City of Malmö Mobile Heights – ICT Cluster Media Evolution – Media Cluster Some of Europes Largest ICT companies Design Led Over 340 Digital Media Companies The Region of Skåne IKS collaboration Fp7 Research Film & TV Production Research Triple Helix Coopertion Digital Media – regional strategy Innovation Strategies Incubators A broad international network IKS University | | |
    4. 4. Research for Digital Media and: Sustainability Internet of Things | | |
    5. 5. | | |
    6. 6. CULTURE | | |
    7. 7. I am - digitization of literature & new narrative forms | | |
    8. 8. INTERNET OF THINGS 50 billion devices connected to the Internet 2020 (Cisco & Ericsson) objects in our environment will be able to:  recognize events and changes in their surroundings  collect and share information  make decisions and act autonomously “The Internet of Things has the potential to change the world, just as the Internet did. Maybe even more so.” Kevin | | |
    9. 9. ARDUINO • A (the) prototyping platform for Internet of Things applications • Hardware – Open source board • Software – GPL IDE, LGPL libraries • Documentation - Creative Commons • Easy to | | |
    10. 10. Rapid prototyping and validation of research | | |
    11. 11. | | |
    12. 12. Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings • Idea: Ecosystem of services for mobile devices – Basic generic services, e.g., read status, control – Advanced services, e.g., predictions, suggestions, various levels of automation – Open general API • Deliverables – Open platform for energy efficiency services – Services implemented and evaluated at two test sites: • Apartment building (tenants) • School (caretakers) | | |
    13. 13. | | |
    14. 14. CONNECTIVITY | | |
    15. 15. INDUSTRIAL | | |
    16. 16. THE NEXT BIG THING ? | | |
    17. 17. OPEN DATA EU uppskattar att det samlade direkta och indirekta ekonomiska värdet av vidareutnyttjandet av Public Sector Data inom EU:s 27 medlemsländer uppgår till 140 miljarder euro per år. Sveriges andel kan uppskattas till ungefär 10 miljarder kronor per år baserat på landets andel av EU:s | | |
    18. 18. LETs BE CREATIVE! | | |