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Social Media Marketing Portfolio for Professionals, Advisors, and Business Owners


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A social media marketing portfolio for professionals, advisors, and business owners. Build a social media marketing system with a blog site as your "lead capture" hub and leverage your social profile channels for lead development and cultivation.

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Social Media Marketing Portfolio for Professionals, Advisors, and Business Owners

  1. 1. Wired AdvisorTM Social Media Marketing Portfolio WIRED ADVISOR BLOG SITE - Showcase knowledge, expertise, experience - Build new connections, affiliations, alliances Your Online Social Media “HUB” - Peer to peer network - Build professional credibility - Groups, Questions & Answers - Curate and share niche content - Generate professional introductions & referrals - Gather industry news & links LinkedIn - Professional Connections Twitter - Cultivate Prospects and Alliances -­‐Establish  credibility  and  build  authority   - Build a community of advocates - Create compelling videos and -­‐Showcase  knowledge,  insights,  personality - Create and curate compelling content screencasts - Enhance brand visibility -­‐Publish  and  auto-­‐share  content  to  social  sites - Engage and empower your community - Broadcast your message -­‐Develop  leads  in  your  target  markets - Word-of-mouth opportunity - Seed with Facebook Personal Page YouTube - Broadcast Video Content Facebook Business Page - Community of Advocates TRUSTED NETWORK Optimize Connections, Clients, Optimize Communities, Groups, Friends, Integrate Friends of Friends, Integrate Followers, Fans, Syndicate Subscribers, Syndicate Advocates, Strategic Monitor Partners, Monitor Manage Referral Sources Manage “Special Offer” CULTIVATE QUALIFIED LEADS Email marketing program, Events, Consultations, Roundtables, Organizations, Associations, Clubs, Conferences, Educational Seminars, Teleconferences Expand your influence, capture leads, and grow your business through a strategic social media marketing system ©2011 Wired Advisor LLC All Rights ReservedSunday, September 18, 2011