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EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2009


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Moving beyond creating brand awareness on social media sites: How to generate extra leads, turn interest into bookings and make money.

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EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2009

  1. 1. Get Practical Advice on Harnessing the Power of Social Media Register b ef January 16 ore to save $30 Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series 0! Social Media Strategies for Travel March 10-11, 2009, Hotel Nikko, san Francisco How Easily – and How Fast – Can You Monetize Your Social Media Projects? Moving beyond creating brand awareness on Don’t get left behind – Find out how these industry social media sites: How to generate extra leads… leaders are profiting from turn interest into bookings… and make money social media Create a social media strategy that leverages your marketing spend Learn how to measure and monetize your social media choices Discover how to profit from mega-sites like YouTube, Facebook, Bebo and Twitter Reach out to specific audiences on niche sites Align your search strategy with your social media campaigns Understand how the semantic web is going to impact your business Target business travelers through social networks Engage with the new generation through social Researched and Organized by: networks and mobile technology Open Now to view the Full Conference Agenda and Expert Speaker List
  2. 2. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO: Strengthen your brand Improve customer relations Drive traffic to your websites START GENERATING EXTRA REVENUE Learn from the travel trail-blazers who’ve discovered what you really want to know: How to monetize social media Social media. everyone’s talking about it. Together, they will share their up-to-the-moment, traffic? Generate buzz for a brand? Or for a Most of us are actively taking advantage of hands-on experience of how best to use social specific campaign? it to keep in touch with friends, family and media to: You’ll learn how to focus your social media business contacts. Barack Obama’s campaign • Generate leads initiatives in the places where paybacks are team has been everywhere online – YouTube, easiest to achieve. Should you, for instance, add • Drive traffic MySpace, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook – a social network to your site and build your own delivering a masterclass in turning Web 2.0 • Boost conversions community? Commit serious budget to your own opportunities to profitable advantage. But • Create new and additional sales. blog? Focus exclusively on travel-biased social what about the travel industry? Is social media? Or aim to become a big fish on the site of media a must-have element of your marketing one of the major players? We’ll walk you through strategy? Or is it more of a dispensable luxury the pros and cons of each option, giving you the at a time of economic crisis? “Only EyeforTravel events deliver such knowledge and know-how to make informed a huge amount of quality information in One thing is for certain: Social networks are here choices, and develop a social media plan that to stay. The top five sites’ 370 million users are such a short amount of time” delivers the result you’re seeking. increasing by the nano-second. And Hospitality David Meier, AVP, Product Development, Equally vital, you’ll find out what metrics apply to eBusiness Strategies reports that 38% of interval international your goals, and understand how to get them in American internet users – 72,000,000 people – place, to measure success. use a social media site at least once a month. All well and good. In other words, by attending this Conference “The best Conference I have ever But today’s savvy marketer is concerned with you’ll hear best practices from innovative travel the measurability and return on investment attended. I have never walked away with companies that have cracked the social media of campaigns. With budgets coming under so many items for action and ideas for nut and have real case studies, best practices increasing pressure, social media needs to be and analytics to discuss. improvement. It’s exciting to be part more than just a fascinating experiment: It must prove its worth. They will give you the mechanisms to generate of the travel market during this time of leads and in turn, generate positive ROI. They’ll incredible change” show you how to lay out clear objectives and Alex Orson, Manager e-Commerce, “A great summary of how social media proven metrics and reap the rewards of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts social media. affects travel professionals. Nice presentations from across the travel All of which is easier said than done! industry. Plus excellent case-studies!” When you come to scrutinize the Conference Agenda, you will see it reflects one clear truth Sophie Gonin, Marketing Manager, By the time the Conference draws to a close, about social media: Unlike other areas of the you will have a clear understanding of the role Web, social media is not just another channel for of social media within your overall marketing promoting your corporate content. People go to strategy. You’ll have your finger firmly on the pulse social media sites to share information with their of how social media is impacting the way people friends and contacts. They don’t come to hear Last year’s inaugural Social Media Strategies buy travel – and the facts and figures you need your standard marketing pitch. But equally, they for Travel USA Conference was a huge, sell-out to make a strong business case for investing in set great store by what their peers have to say success – and well ahead of the curve. Back then, social media, even during an economic crisis. about you. we were focused on the potential of social media This event isn’t just about sharing success All of which means the challenge for the travel to raise brand awareness. stories. It’s about the practicalities of industry is to decide how best to participate But now it’s all about making money. monetizing social media. It’s about avoiding in the social media space – and how to build pitfalls and overcoming problems. It’s about And that is why this year’s event – back by relationships. How can you, as a user, involve networking with your peers and discussing overwhelming demand – will focus beyond people with the travel experiences you have areas of common concern. It’s about simply establishing a presence and a platform for on offer? How can you share your professional invaluable insights and travel-specific case communication and boosting brand awareness. expertise to help people meet their personal studies that will profitably inform your own travel goals and ambitions? And what can you Instead, our speaker faculty, which includes social networking and user-generated content offer via social media that they won’t find through senior figures from TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, strategies in the months ahead. any other channel? Bebo, Priceline, Walt Disney World, LinkedIn, InterContinental Hotel Group, realTravel As the Conference Sessions unfold, you’ll be able to identify your social media objectives – and reserve your place today. STA Travel, Marriott International, TripIt and many others, is ready and waiting to give clarify how these fit into your overall marketing We look forward to seeing you in you a definitive how-to guide of social media strategy. Are you looking for increased website San Francisco 10 – 11 March 2009. monetization. Register Online Now at:
  3. 3. Start Profiting from the Social Media Revolution Now day One: Tuesday March 10, 9am – 5pm Chairman: John Burns, President, Hospitality SESSion 2: PrESEnTaTionS anD PanEl: JoinT PrESEnTaTion: Technology Consulting Profit from social Networking sites spotlight on the semantic SESSion 1: PrESEnTaTionS anD PanEl: such as Facebook, youTube, Bebo Web: How – and When – Will Case studies on social Media: and Twitter your Business be affected? How to Measure – and Monetize – The social media landscape is currently dominated by a glimpse into the next phase of the your Campaigns just a handful of mega-sites; for instance, MySpace was internet… will it be as important as social the destination for 76% of US social networking visits media? profit from the experiences of companies that have in 2008. In this session you will learn what the major used trial and error to discover what works best… • What is the semantic web? How does it players have to offer, in terms of creating a receptive – and what pays best work? and responsive – travel market. • Which social media strategies really drive revenue? • How does the semantic web structure • Should you concentrate on your own social networking • What data do you need to understand how well your content and give it a real meaning? community or should you partner with generic social social media strategy is working? • Find out how to use the semantic web to networking sites? • How can you use surveys, embedded tracking tags deliver even better results from your social • Which social networking sites are the best match for and social media monitoring tools to measure the media campaigns your brand and your online objectives? effectiveness of your social media initiatives? • Does the semantic web herald the next • What are the secrets of driving high calibre traffic from • Are your efforts generating ROI – or only brand phase of the internet? horizontal social networks to your own website? awareness? • How should you be preparing? • What is the cost of establishing a useful presence • Intercontinental Hotels use the number of room • What impact will the semantic web have on on sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter nights attributed to social media as their metric. What social media? and Bebo? should you measure? Are you misaligning your goals Yen lee, President, Uptake • What about photo and video-sharing sites like with your metrics? Flickr and YouTube – isn’t it even harder to make a ken leeder, CEO, RealTravel • How can you incorporate UGC, mapping and videos profitable impact? into your website design – and increase conversions? • Social networking page management: What are the KEynoTE PrESEnTaTion: • Hayes and Jarvis doubled conversions on their golden rules of communicating promotions, driving leverage Brand advocates website by integrating Tripadvisor reviews. How web traffic and generating qualified leads? And what easily can you create a one-stop-shop for your own should you avoid at all costs? in a World Where Consumers customers – and how profitable could this be? select Which Brands they • Should you concentrate only on the major players? Or • In tough economic times, how do you argue the value do emerging and start-up social networks offer value Choose to Engage With of social media over traditional, proven channels? too? How do various sites compare in terms of ROI? cassandra Jeyaram, PhD, Social Marketing Manager, Case Study: See how Walt Disney World is Who has critical mass so far as travel is concerned? InterContinental Hotels Group deploying separate social media ventures to • Which networks best enable you to target your drive sales richard Bonds, Executive Director, audience with streamlined demographic data? • How does Disney leverage brand Beatrice Tarka, CEO, Mobissimo kristen celko, VP Marketing, STA Travel advocates to convert new audiences? lisa Demoney, Director of Online Marketing, ashley randall, Senior Product Manager, TripAdvisor • What creative vehicles have been most Joie de Vivre Hospitality Mark charkin, VP Sales, Bebo successful? NetworkiNg Coffee Break NetworkiNg Coffee Break • How is each campaign measured? KEynoTE PrESEnTaTion: PrESEnTaTion: • What influence will co-creation have on future marketing and sales initiatives? Who is Really Making Money from Combine search and social Media to Duncan Wardle, VP Global PR Integration & social Media – and How? Drive Traffic to your site Walt Disney World Public Relations, Benefit from listening to an renowned industry Search is probably your biggest online channel. This Disney Parks and Resorts speaker speaker from the fastest growing global session shows you how to realize the massive potential online travel agency of aligning your search strategy with user-generated reviews and social networks. PrESEnTaTion: • What constitutes a social media company? • What is the “right” revenue model for social media • What can you learn about search from UGC and How Can Traditionally Offline companies & which travel industry organizations social networking sites? Brands Take advantage of the will pay? • What can you do to ensure your social media choices social Media Revolution? • Why does TripAdvisor dominate the landscape? generate significant – and valuable – incremental Find out how lonely planet are transforming and why is there so little traction in travel-specific website traffic? a predominantly offline brand into a multi- social media companies? • Find out how the web is becoming more intelligent as media offering with a dynamic online social • Will the intersection of social media and long-tail we move into the new, semantic era. How can you use networking community economics ultimately render the brand obsolete? the semantic web to deliver even better results from your social media campaigns? • How are Lonely Planet inspiring and • Should an intermediary take the role as editor to enabling travelers to connect with the world combat the avalanche of information? Would it be • Carnival’s blog has attracted 3 million visits. Are you and each other, every day? paid for giving such value? doing everything possible to drive relevant traffic from blogs to your website – and increase your search • Find out how to combine authoritative • In the context of social media which theory rings engine rankings? content, community insights and the best true, “The Wisdom of crowds” or the “Madness of • How do blogs drive traffic from users who may not content from the web Crowds”? • Will the large OTAs continue to buy social media have found you via keywords? • How can you build a vibrant discussion companies? What are they actually buying? Traffic? • Podcasting News reports that the average American forum into a dynamic online community? Brand? User-Generated Content? watches at least two videos online every day. How can Matthew cashmore, Innovation Ecosystem photos and videos help your business climb higher in Manager, Lonely Planet Glenn Fogel, Managing Director Corporate the search engine rankings? Development and International, Priceline Scott McNeely, Director of Consumer & Affiliate Web, NetworkiNg driNks reCeptioN rouNdtaBle luNCh Break Viator Inc. For more information call Sinead on +44 (0) 207 375 7228
  4. 4. Target Specific Audiences Through uGC and Social Networks day Two: Wednesday March 11, 9am – 3pm KEynoTE PrESEnTaTion: JoinT PrESEnTaTion: SESSion 4: PrESEnTaTionS anD PanEl What Exactly is social Find out how Business Travelers Boost your Conversion Rates: Media… and Can it Help you are Using social Media and Online The importance of Niche sell Travel Online? Travel Tools Marketing Experiences, observations and predictions linkedIn is the largest online professional network in Hear from travel companies that are from one of the largest global online travel the world. TripIt powers the My Travel application on successfully advertising on niche social companies linkedIn, which is one of the first social travel tools media sites and learn from their most recent • Hear how Orbitz has used innovative targeted at business travelers. In this presentation you experiences techniques to acquire and retain will learn from these two companies how business • How many niche sites are out there for you customers online travellers are utilizing Web 2.0 services at work. to work with – and how do you select which • What role will social media play in the • Find out how business travelers can productively should be top of your hit list? future growth of online travel? use social travel services at work • Discover how advertising on niche and • Moving outside the dorm room - which • See how social content, advertising and destination blogs drive high quality leads to demographic actually uses social media? applications each offer different benefits for your website • Find out how to use mobile technology to business travelers • How can you use social media to reach reach out to your customers • Discuss the future of business travel, social media specific customer segments that are • How can you reward customers and and Web 2.0 with expert speakers, directly involved unavailable to you via traditional channels? create incentives for them to contribute in this movement • How do niche sites compare with generic content? lucian Beebe, Director Product Management, sites when it comes to conversions? Frank petito, SVP Corporate Development, LinkedIn • What are the most practical ways to exploit Orbitz Worldwide Gregg Brockway, Founder and CEO, TripIt nice social networking sites and blogs – and ensure you get motivational messages rouNdtaBle luNCh Break across to specific groups of potential SESSion 3: PrESEnTaTionS anD PanEl customers? social Media Marketing: Why a Holistic approach Pays Benefit from • Social networks are already an invaluable, permanent method of communication, Dividends Ample Networking especially for the young. So what should you be doing right now to tap into the future Southwest airlines is a heavy user of linkedIn. The company also has its on Opportunities demographic? blog “Nuts about Southwest” - which has • Can you ever be too niche? How targeted attracted 1 million visitors - plus they have a should your message be to get the best presence on major social networking sites, OnLIne COnTACT CenTer: Our online ROI? Faceboook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. system will be up and running before and “caribbean Jim” Hobbs, President/Founder, after the event so you can make initial • What can you learn from travel companies contact with the other delegates and catch- Scott Gatz, Founder & CEO, GayCities that have taken a holistic approach to up with the people you missed social media? PrESEnTaTion: • How can blogs, photo sharing and social neTWOrKInG reCePTIOn: Being held in network pages work together to leverage the exhibition hall on day one, this informal Maximize your Brand’s your own brand’s online presence? environment is the perfect opportunity for Exposure to the social • Should you single out one social network, you to see the products on offer, meet your Networking and Mobile such as Facebook, or do you need to fellow delegates and discuss the issues that generation work with all the major social networking have been raised sites simultaneously to get results? Today’s generation use both mobile and social COFFee AnD LUnCH: The backbone of networks as easily as they breathe. How can • Is it better to set separate goals for each your networking; you’ll be able to cement you cash in? portion of your social media campaign? or should you also take a holistic new relationships and discuss future • The year of the mobile has been predicted approach when it comes to setting business opportunities during our lunch and for years. How far away are we from full- targets? coffee breaks. scale adoption and the opportunity for the travel industry to participate? And will mobile • Should social media be built around one InFOrMAL ATMOSPHere AnD IDeAL only succeed post-recession? portion of the trip, such as the flight, or the whole travel experience? VenUe: This is an intimate conference so • Why is it so vital to develop a strategy if someone is there, who you would like that pairs up social networks with mobile • What is the right combination of trip- meet, you are guaranteed to find them and communications? planning tools, user-generated content exchange business cards. The Hotel Nikko • How can your company monetize mobile and blogs? Do you need to provide all of is conveniently located downtown, which technology right now? How fast – and how them to achieve maximum results? means that you are ideally placed for post- high – are revenues expected to grow? Jeff Hanson, Regional Director of Marketing conference meetings and experiencing all • What metrics can you usefully deploy for & eCommerce - Western Region, that San Francisco has to offer. your mobile advertising? Marriott International • Will a lack of a solid advertising network Jeremy Jameson, Corporate Strategist – hamper the growth of the mobile channel? Strategic Planning, Southwest Airlines • Geo-targeting and relevant local content: Juston parker, President, can they help you exploit mobile as a Parker Hospitality Group last-minute marketing tool that generates kevin Fliess, CEO, TravelMuse additional revenue? Speaker for this session to be announced, NetworkiNg Coffee Break check Secure Your Place Today at
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at Register b efo January 16 re to Social Media Strategies for Travel save $30 0! March 10-11, 2009, Hotel Nikko, san Francisco “Four weeks of research accomplished REGISTER NOW! in just two days! Fantastic overview of some of the key players in this space” 5 Ways TO REgisTER 5 Ways TO REgisTER Discounts: Early Bird offers could save you $300! EMail: We will need your full contact details to For group discounts please call Sinead Beckie Watson, VP New Business process your registration Mallon on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 or email Technology, travelport ONliNE: Go to and submit your details for instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the secure site or HoW to PAY: request an invoice. Credit Card: Complete and return Mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, London this form with your credit card details “I have never attended an EyeforTravel E1 6PX, United Kingdom Invoice: Complete and return this event before, but will definitely attend form and you will receive an invoice Fax: Back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 Check/Draft: Payable to First another. The speakers were well Call: The booking line on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 Conferences Ltd. versed and the topics diverse. A great DAtEs AnD VEnuE: event all round” Please tick the package price Register before Register before Register after Conference: Tuesday March 10 – box you require below: January 16, 2009 February 13, 2009 February 13, Wednesday March 11 Jay Jenkins, Product Manager, iHG 2009 Venue: Hotel Nikko, Mason St., San SAVE $300 SAVE $100 GOLD PASS Francisco Includes: • 2 Day Conference Pass AccoMoDAtion: We have arranged a discounted room “The best organized conference I have • North American Online Travel Report $2365 $2565 $2665 rate at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. • CD Rom of the conference ever attended. At EyeforTravel events proceedings (audio and Reservation details will be sent to you when you register. It is recommended you get a lot more than you expect” presentations) that you book early to take advantage of Amy Zhu, VP Business Development, this offer. Wentrip SILVer PASS cAncELLAtions: All conference places are fully transferable Includes: without any charge. There will be no penalty for • 2 Day Conference Pass $1495 $1695 $1795 cancellations received before Friday February • CD Rom of the conference 13, 2009. (Credit card registrations are subject proceedings (audio & presentations) to a 5% cancellation fee) If written confirmation “This event was right on target. of a cancellation is not received before Friday It delivered information on a very February 13, 2009 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. Please note, you must important topic at a critical time for BrOnze PASS inform the conference desk in writing of any Includes: $1295 $1495 $1595 cancellations: please email jessica@eyefortravel. the travel industry online. I can’t wait • 2 Day Conference Pass com. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. to attend next year” Ken Knecht, Interactive Media Specialist, Meringcarson Yes!! Please register me for Social Media Strategies for Travel Block lETTErS plEaSE Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: Buy a gold Pass and Company: Position/Title: get EyeforTravel’s Telephone: Fax: North american Online Email: Market Report... Address: This report will provide you with up to the Zip code: minute data and strategic analysis of the Country: US online travel market. Incorporating an overview of the market, as well Payment: as detailed sector analyses which I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) uncover trends of airlines, hotels and Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ intermediaries, plus an insight into leading companies, this report will Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard help you to strategically position your Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: company. Exploring historical data from 2002 and looking forward to 2010, this is Name on card: Signature: an essential source of market intelligence NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt that will enable you to define your online © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material strategy for 2009 and beyond. herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Call the Booking Line on +44 207 275 7228 to Reserve Your Place Today!
  6. 6. Harness the Power of Social Media to Reach New Customers Register b ef January 16 ore to save $30 Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series 0! Social Media Strategies for Travel March 10-11, 2009, Hotel Nikko, san Francisco Benchmark your strategy against these Make the essential contacts you need to launch major UGC sites, online agencies, search your online initiatives and get real-world advice engines, suppliers and industry gurus – from people who have succeeded just imagine what you could learn… Social Media Strategies in Travel is the only travel-specific conference to give Glenn Fogel, Managing Director Corporate practical advice on exploiting the social media phenomenon. At this event you’ll have Development and International, Priceline the opportunity to meet a cross-sector of the travel industry – all with one common cassandra Jeyaram, PhD, Social Marketing interest – monetizing social media. Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group This is a great opportunity for you to meet with, and network with, the leading minds kristen celko, VP Marketing, STA Travel in travel marketing. Last year, the conference attracted the true innovators in online Mark charkin, VP Sales, Bebo travel from some of the world’s most profitable travel companies. Just have a look at lucian Beebe, Director Product Management, the breakdown of our previous attendees… LinkedIn PREvIOuS ATTENdEES BY SECTOR Duncan Wardle, VP Global PR Integration & Walt Disney World Public Relations, 29% Hotel/Resort/Accomadation Provider Disney Parks and Resorts 18% Online Travel Agencies lisa Demoney, Director of Online Marketing, 17% Technology/Marketing Solution Providers Joie de Vivre Hospitality 12% Social Media Sites richard Bonds, Executive Director, 10% Press, Academics, Consultants ashley randall, Senior Product Manager, 7% Other Suppliers (Cruise, Car, Airlines)Director TripAdvisor 7% Search Engines “caribbean Jim” Hobbs, President/Founder, Juston parker, President, Parker Hospitality PREvIOuS ATTENdEES BY JOB TITLE Group kevin Fliess, CEO, TravelMuse 31% Director John Burns, President, Hospitality Technology 29% Manager Consulting 16% CEO/MD/President ken leeder, CEO, RealTravel 18% Vice-President Yen lee, President, Uptake 6% SVP/EVP Scott McNeely, Director of Consumer & Affiliate Web, Viator Inc. Gregg Brockway, Founder and CEO, TripIt Scott Gatz, Founder & CEO, GayCities 5 Easy Ways To Register Matthew cashmore, Innovation Ecosystem Manager, Lonely Planet email: Jeff Hanson, Regional Director of Marketing Fax: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 & eCommerce - Western Region, Marriott International Call: +44 (0) 207 375 7228 Jeremy Jameson, Corporate Strategist – Online: Strategic Planning, Southwest Airlines Beatrice Tarka, CEO, Mobissimo mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, Frank petito, SVP Corporate Development, London, E1 6PX, UK Orbitz Worldwide Meet the Pioneers in Online Travel in San Francisco