EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies in Travel 2008


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Use social media to enhance your brand,
increase sales & attract new customers



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EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies in Travel 2008

  1. 1. Tr SECURE YOUR PLACE TODAY Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an tin pe nu g 20 e al in 0 Social Media Strategies 8 in Travel Europe 2008 Conference & Exhibition • 14-15 October 2008, Munich Use social media to enhance your brand, increase sales & attract new customers Hear how to exploit & control the explosion in Benchmark your strategy against user-generated content and social networking these key industry experts GET REaL-wORLD aDVIcE on building a comprehensive Social Media strategy sarah Newman, steven taylor, Regional Vice INVESTIGaTE SOcIaL mEDIa maRkETING Senior Director International SPG, President, Commercial Director, EMEA, STRaTEGIES and establish what works for Starwood Hotels & Royal Caribbean Resorts Worldwide Cruises International your business FIND OuT whaT SOcIaL mEDIa cuSTOmERS REaLLy waNT and make sure they get it hEaR hOw TO uSE SOcIaL mEDIa to attract Michael simon, and retain online customers steven Greenway, Area Director, Central Europe, CCO, SkyEurope Marriott International PROTEcT yOuR BRaND ImaGE and build brand awareness – learn how to manage and monitor the effect of user-generated reviews DIScOVER hOw TO wORk wITh SOcIaL NETwORkING SITES now and in the future Martin Verdon-roe, Fredrik kinnunen, Head of Sales, Europe, Director of Direct Sales, TripAdvisor Sterling Airlines GET ahEaD ‘Ignore User-generated OF yOuR Content and Social Media cOmPETITORS - at your peril. cut the hype and This conference is a must!’ be the first to James Carmogy, Seaport (Attendee of Social Media in be where your Jan oetjen, MD, calum russell, lastminute.com Commercial Director, Travel USA’08) customers are Germany EasyHotel Ltd OPEN NOW TO VIEW THE FULL AGENDA & SPEAKER LIST
  2. 2. ‘The best conference I’ve ever attended. I’ve never walked away with so many action items and ideas for improvement of my site. I am excited about being part of the travel market during this time of incredible change’ Alex Orson, Hyatt Hotels (Social Media in Travel USA attendee 2008) The way we use the internet is changing. We work online, Identify the pitfalls… we make plans online, we even socialise and relax online. With this change, comes a whole host of new certainly social media and UGc are a powerful resource in the opportunities for travel marketers to innovate and sell right hands but aren’t they just too difficult to correctly manage? more travel. at this unbiased forum for discussion we won’t just highlight the opportunities, we will also examine how to avoid the pitfalls Europe’s dynamic, web savvy, travel consumers are no doubt which could save you €€€. talking about your product online. The challenge is how you can ensure you are a positive part of the online conversation Sell to a captive audience and enter into their purchasing cycle? the number of individuals using UGc and social media is let’s start with a few basic increasing at an exponential rate every day. travel is one of the ‘Only EyeforTravel assumptions. let’s most talked about topics online. Find out how user-generated events deliver such a huge assume you have content is playing an increasingly important role in the purchasing amount of quality information an online presence. cycle. Hear from the experts in monetising social media who will in such a short amount of time’ You probably have show you how to build trust, recognition and boost conversions! access to consumers David Meier, all over europe. and Interval International Generate brand awareness I’m sure you already use e-commerce and Is social media and UGc an opportunity or a threat e-marketing strategies. to your brand? Join the debate and find out how that’s a good start but you can go further. travel marketers you can use them to add value to your brand! need to move fast to stay ahead of their customers – to reach out and connect with them online. Manage customer expectations after all, these days it’s the consumer who determines your Hear practical advice on how to exploit the social networking company’s credibility – not a star rating or an ad and user-generated trends to engage your consumers via campaign. What your customers want to a personalized, interactive approach do is engage and interact. and if you ‘Four weeks of research want to interact with them and be accomplished in 2 days. Go home inspired! where your customers are, then you Fantastic overview of some need a comprehensive social of the key players in this space’ this is a forum for travel industry experts to create media strategy. cutting-edge marketing strategies to drive your Beckie Watson, business forward. It’s the perfect place to get fired However, this is easier said than done. Travelport up with enthusiasm and ideas to exploit the inherent the online travel industry is awash with (and largely untapped) opportunities present in the Web 2.0 initiatives, user-generated content dynamic european online travel marketplace. (UGc) and social networks. so if you’re going to implement an effective social media initiative, you need to know how to control Our inaugural Social Media Strategies in Travel conference it, manage it and exploit it to meet your needs. Not to mention the in San Francisco was a complete sell out so don’t delay – issue of getting company buy-in from your entire organisation to sign up today! support, implement and oversee it. The bottom line is: You need to make money from it. Twinned with the Online Marketing Create a clear strategy… Strategies in Travel conference! as the social media phenomenon is so new it is difficult to obtain Upgrade your online marketing tool kit! this event will be the market information you need to make an twinned with the online Marketing in travel conference as part informed decision as to what of eyefortravel’s annual sales & Marketing in travel europe strategy would benefit summit. top speakers will share real-world advice on key ‘This event was your company. We topics to revolutionize your online marketing strategy. topics right on target. it delivered bring together the include - Understand what really converts lookers to bookers information on a very important global innovators on your website, overcome the challenges of selling online to a topic at a critical time for in this field to pan-european audience, hear innovative ways to engage your the travel industry online. i can’t show you real life customers and maximise customer spend on your website. wait to attend next year’ examples and all conference passes include access to both simultaneous Ken Knecht, receive practical tracks so you are free to move between them and choose the Merinecarson advice as to what ideal sessions to suit your needs! For more information see works. www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope CUT THROUGH THE HYPE - TURN SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUR ADVANTAGE
  3. 3. Held as part of the annual Sales & Day One: Tuesday 14 October • 9am – 7.30pm OPEning KEynOtE sEssiOn - OVErViEw anD analysis - PlEnary CasE stuDy Evaluate which Web 2.0 initiatives will an insight into User-generated dramatically impact your business content metrics • Web 2.0 initiatives including user-generated content and social media What kind of metrics apply to user-generated content? are transforming the online travel space. From a macro and micro How can you measure what is being said about your brand? perspective, what impact will they have on your business? *More speakers to be announced* What opportunities do they present for your company? • How is consumer behaviour evolving in the diverse European PrEsEntatiOns anD PanEl marketplace? What critical marketing trends do you need How does User-generated content impact to embrace? the consumer purchasing decision? • With an ever increasingly crowded European online travel space how can you ensure you are spending your marketing budget According to recent studies up to 88% of TripAdvisor’s readers are effectively? Do Web 2.0 and social media initiatives boost your influenced by what they read. this site and other UGc sites are fast brand and drive sales? becoming an essential stop in the purchasing cycle. • Facebook has recorded a year-on-year growth of over 1600% and • To what extent does UGC impact the customers’ decision making has a worldwide client base of over 46 million. How can you leverage process to buy your product? the huge volumes of traffic that these mega social networking sites, • What do people actually look for in consumer generated content? like Facebook, Youtube or Myspace, attract? When do consumers seek it out in the buying cycle? • What role does social media play in the marketing mix? Can social • Understand why a user wants to share their travel experiences and networking sites really be monetised? create a website tailored to their needs • What are the limitations of social networking and user-generated • Hear real examples as to how UGC can positively and negatively content sites for the travel industry? Is your time and money better impact the decision to purchase spent elsewhere? • What user profile data of the reviewer is of use to the potential • Understand how to avoid common Web 2.0 pitfalls and misguided customer when deciding the relevance of a review? investments • Analysis has shown user-generated reviews to be mostly positive in steven taylor, Senior Director International, SPG, the Uk/Us – does this vary across the different european countries? Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide What role do cultural attitudes play? sarah Newman, Regional Vice President, Commercial Director, • User-generated content sites, like TripAdvisor, are now moving into EMEA, Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises social networking. Will other travel-specific UGc sites follow suit? Friedrich von scanzoni, Head of Business Development, Holidaycheck ExtEndEd CoffEE BrEak – SpEEd nEtworking Feargal Mooney, CEO, Boo.com PrEsEntatiOns anD PanEl PrEsEntatiOns anD PanEl Defining your social media & User-generated social Media & CRM – increase customer Content (UgC) strategy loyalty through open dialogue with Developing your own social media and User-Generated content strategy can be mind boggling. a false move could cost your business your customer dearly. analyse what options are available and which will add value to opening up the communication channels with your customer requires your business. careful management. Understand how to actively encourage positive • What types of companies are suited to user-generated content feedback, manage negative feedback, develop a community, gain (UGc) and social media initiatives? insight into the consumer experience and foster loyalty. • How can UGC help you differentiate your services and de- • How can UGC help you create a dialogue with your customers and commoditize your product? should you partner with UGc sites? provide you with a platform for communication? Do they really increase conversions? • How do you safeguard yourself against customer backlash? • From user reviews to photo sharing – which forms of UGC would • What do users get back in return for being part of an online add the most value to your brand/website? community? • A recent Jupiter survey revealed that 69% of consumers don’t trust • What are the dangers of compensating users for submitting reviews? social media sites - can positioning a site with social networking as a • Learn how to increase customer loyalty by giving your customers the key component alienate audiences? opportunity to influence your site • What is the relevance of generic social communities to travel-based • How do you actively grow your community whilst still maintaining organizations? Have travel-based applications on such sites an inspirational quality? been successful? • Is there any difference between an acquisition and retention UGC • Initiating a new social media strategy requires the support from your strategy? If not why? entire company – how do you get ‘buy-in’ from all departments in • Over 17,463+ people petitioned on Facebook when BA introduced your company and secure the necessary resources? Who should a ban on surf boards - How can you use social media & user- be responsible for a company’s social media strategy? generated content as a means to gain insight into consumer wants, • What technology is essential for an effective social media & UGC site? needs and desires? Martin Verdon-roe, Head of Sales, Europe, TripAdvisor pete Ward & Jerome touze, Co-Founders, WAYN Fredrik kinnunen, Director of Direct Sales, Sterling Airlines *More speakers to be announced* LunCh BrEak 17.30 EvEning drinkS rECEption 2 conferences for the price of 1! See www.eyefortravel.com/s
  4. 4. Marketing in Travel Europe Summit Day Two: Wednesday 15 October • 9am – 5pm KEynOtE PlEnary sEssiOn - PanEl DEBatE Understand How to Build a successful The Future of Meta search CEO Online Community Panel Debate • Hear insight from one of the world’s leading media companies as to How are meta-search sites evolving? What search features will how to build a successful online community become more popular? Will meta-search based on price alone • Understand how to develop and manage existing and new social web diminish? What role do they play in the purchasing cycle? Will they strategies and experiences keep the ppc model? Will they provide better qualified traffic? Will user reviews and social media also be incorporated? so many Meg pickard, Head of Communities & User Experience, questions remain unanswered – join the debate to find out more! Guardian Unlimited Beatrice tarka, CEO, Mobissimo PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl ole stouby, CEO, Travelmarket How Can social Media Provide you With Yen lee, CEO, UpTake Valuable, Distinctive, Quality Content? claus Weber, Senior Partner, Kinkaa.de According to Datamonitor, in just three years time 70% of online content KEynOtE PlEnary sEssiOn will be user-generated. the choice of content for your website dramatically impacts the consumer purchasing decision process. learn what role Understand how to make your brand social media and user-generated content adds value to your site. sticky in an ever increasingly • Consumers are increasingly demanding content-rich information. How competitive online environment can you employ social media to cater to their needs? How do you ensure the content on your site is relevant to your consumer target group? Brand identity has never been so important. analyse which european travel brands are successful and why. Hear innovative • Is a wide variety of content really necessary? The issue of relevance techniques to improve brand awareness without blowing your is key - what content do customers find necessary and what can you budget. do without? • How can you develop a successful brand in a multi-lingual Pan • How can you link the various social media mediums together, such as european environment? videos, podcasts and blogs? • What techniques can you use to create customer loyalty, • See how social media sites, like YouTube, can provide your travel stickiness and brand affiliation? company with unique, rich-media content. • What impact does user-generated content have on travel • Is video media the key trend for the future? What impact could video brands? Who has lost brand value due to UGc? What can you content have on your brand? learn from their mistakes? • Should you spend money sourcing your own content or let your • With over 30 Ryanair hate groups on Facebook, how damaging customers create your content instead? How do you maintain the are social networking sites to your brand? quality of user-generated content? • Do you need to develop a brand defensive strategy to protect • How are technological developments enhancing the ease of and monitor your brand in the online space? content sharing? • What strategies enable you to maintain and build your brand thomas reiter, Country Manager, Opodo Germany image on social media sites? can social media help you de- Marc ruff, CEO, TVTrip commoditize and personalize you brand? adam Healey, CEO, VibeAgent calum russell, Commercial Director, EasyHotel Ltd. Malte siewert, MD, Trivago *More speakers to be announced* ExtEndEd CoffEE BrEak PRODUCT BOx PlEnary sEssiOn – PrEsEntatiOns anD PanEl With so many new online start-ups entering the european travel Driving quality traffic to your site - market eyefortravel’s product box is a pressure-free, quick fire can social media and UgC save you money? way to find which would add value to your business. to enter your • Develop a search engine marketing strategy that not only balances paid business email gina@eyefortravel.com and unpaid search, but also considers social search engine marketing as a distinct area 17.00 End of ConfErEnCE • Learn how to ensure your site’s Web 2.0 features drive customers to exactly what they are looking for • Get advice on aligning your search strategy with user-generated reviews “i was extremely impressed • Should you do social search marketing in-house? Are tools, with the wide variety of companies, like Google adwords or technorati, up to the job? each sharing their experiences, business • As travel search marketers become more effective in paid search, models and opinions on other major online social media, and related online marketing, how does this affect players. The topics were very relevant concepts such as seasonality and the long tail? and the speakers were informative, tamarah khatib, Head of Global Marketing, Silverjet quick, witty and very informative” Yen lee, Co-Founder & President, Uptake Rita Schiesser, Google Inc colin lewis, Head of Marketing, Aer Arann LunCh BrEak smeurope for the complete 2 conference track agenda
  5. 5. Tr Call Sinead now on +44 (0)207 375 7228 Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an ti pe nu ng 20 e al Social Media Strategies Early Bird D iscou in 0 SAVE €200nt in Travel Europe 2008 ! 8 if you reg before 4th ister July 2008 Conference & Exhibition • 14-15 October 2008, Munich See what the delegates REGISTER NOW! of our inaugural Social 5 Ways TO REgisTER DisCOunts: Media conference in • Email: gina@eyefortravel.com We will need your full contact details Early Bird offers could save you €200! For group discounts please call Sinead Mallon on +44 (0)207 the US had to say... to process your registration 375 7228 or email gina@eyefortravel.com • OnlinE: Go to www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope and submit your details for instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the HOw tO Pay: “As a general manager of a hotel, Credit Card: Complete and return this form secure site or request an invoice. the program identified many with your credit card details • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, opportunities to explore. The 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom Invoice: Complete and return this form clear message is; ignore UGC and you will receive an invoice • Fax: Back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 and Social Media at your peril. Check/Draft: Payable to First Conferences Ltd. This conference is a must!” • Call: The booking hotline on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 James Carmogy, Seaport DatEs anD VEnuE: Super early bird early bird Normal price Conference: Tuesday 14th October - (Before Friday (Before Friday (From Saturday Wednesday 15th October “A wonderful event that 4th July) 5th September) 6th September) Venue: Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel specifically addressed Social GOLD aCCOmmODatiOn: Media in the travel industry. We have arranged a discounted room rate at the • Full access to the 2 day The networking was fantastic conference Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel. Reservation as were the presentations” • An audio CD of the conference details will be sent to you when you register. proceedings €1795 €1895 €1995 Christine Farina, The Walt Disney Company Save €200! Save €100! It is recommended that you book early to take • A Strategic analysis of the European Online Travel Market advantage of this offer, especially as our room report block will fill up fast during this busy time in “It is always good to take a step Munich. back from our own business and SILVER CanCEllatiOns: look at the bigger picture. That’s • Full access to the 2 day All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. exactly what EyeforTravel events conference €1395 €1495 €1595 There will be no penalty for cancellations received before • An audio CD of the conference Friday 11th September 2008 (Credit card registrations are do! Very refreshing!” Save €200! Save €100! subject to a 5% cancellation fee) If written confirmation of proceedings Sarah Drake, Priceline.com a cancellation is not received before Friday 11th September 2008 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. Please note, you must inform the conference desk in writing BRONZE of any cancellations: please email customerservices@firstconf. • Full access to the 2 day €995 €1195 com. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the €1095 Twinned with the Online conference Save €200! Save €100! program without notice. Marketing Strategies in Travel conference! Yes!! Please register me for Social Media Strategies for Travel Europe 2008 (part of the Sales & Marketing in Travel Europe Summit) Block letters please Upgrade your online marketing tool kit! This event will be twinned with the Online Marketing in Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: Travel conference as part of EyeforTravel’s annual Company: Position/Title: Sales & Marketing in Travel Europe Summit. Top Telephone: Fax: speakers will share real-world advice on key topics to revolutionize your online marketing strategy. Email: Topics include - Understand what really converts Address: lookers to bookers on your website, overcome the challenges of selling online to a Pan-European Postcode: audience, hear innovative ways to engage your Country: customers and maximise customer spend on your website. Payment: All conference passes include access to both I enclose a check/draft for: €_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) simultaneous tracks so you are free to move between them and choose the ideal sessions to Please invoice my company: €_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ suit your needs! For more information see Please charge my credit card: €________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: Whether your interest lies in Social Media, or updating your traditional online marketing strategy Name on card: Signature: - or both - the 2 day Summit will provide you with NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt the key information, case studies and contacts you © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. need to revolutionize your online business strategy! www.firstconf.com/firstconf/legal_notice.html This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Register online at www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope
  6. 6. Tr 2 conferences for the price of 1! Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an tin pe nu g 20 e al in 0 Social Media Strategies 8 in Travel Europe 2008 Conference & Exhibition • 14-15 October 2008, Munich get real-world advice from those who have Learn from these major travel succeeded. Make the essential contacts you companies, social media sites need to harness the power of social media and industry gurus Social Media Strategies in Travel is the first travel-specific conference to give practical steven Greenway, CCO, SkyEurope advice on exploiting the social media phenomenon. You will have the opportunity to meet steven taylor, Senior Director International SPG, a unique cross-section of the industry – all with one common interest – the application of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide social networking and user-generated content in travel. This conference will attract the true calum russell, Commercial Director, EasyHotel Ltd innovators in online travel from across Europe - And to ensure that you get to meet them all we have built ample networking opportunities into this event. andreas Westerburg, Corporate Sales Officer, NH Hotels ONLINE CONTACT CENTRE COFFEE AND LUNCH pete Ward & Jerome touze, Co-Founders, WAYN Organize meetings in advance and touch The backbone of your networking, you will sarah Newman, Regional Vice President, base with those crucial contacts through be able to cement new relationships and Commercial Director, EMEA, Royal Caribbean our online networking centre. This online discuss future Cruises International system will be up and running before the business Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel event so you can make initial contact and opportunities Meg pickard, Head of Communities & User Experience, after the event to catch-up with the people during two Guardian Unlimited you missed. lunches and colin lewis, Head of Marketing, Aer Arann four coffee NETWORKING RECEPTION breaks. Jan oetjen, MD, lastminute.com Germany Tuesday 14th October, 5.30pm - 7.30pm Michael simon, Area Director, Central Europe, We know that you want to meet your fellow Marriott International attendees in a social environment - which is adam Healey, CEO, VibeAgent why our networking receptions are always “The range of speakers andy owen-Jones, MD, UK, Traveltainment such a great success! Being held in the exhibition hall, this informal environment and their knowledge and passion Malte siewert, MD, Trivago is the perfect for the topic was extemely inspiring. simon lilley, Director of Marketing, FlyBe opportunity I came away with a list of ideas to share Fredrik kinnunen, Director of Direct Sales, for you to see with our marketing team. On a personal Sterling Airlines the products level I am very excited about being tamarah khatib, Head of Global Online on offer, meet part of the travel industry in such Marketing, Silverjet your fellow an exciting time” Yen lee, CEO, UpTake delegates and discuss the Charlotte Johnson, ole stouby, CEO, Travelmarket.com issues that have Tourism New Zealand Beatrice tarka, CEO, Mobissimo been raised. Gilbert reveillon, Professor of Tourism, University of Sorbonne 5 Easy Ways To Register enrique Nalda, Head of Travel, France, Google Martin Verdon-roe, Head of Sales, Europe, TripAdvisor EmAil: gina@eyefortravel.com Fredrik von scanzoni, Head of Business Development, FAx: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 (UK) HolidayCheck Marc ruff, CEO, TVTrip CAll: +44 (0) 207 375 7228 (UK) thomas reiter, Country Manager, Opodo Germany claus Weber, Senior Partner, Kinkaa.de OnlinE: www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope Neil Mason, Director of the Board, mAil: Registrations, EyeforTravel, Web Analytics Association 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK Hedwig Wassing, CEO, Euro Relais To Register Call Sinead Now on +44 (0)207 375 7228 (UK)