EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Middle East (2008)


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Reach more customers and Maximise your sales with an efective distribution strategy.


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EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Middle East (2008)

  1. 1. The Middle East’s only event for distribution, marketing and technology executives! Travel Distribution Middle East 2008 17th - 18th June 2008, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai REAch MORE cUSTOMERS AND MAxIMISE yOUR SAlES WITh AN EFFEcTIVE DISTRIBUTION STRATEGy • REACH NEW CUSTOMERS - HEAR FROM tHESE tOp by building your online presence and understanding tRAVEL cOMpAnIES your regional consumer behaviour • INCREASE YOUR SALES - open up new markets and identify profitable new opportunities • STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND - observe how the key players have grown so rapidly and how you can replicate their success • EXPAND YOUR INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE - by forming the right global distribution partnerships • MAXIMISE YOUR PROFITS - by selling the right product at the right price in your cheapest distribution channels • EXPLOIT YOUR E-COMMERCE POTENTIAL - by understanding how to develop a comprehensive online marketing and distribution strategy SEE INSIDE for full event details
  2. 2. To register call +44 (0) 207 375 7597 The event that shows you how to triumph online in the Middle East can you afford to miss out on the world’s fastest growing travel market? take part in this agenda-setting internationally ,and provide information to When you come to examine the event to discover how to cash in on new – and distant –markets. Conference Agenda, you’ll see our the Middle East’s travel boom – and This is your chance to examine events do away with classroom theory, fully exploit the profit potential. companies that have already expanded and concentrate instead on giving you internationally and successfully use online valuable insights into practical, proven The Middle Eastern travel industry is travel distribution solutions, plus the distribution to create a wealth of revenue set to see over $3.2 trillion worth of expert advice you need to succeed – and across the markets that only a few years investment within the next ten years. rise above the competition. ago would have been almost impossible Already the UAE has become the world’s to target. And because of our track record as premier luxury destination. And now other You’ll learn what works well – and what the world’s No. 1 provider of travel Middle Eastern destinations are queuing should be avoided at all costs. distribution events, we are able to attract to follow in its lucrative footsteps. a calibre of speakers that others can only However, whilst the opportunities are Exploiting Outbound & Domestic dream of. huge, the challenges and obstacles Demand: understand how to target Everything you learn will come directly should not be underestimated. and sell more to the growing Middle from industry leaders and major figures, In order to succeed, you need to first East travel market. assuring you of a treasure trove of solid master the skill of effectively targeting fact and expert insights that is simply not your potential customers – both globally Understand how the purchasing travel available from any other source. and regionally – and fully understand what consumer is changing, and how to adapt they want from you. to these developments. the knowledge, tools and cutting- Our expert speakers will also make edge market intelligence that will But that’s not all. sure you’re fully up-to-speed with the drive your business forward and You must also make the correct business importance of language based interfaces. teach you how to cash in on the decisions and identify the long-term coming wave of opportunity. partnerships that will ensure your You’ll discover why it’s so vital to develop business thrives in this highly competitive Arabic interfaces – and the pivotal role At the end of two fascinating – and and culturally diverse region. they can play in your future regional travel inspiring – days, you’ll leave Travel distribution campaigns. And again, you Distribution Middle East with: The good news for you and your will be able to meet and hear from the company, is that there is no longer any • A roadmap for action: A clear idea of companies that are already blazing a trail need to master the learning curve through steps you must start taking right away in this area, and learn what they plan to trial and error. Instead, high quality help is to ensure your business is destined to do next. at hand. prosper in this dynamic and lucrative An Agenda that is guaranteed to be region We invite you to join the 200+ top relevant to your current professional • Practical, in-depth knowledge: A full travel professionals who will be concerns, with important topics and understanding of how to design and attending the inaugural travel issues covered in details. implement effective distribution and Distribution Middle East event. marketing strategies that SELL Anyone can organise a conference on Quite simply, this is the meeting place for • Competitive analysis: Benchmarks that travel distribution. And many do. But everyone who is determined to profit from show you what leading travel players – unlike others, we understand your needs the region’s tourism explosion. online and offline – are achieving in the – and have the skill and experience to Middle East, and what you need to do to Organised by EyeforTravel, the industry’s produce an event that is refreshingly get amongst the leaders most renowned international information different. portal, this event gives you the vital • High quality contacts: This is a If you’ve attended our events before (we knowledge and market intelligence fantastic networking event, and you run successful conferences all around you need to enhance and update your are guaranteed to meet future partners the world), you know how carefully our business strategies for 2008 – and who will help take your business to the agendas are researched. We spend beyond: next level months talking to people in the travel industry, to ensure that the business- Exploiting Inbound Demand: We look forward to seeing critical issues that are uppermost in your How new distribution channels mind right now are examined in-depth, you in Dubai, 17th – 18th June can help you reach out to a global customer base. with cutting-edge, incisive analysis. 2008. put the dates in your the only Middle Eastern conference diary today! Poor and underdeveloped technology in to deliver real world experiences and some parts of the Middle East continues Reserve your place now to be a massive issue. That’s why solutions that you can apply to your own business: cut your distribution to ensure you are in the we’ll place strong emphasis on steps conference hall, and not left you can take to access and develop costs and increase revenues as soon as you’re back in the office! on the waiting list. already successful markets, reach out Book Early and Save US$400
  3. 3. Secure your place NOW and save as much as US$400 DAy 1 - June 17th 2008 Registration Direct vs Indirect Distribution and Sales The changing face of travel distribution in Cutting distribution costs whilst expanding your reach, the Middle East - Position your company for is a hugely important factor to the growth and strength maximum growth of your company. Find out how to create a cost effective multi channel strategy When examining the Middle Eastern Market, certain areas are obviously booming. However there are still many, • With the shift to online distribution and direct sales, what perhaps more subtle untapped opportunities existing effect will this have on the power of the GDS and what within the region. Find out how to identify and profitably impact will this have on operating costs? exploit them. • Examine how easy is it for suppliers to sell directly to the consumer and increase profits from doing so • With a $3.63 trillion leisure investment how can the growth of the Middle Eastern travel industry be expected to develop • Identify and eliminate unproductive online distribution costs over the next 10 years? • A shift to direct online bookings is inevitable, but when • Evaluate the booming success of the corporate market, how will this happen and how can you ensure your product can this success be applied to the leisure market and see is positioned to benefit from this change in consumer distribution improved? behaviour? • New hotel companies are increasing revenues by up to • How will current travel relationships between suppliers, GDSs 25% yearly. Identify potential growth opportunities within and wholesalers change, with the introduction and shift to the Middle Eastern online travel market and look at how greater online business? Who will benefit the most? maintaining supply and demand is achievable in the • Understand how to build trust in a market where most near future consumers want a ticket in their hands by encouraging the • With Dubai flourishing and Abu Dhabi looking to double its market to spend online visitor numbers from 1.3m to 3m in 9 years, in coming years Sathis Aravinda, e-Distribution Manager, Rotana Hotels Suites and Resorts • Will technological advancements change the buying method Nanda Kumar Pillai, Distribution Manager, Eithad Airways of Middle Eastern consumers and how will this affect the Camille Olivere, Vice President for Global E-commerce Channel future travel trade? Distribution but still part of, Travelport Bob Gilbert, President and CEO, HSMAI Coffee Break Richard Lewis, President, Jebel Ali International Hotels Clement Wong, Travel and Toursim Manager EMEA, Identify and overcome the challenges Euromonitor of E-commerce Coffee Break So you have identified the challenges of E-commerce! Now hear the techniques that you can implement to Evaluating and examining Middle Eastern overcome them and grow your brand online consumer behaviour • Evaluate the importance of an Arabic booking interface, and As with all regions, varying levels of technology and its role in growing online booking numbers consumer comfort effect the online travel industry. • Find out how to deal with a multilingual market. Does To what extent is this the case across the M.E? translation software increase efficiency as well as lower costs? • Explore exactly how many Middle Eastern consumers are • Examine the available online payment partners and how the buying online. With an estimated 2% of travel bookings current technology can benefit you coming from the internet, what obstacles are preventing people from booking online and how can these be • How developed is the current financial infrastructure in the overcome? Middle East for dealing with e-commerce transactions? • As companies like Gulf Air start to move towards 100% • Discover the online security measures that are in place to online sales, understand how the consumer can be captured ease the mind of the consumer and conditioned to book online • Explore portals and interfaces, and how the importance of • Examine the current wealth and income trends. How are they familiarisation encourages and establishes online use likely to evolve? • Understand web search technology and how it will affect and increase direct sales if used correctly • How important is online trust and loyalty to the Middle Eastern consumer? • Look at how inventory technology can change the Walter La Faro, Director of Market Management, Expedia productivity of your company as well as increase distribution Duncan Bramwell, VP of Sales, Distribution and E-commerce, Haroon Abdullah, Managing Director, Travelmart Revenue-Performance Andrew Pozniak, Director E-commerce, Google Lunch Networking party call TODAy on +44 (0) 207 375 7597
  4. 4. contact us for details on Group Bookings DAy 2 - June 18th 2008 Offline Vs Online Marketing and Sales hotel distribution - reach your customers and maximise profits With the majority of sales coming from offline channels, moving into the online space successfully is not easy. The hotel sector is growing so rapidly within Dubai Some companies will flourish while others will fail – hear alone that it will only be a matter of time before other how you can become one of the winners. Middle Eastern regions will be able to harness the same • Examine the importance of a clear brand strategy to increase opportunities consumer awareness • With 30,000 hotel rooms expected in Dubai alone, will future • Identify the most efficient marketing channels, increase supply exceed current demand? How do businesses plan on loyalty and build product awareness. reaching consumers as well as maximising profits? • Hear the importance of balancing GDS, online and 3rd party • Drive the consumer online, will offline sales become a thing sales channels to maximise profitability of the past? • In a global market place dominated by brands such as Hilton • Discover the marketing tactics that are working and learn and Mariott, how do you position your hotel to increase how your business can profit from them direct sales and maximise revenue? • Ensure your offline strategies are complementing your online • How can small and medium size hotels create and maintain marketing campaigns a strong web presence with such fierce competition from the • What simple steps are guaranteed to tempt your existing larger chains? customers to book online? • With rapid growth in Middle Eastern hotels, what distribution • Which marketing channels are the most cost effective yet still channels will be essential for the continued success of offer the greatest coverage? this sector? • Discover how to market and display your travel experience • How can hotels manage price across all channels and how within the e-travel space can they be overcome? Michael Marshal, Corporate Vice President, Ananya Narayan, Senior Vice President Global Strategy, Rotana Hotels and Resorts Preferred Hotel Group Kristie Goshow, Group Director E-business, Romain Saada, Director of Revenue Management, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts Shangri La Hotels and Resorts Coffee Break End of conference Airline distribution - maximise distribution through all channels AMpLE nEtWORkInG OppORtunItIES Middle Eastern airlines are part of what is seen as a boom End your information-packed first day at our within its own sector. Is this growth sustainable and how is nEtWORkInG pARty. All attendees, speakers and Airline E-commerce driving online consumer behaviour. exhibitors are invited to attend. It is the ideal place to catch up with old friends, make valuable new contacts • Discover the distribution tactics that will boost In and and chat with experts. Outbound passenger numbers • Major businesses like Emirates are rapidly growing, and have boomed over the last15 years- Investigate what drives their development • With the Middle East spending more on new planes, for example Emirates alone purchasing 55 A380’s, will the industry create enough business over the next few years to warrant a gross outlay of such substantial amounts? In addition, our OnLInE cOntAct cEntRE will • Are low cost airlines reshaping the market and what effect do allow you to organise meetings in advance and touch they have on the larger companies? What opportunities have base with those crucial contacts and will remain open risen from this? for two weeks following the event enabling you to make the most of your limited time. • How can airlines encourage their customers to go direct to their websites yet still ensure a profitable working partnership with intermediaries? Dr Israel Borovich, Chairman of the board, EL AL Airlines Peter Pohlschmidt, Manager of E-commerce, Qatar Airways AK Nizar, Head of Commercial, Air Arabia Lunch Or register ONlINE: www.eyefortravel.com/tdme
  5. 5. Fax this page back NOW to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 Early ount B ird Disc SAVE Travel Distribution $400 Middle East 2008 d before if booke pril 11t hA 17th - 18th June 2008, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai 5 EASy WAyS tO REGIStER FOR tHE cOnFEREncE pHOnE: Call Paul Lane on +44 (0) 207 375 7597 WEB: www.eyefortravel.com/tdme FAx: This form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 * MAIL: EyeforTravel Conference Booking, Customer Services, 7-9 Fashion Street, EMAIL: rob@eyefortravel.com London, E1 6PX, UK 1. SELEct yOuR tIckEt OptIOnS 3. pAyMEnt Please tick the package price box you require below: Super Early Bird Early Bird Rate Full Price If you wish to be invoiced please leave this (Register by (Register by section blank and submit your request. 11th April) 16th May) Card Type: Amex Visa Mastercard GOLD Includes: US $1200 US $1400 US $1600 Name on card: • Full conference pass • CD-rom of conference presentations and audio Card Number: Expiry Date: SILVER Includes: US $900 US $1100 US $1300 • Full conference pass Security Code: (The card security code is a unique three or four-digit number printed on your debit/credit card. The number is not embossed on SAVE SAVE the card so that it cannot be printed on receipts - making it difficult $400 $200 for anyone other than the genuine cardholder to know it.) 2. ADD yOuR cOntAct DEtAILS Date and Venue 17-18 June 2008, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: Hotel Discounts Last Name: We have arranged hotel discounts at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Prices start at 1000 AED for a single Job Title: and 1100 AED for a double). Once you register we will send you full prices and information. Company: Email: Terms & Conditions All conference places are fully transferable without Telephone: any charge.Cancellations received before 5pm (GMT) time on 16th May 2008 will not incur a penalty (credit Address: card registrations are subject to a 5% administration fee). If written confirmation of a cancellation is not Postcode: received before 16th May 2008, we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note - you must inform City: State / Province: the conference desk in writing of any cancellations on: customerservices@firstconf.com The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the program Country: without notice. Register now at www.eyefortravel.com/tdme
  6. 6. Register online now and save US$400! Early ount B ird Disc SAVE Travel Distribution $400 Middle East 2008 d before if booke pril 11t hA 17th - 18th June 2008, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai 5 REASOnS tO AttEnD HEAR FROM tHESE tOp InDuStRy ExpERtS 1 Focusing on the issues that are important to YOU: We’ve spent the last few months speaking and listening to Bob Gilbert, President and CEO, HSMAI what it is that you want and need to hear to stay ahead of your Walter La Faro, Director of Market Management, competitors in the Middle Eastern travel market. As a result Expedia we know that our conference agenda is not just relevant and Duncan Bramwell, VP of Sales, Distribution and insightful but essential to your distribution, marketing and E-commerce, Revenue-performance pricing needs. 2 Sathis Aravinda, e-Distribution Manager, Networking: Rotana Hotels Suites and Resorts The Middle Eastern Travel Distribution Conference provides Nanda Kumar Pillai, Distribution Manager, you with the perfect opportunity to network and meet with your Eithad Airways industry peers who are facing the same complex challenges as you. It is the ideal place to establish, cement and renew Camille Olivere, Vice President for Global partnerships that are essential to the success of your business. E-commerce Channel Distribution but still Furthermore, the exhibition allows you to meet with leading part of, travel port providers of cutting-edge travel products and solutions, saving Haroon Abdullah, Managing Director, you both time and money. travelmart 3 High Quality Speakers: Andrew Pozniak, Director E-commerce, Google This event brings together over 25 experts in travel distribution Michael Marshal, Corporate Vice President, from the most influential Middle Eastern and international travel Rotana Hotels and Resorts companies. These dynamic speakers will share their wealth Kristie Goshow, Group Director E-business, of experience, knowledge and expert predictions with you, to Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts ensure that you profit from their vision and take away essential best practise. Dr Israel Borovich, Chairman, 4 EL AL Airlines Interactive Discussions: Peter Pohlschmidt, Manager of E-commerce, Have your say and get your essential questions answered Qatar Airways with in-depth panel debates and interactive Q and A sessions. Ananya Narayan, Senior Vice President Global This is your chance to learn from and talk to the experts in the Strategy, preferred Hotel Group industry. Take away business-critical advice on how to push your company forward in 2008 and expert predictions on the future Romain Saada, Director of Revenue market place. Management, Shangri La Hotels and Resorts 5 Richard Lewis, President, Group Discounts: Jebel Ali International Hotels Come along to the Conference with your team and make substantial savings on your ticket price. Not only will you receive Clement Wong, Travel and Tourism Manager an expert briefing, but your team will also be able to take away EMEA, Euromonitor real-life approaches that stretch right across your business. AK Nizar, Head of Commercial, Air Arabia 5 EASy WAyS tO REGIStER FOR tHE cOnFEREncE pHOnE: Call Paul Lane on +44 (0) 207 375 7597 WEB: www.eyefortravel.com/tdme FAx: This form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 * MAIL: EyeforTravel Conference Booking, Customer Services, 7-9 Fashion Street, EMAIL: rob@eyefortravel.com London, E1 6PX, UK Book Early and Save US$400!