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Wireguys - Network Cabling, PBX Maintenance and more.


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Wireguys is a leading supplier of communications and security products in the world. Wireguys provides Network cabling management and design for small to large scale cabling requirements. Wireguys team of certified voice and data cabling specialists offer best cabling infrastructure to ensure the quality, value and longevity of your product. They also provide a wide range of PBX maintenance services which includes extensive services and monitoring plans all across Canada.

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Wireguys - Network Cabling, PBX Maintenance and more.

  1. 1. Voice & Network Cabling Wireguys Inc.
  2. 2. Wire Guys determine your specific cabling requirements and install a network that will accelerate your business to top speed!
  3. 3. Networking cable design and management for small to large scale cable plants
  4. 4. Extensive services and monitoring plans for PBX systems across Canada
  5. 5. Cabling services from Wireguys Toronto provides guaranteed infrastructure installations. We perform network cabling, voice & data cabling in Canada and full project management including structured cabling designs, fiber optics installations and data network infrastructure installations. Who we are…
  6. 6. Along with network solutions Wireguys also provides high quality networking products like Gauge wire, high speed cable, fiber cable, LAN cable, fasteners, etc. Who we are…
  7. 7. Our Services  Network Cabling  Voice Cabling  Data Cabling  Network Wiring  Structured Cabling  Cable and Fiber Optic Installation
  8. 8. • Cable wiring management • Paging and speaker installation • Security camera installation • Troubleshooting and testing connections • Satellite installations Other Services  Telephone cabling and jack installations  Data cabling and jack installations  VoIP and Standard telephone system’s cable installations  Upgrading and expanding existing cable network
  9. 9.  Ensures that your PBX system is working at it’s highest potential.  One year warranty on most equipment installations and warranty will be put in place only after completing the installation.  24 hours fully managed technical support team. Maintenance Contract
  10. 10. Call us at: 1-888-818-1886 (Toll Free) 416-775-1096 (Local Number-Toronto) For more information, you can email us at Address: Wireguys Inc. 151 North Rivermede Rd. Vaughan, Ontario L4K0C4 Questions? Comments? Contact us today!
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  12. 12. Wireguys Inc Network cabling specialists in Canada