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Preliminary Storyboard - R3WiND


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Preliminary Task - Gamble

Published in: Sports, Business
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Preliminary Storyboard - R3WiND

  1. 1. R3WiND MEDIA PRELIMINARY STORYBOARD<br />Shot reverse shot on Rahib and Manaz as they speak on the phone together<br />‘meet me in the social room’<br />A follow shot of Manaz walking into the room to meet Rahib<br />‘1 hour later’ - fade<br />Extreme close up of Manaz’s hand opening the door<br />Harsh pause in music as she walks in the room<br />Establishing shot as Manaz walks towards her seat<br />‘what do you want’<br />Blackout<br />Gunshot<br />And background music slowly fades in again<br />x2<br />Follow shot, she drops glove and walks off <br />END<br />Shot Reverse Shot<br />‘where&apos;s the money I gave you!?’<br />Shot Reverse Shot<br />‘its all about the money?’<br />