Chamber Social Media Speaker Barbara Rozgonyi


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The Chamber Speaker since 2004, Barbara Rozgonyi partners with Chambers to present motivational and educational social media marketing programs. In exchange for investing in the presentation, sponsors are invited to invest in promotional options that give them visibility and exposure via the wiredPRworks social networks. All presentations include Barbara Rozgonyi's original photography, the 3D business development process and the WIRED social media system - developed by Barbara Rozgonyi. For more information, contact Barbara Rozgonyi at 630.207.7530 or connect@corywestmedia . com.

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Chamber Social Media Speaker Barbara Rozgonyi

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Barbara Rozgonyi 3D Social Business Expert Social Media and Technology Reporter Social Media Marketing Superstars Author Small Business Owner since 1990 Top Social Media Marketing Speaker Consultant to Fortune 50 and Main Street Founder, Social Media Club Chicago Chamber Education Program Developer since 2004
  3. 3. Online marketing and PR expert, Barbara Rozgonyi, is a wealth of information, brilliant ideas, and resources for small and large companies alike. Marla Tabaka, inc.com
  4. 4. LinkedIn Author
  5. 5. Engage a Speaker Who Promotes Sponsors "Your presentation was so beneficial and I LOVE your style, Barbara.  You are great with our local audience; not too preachy but very informative!!  Even not being a business owner I took away so much!!  I work with business in other cities from my previous line of businesses so I will make sure to pass your name on!!  Thank you so much!!!" Erica Cervantes, Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Business Class, event sponsor for Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce
  6. 6. Exposure. Motivation. Visibility.  Exposure to decision makers who follow Barbara. a recognized industry analyst and social media leader  Motivate your audience with an inspring speaker who has a track record of national and local success stories  Improve brand visibility with event updates via twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+  Drive coverage and traffic to Chamber and sponsor[s] sites with optional PR coverage
  7. 7. 3D Business Development Program Scales from Lunch to Workshop  Digital coverage that puts you on your customer’s screens where they’ll be watching  Direct connections to consumers via SEO using the keywords you submit  Dynamic updates with an experience creative, technical and social media voice
  8. 8. Sponsor Investment Options Partner $5000 and up Connection $2500 Friend $1800 Discounted for Chambers and non-profits from corporate rates. Every month Barbara gives one community speech at no charge.
  9. 9. Sponsor Success Story Lombard Chamber & PPS  YouTube  Press Release  Flickr photos
  10. 10. Partner Level $5,000  Reach 500,000+ estimated  Content posted on  Press release on $80 level  Social media interactions  Video or radio interview  Program length: 3 hours or less
  11. 11. Connection Level $2,500  Reach 500,000+ estimated  Content posted on  Press release on $80 level  Social media interactions  Video or radio interview  Follow up 60 minute Q&A conference call  Program length: 90 minutes or less
  12. 12. Friend Level $1,800  Reach 200,000+ estimated  Event post on  Social media interactions  News release submitted to local press and online calendars  Images with sponsor and Barbara posted throughout the wiredprworks network  Chicago area only  Program length: 45 minutes or less
  13. 13. How to Invest in Better Results 1. Request a date: 2. Schedule a meeting planning session with Barbara 3. Enter payment information online 4. Get ready for results!!!
  14. 14. Speaker Credentials  Speaker Profile with Video Clip at  LinkedIn profile at  Social Media and Technology Correspondent Archives  YouTube
  15. 15. Passionate Motivator The Chamber Speaker Since 2004 Barbara Rozgonyi speaking on WIRED Branding at the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce. Time Warner Cable sponsored Barbara’s presentation. Event registrations raised enough funds to build a walking trail for children. What can we build together in your community?
  16. 16. Let’s Start Talking!  Barbara Rozgonyi  630.207.7530 mobile   @wiredprworks on 