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Satellite Internet Providers


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Exede Internet leader in rural internet options for rural areas.

Finally, high speed Internet service no matter where you live.
Call Today: (866) 997-5757

Whether in the city, the suburbs or in a more rural area, you shouldn’t have to endure slow Internet service. Exede satellite internet gives you the freedom to be online at the speed that today’s websites demand. All of our Exede internet plans have the same super fast speeds — you just pick the data package for your online lifestyle.

Exede Internet, America’s best satellite internet provider for rural areas.

Call Today : (877) 300-9976

Affordable, high speed Internet delivered to your home by the latest satellite internet technology. That’s Exede Internet.

People in rural and remote areas have had to rely on dial up Internet service for years. Even wireless internet services are not available in these areas. With the coming of satellite internet, rural and remote areas will have access to wireless broadband internet services even without fiber optics or landline connections.

Satellite internet is a technology that uses high speed to transmit data giving users a faster rural internet connection than dial up connection. Satellite internet does not work through cable systems or telephone lines, but instead uses satellite dish for two way communication that is to upload and download data. Download speed is 4 times the speed of upload making satellite internet 500 times faster when compared to dial-up connection.

Satellite internet services uses geo stationary satellites to transmit and receive data. Affordable rural satellite internet service is available to virtually everyone and everyone enjoys the same speed and ability to access the system.

Setup and working
A satellite rural Internet setup consists of a dish, a modem (for upload and download) and coaxial cables for connecting the components.

Rural internet service in the following states:

Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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Satellite Internet Providers

  1. 1. Satellite Internet - Exede Internet <br>Order Today Free Installation* (866) 997-5757 <br>
  2. 2. Satellite Internet - Exede Internet <br>Order Today Free Installation* (866) 997-5757 <br>
  3. 3. Satellite Internet - Exede Internet <br>Order Today Free Installation* (866) 997-5757 <br>
  4. 4. Satellite Internet - Exede Internet <br>Order Today Free Installation* (866) 997-5757 <br>