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Get ahead of your competetors - Use the latest development in web 2.0, search, web optimization & branding to boost sales.



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EyeforTravel - Online Marketing Strategies in Travel

  1. 1. Tr 2 conferences for the price of 1! Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an tin pe nu g 20 e al in 0 Online Marketing Strategies 8 in Travel Europe 2008 Conference & Exhibition, 14 - 15 October 2008, Munich DRIVE TRAFFIC, FOSTER LOYALTY & MAXIMISE CUSTOMER SPEND ONLINE GET AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS - USE THE Learn from these top LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN WEB 2.0, SEARCH, WEB industry speakers OPTIMISATION & BRANDING TO BOOST SALES • Evaluate which Web 2.0 initiatives will dramatically impact your business sarah Newman, steven taylor, Regional Vice • Hear innovative techniques to engage your customer Senior Director President, Commercial International SPG, Director, EMEA, and sell more online Starwood Hotels & Royal Caribbean Resorts Worldwide Cruises International • Convert lookers to bookers – understand the online booking habits of your customer and analyse what touch points offer the best conversion rates • Overcome the challenges of selling online to a pan- European audience – analyse key market insight from top brands steven Greenway, • Drive quality traffic to your website - Hear top tips CCO, Gareth Gaston, to improve your search strategy in a Pan-European SkyEurope MD, Octopus Travel environment • Debate the future of meta-search and what role it plays in the purchasing cycle • Gain insight into the opportunities and costs associated with mobile marketing and your likely ROI Martin Verdon-roe, Fredrik kinnunen, • Understand how to make your brand sticky in an ever Head of Sales, Europe, Director of Direct Sales, increasingly competitive online TripAdvisor Sterling Airlines environment ‘Great conference with a lot of inspiration – • Save weeks excellent inputs for new ‘out-of- of research – the-box’ thinking. A must for revolutionise your all online travel agencies’ marketing strategy Christian Foged, in just 2 days! Jan oetjen, MD, calum russell, DTF Travel A/S lastminute.com Commercial Director, Germany EasyHotel Ltd OPEN NOW TO VIEW THE FULL AGENDA AND SPEAKERS
  2. 2. ‘Great opportunity to be updated on the latest marketing and sales trends. Hugely informative and inspirational’ Ignasi Canals I Borras, Tourist Forum group Web 2.0. Search. Viral. so your customers Video. Social media. have reached your ‘great to have some ‘Very informative Email. Blogs. website. What’s speakers that were willing to conference – not one bad Mobile. The next? converting shake things up a bit rather than presentation over the 2 days. Semantic Web. lookers to just quoting the party line’ a great event with opportunities to These are exciting bookers is vital meet not only other peers experiencing Barry Smith, Skyscanner times in online in europe’s the same problems in business but travel. The internet cut throat also those with the potential to and your consumer’s travel market. solve these problems’ behaviour are evolving – We’ll identify the fast. How do you update the fundamentals of online main reasons for Helen Horwood, marketing to work successfully in this new era? customers to leave Hertz Europe your website. our top Understanding how the internet is changing the rules of marketing speakers will share the simple is a huge challenge. are you wasting valuable €€€ on out dated steps they took to enhance usability, improve web practices? What innovative, cost effective techniques exist in the content and boost conversions by over 25%! new Web 2.0 arena? Maintaining a relationship with your customer is key to the It’s never been so longevity of your brand. Hear top tips to create consumer loyalty, important to secure stickiness and brand affiliation. analyse which european brands an innovative yet ‘Extremely impressive delivery of fact and opinion from are successful and why. Who has lost brand value to user- robust strategy generated content? What can you learn from their mistakes? to defend your first class speakers. Very useful, market share even for an sME as the internet last but not least we’ll take a look to the future. as consumer and enhance lends itself to business creativity’ behaviour continues to evolve you need to be where your your brand. the Chirac Shah, customer is. Hear tried and tested inspirational case studies as to question is how do The Holiday Place what really drives high roI. Gain insight into where you need to you keep up when you be concentrating your marketing efforts to be one step ahead of have so little time? How do your customer. you know what really works and what’s just a passing fad? PLUS! Boost profits with ancillary revenue – new for 2008! Ancillary revenue can add up to 18% to your annual In just 2 days, the online Marketing strategies in travel conference (held as part of eyefortravel’s annual sales & online turnover. The message from those in the know is Marketing in europe summit), will bring the best and most simple; if you’re in the business of selling travel, you can innovative minds in online travel to show you how to tap earn more! the enormous sales potential in the european online travel marketplace. We’ll kick off the conference by examining the uniqueness of Twinned with the Social Media european markets and new marketing mediums. What works Strategies in Travel conference! well in one european country may count for nothing in the next. We’ll bring together real life case studies from our experts and Social media and user-generated content will affect your identify the marketing pitfalls and ‘faux-pas’ of different european business! Learn how to turn this new phenomenon to countries to ensure you avoid making costly mistakes. your advantage. Next, we’ll take a look at This event will be twinned with the Social Media Strategies your search strategy. in Travel conference. Top speakers will cut through the ‘a good opportunity to No doubt you hype surrounding social media and user-generated meet real professionals from all spend €€€ on content and share real-world advice on how this new over Europe to exchange the latest search each year phenomenon can be monetized. Investigate which social developments and experiences!’ to drive traffic to media strategies will work for your business, understand Helmut Barth, University of your site. You may what impact user-generated content has on the purchasing Bad Honnef Bonn think that you have cycle and learn how to protect your brand image. Most your search strategy importantly - get ahead of your competitors and be the first all sewn up. to be where your customers are! stop right there - Web 2.0 has thrown up a whole new All conference passes include access to both simultaneous set of obstacles for your search success! Whether it be video tracks so you are free to move between them and choose optimisation, user-generated content, the changing role of meta- the ideal sessions to suit your needs! For more information search engines or the lifting of the Google ban on trademark see www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope keywords. You cannot afford to miss this debate! WEEKS OF RESEARCH ACCOMPLISHED IN JUST 2 DAYS
  3. 3. Search Engine Marketing – Email Marketing – Website Optim Day One: Tuesday 14 October • 9am – 7.30pm OPEning PlEnary sEssiOn - OVErViEw & analysis PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl Evaluate which Web 2.0 initiatives will Converting lookers to bookers – dramatically impact your business how user-friendly is your Web site? • Web 2.0 initiatives including user-generated content and social media once customers reach your site, how do avoid losing them and are transforming the online travel space. From a macro and micro convince them to purchase? perspective, what impact will they have on your business? What • As the travel industry continues to underperform in terms of online opportunities do they present for your company? user satisfaction, what can we learn from other industries? • How is consumer behaviour evolving in the diverse European • Does your website match up to the expectations of your marketplace? What critical marketing trends do you need to embrace? increasingly demanding web user? • With an ever increasing crowded European online travel space – how • What are the main reasons for potential customers to leave can you ensure you are spending your marketing budget effectively? Do your website? What simple steps can you take to prevent them Web 2.0 and social media initiatives boost your brand and drive sales? from leaving? • Facebook has recorded a year-on-year growth of over 1600% and has • How can you enhance usability, site-performance and loading a worldwide client base of over 46 million. How can you leverage the times to reduce abandon rates? huge volumes of traffic that these mega social networking sites, like • Constantly updating and improving web content and rich-media Facebook, Bebo, or Myspace, attract? without negatively impacting usability is a key challenge for travel • What role does social media play in the marketing mix? Can social marketers. Understand what content matters. networking sites really be monetized? • Ensure you are adequately presenting the key aspects of • What are the limitations of social networking and user-generated your product. are you addressing the various customer segments content sites for the travel industry? Is your time and money better not only in terms of age but also in terms of their location spent elsewhere? and interests? • Understand how to avoid common Web 2.0 pitfalls and misguided • Learn how to enhance the user journey with larger imagery, easier investments navigation and additional search options steven taylor, Senior Director International, SPG, Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Hedwig Wassing, CEO, Euro Relais sarah Newman, Regional Vice President, Commercial Director, EMEA, Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl ExtEndEd CoffEE BrEak – SpEEd nEtworking Online marketing futures - innovative ways to engage your customer PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl as consumer behaviour continues to evolve - Understand which Overcoming the challenges of selling online traditional and new techniques truly engage the consumer, analyse to a pan-European audience how effective your marketing campaigns are and gain key insight as an increasing number of online travel brands are entering the european to what the future holds market space. Translating your website is not enough – the old adage • SEO, Banners, email, branded urls – are they becoming a thing of ‘think global, act local’ rings true - an in-depth understanding the of the past? How are marketing techniques evolving in the online underlying cultural differences in this highly diverse fundamental and travel space? fragmented region will save you €€€. • Email - Is email marketing dead? How can you use email to gain • Building pan-European 2.0 brands will take longer – which travel brands vital information about what your customer really wants? have been truly successful so far? • Widgets, gadgets, desktop alerts, RSS – do they add value or are • What can we learn from their successes and failures? Hear examples of they just short term fads? european marketing campaigns that have failed due to poor knowledge • Video - With consumers now demanding when and how they view of the target market content, is it worth moving some of your online budget into video • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a de-centralized, content on your site and 3rd party video sites? localised marketing strategy? • Geo Mapping – what marketing opportunities exist in offering • Consumer behaviour – understand the various European cultural location based services? attitudes to the web and how to tailor your online strategy accordingly. • Mobile marketing – is 2008 the year of mobile? When is this learn how to build trust & loyalty online channel likely to take off? • Language – analyse how many languages you need your website to be • Offline – travel companies still spend large amounts of cash in to drive sales. What offline local customer support truly adds value to on traditional advertising campaigns. Which of these marketing your online strategy? techniques engage your customer and drive traffic to your site? Jan oetjen, MD, lastminute.com Germany prof. Gilbert reveillon, Lecturer in Tourism, University of Sorbonne andreas Westerberg, Corporate Officer Sales, NH Hotels Michael simon, Area Director, Central Europe, Marriott International LunCh BrEak enrique Nalda, Head of Travel, France, Google CasE stuDy an insight into Web analytics 17.30 Evening Drinks Reception analysing your online performance is key to increasing conversions Wind down from a day of insightful and provides a vital feedback mechanism. Understand where your traffic comes from, which pages drive conversions and which you discussion and strategic debate and could do without. make the essential contacts you need to Neil Mason, Board of Directors, Web Analytics Association boost your online campaigns Twinned with the Social Media Strategies for Travel conferen
  4. 4. misation – Ancillary Revenue – Branding – Social Media – CRM Day Two: Wednesday 15 October • 9am – 5pm OnlinE marKEting - PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl ClOsing KEynOtE PlEnary sEssiOn Maximise customer spend on your website Understand how to make your brand Maximising profits whilst making customers happy – isn’t that the sticky in an ever increasingly dream? Most visitors coming to your site are looking to purchase competitive online environment more than just your core product. as margins continue to diminish, learn about the best way to introduce new products and services to Brand identity has never been so important. analyse which european compliment your core product travel brands are successful and why. Hear innovative techniques to improve brand awareness without blowing your budget. • Analyse the booking habits of your customers and what touch points offer the best conversion rates. add offerings to your site • How can you develop a successful brand in a multi lingual Pan that add real value to their trip european environment? • Hear from travel suppliers who are leading the way by up-selling • What techniques can you use to create customer loyalty, stickiness and cross-selling their way to maximum profit and brand affiliation? • Personalisation to profits – Understand your customer profile • What impact does user-generated content have on travel brands? and engage your customer with the freedom to build their Who has lost brand value due to UGc? What can you learn from perfect trip by combining the right high margin ancillary their mistakes? products and services • With over 30 Ryanair hate groups on Facebook, how damaging are • Perfect the balance between offering flexibility and overwhelming social networking sites to your brand? your customer with too many options • Do you need to develop a brand defensive strategy to protect and monitor your brand in the online space? steven Greenway, CCO, SkyEurope • What strategies enable you to maintain and build your brand image simon lilley, Director of Marketing, Flybe on social media sites? can social media help you de-commoditize ExtEndEd nEtworking CoffEE BrEak and personalize you brand? • In the US, Travelocity have used the roaming Gnome on MySpace PrEsEntatiOns & PanEl to engage fans, share deals and create brand loyalty. How can you Driving quality traffic to your website – use a brand advocate on a social networking site to generate brand awareness, drive traffic and sell products? are you wasting valuable marketing €? • Understand how to use widgets, desktop applications and other • Search engine algorithms have evolved and have become more tools to build brand awareness sophisticated – evaluate how you need to adapt your search calum russell, Commercial Director - EasyHotel Ltd. strategy accordingly • Spending more money on SEO does not ensure success. *More speakers to be announced* are you wasting your marketing budget on extortionate ppc rates? PRODUCT BOx • Learn how to ensure your site’s Web 2.0 features drive With so many new online start-ups entering the european customers to exactly what they are looking for travel market eyefortravel’s product box is a pressure-free, • Develop a search engine marketing strategy that not only quick fire way to find which would add value to your business. balances paid and unpaid search, but also considers social search engine marketing as a distinct area 17.00 End of ConfErEnCE • Get advice on aligning your search strategy with user-generated reviews • As travel search marketers become more effective in paid search, social media, and related online marketing, how does ‘The event was great this affect concepts such as seasonality and the long tail? and it will certainly help me to tamarah khatib, Head of Global Online Marketing, Silverjet make the right decisions for Yen lee, Co-Founder & President, Uptake investment in the year ahead’ colin lewis, Head of Marketing, Aer Arann M. Butler, Spanisches fremdenverkehrsamt LunCh BrEak PlEnary sEssiOn - PanEl DEBatE The Future of Meta search CEO Panel Debate How are meta-search sites evolving? What search features will become more popular? Will meta-search based on price alone diminish? What role do they play in the purchasing cycle? Will they keep the ppc model? Will they provide better qualified traffic? Will user reviews and social media also be incorporated? So many questions remain unanswered – join the debate to find out more! ‘Well organised, Beatrice tarka, CEO, Mobissimo good presentations, ole stouby, CEO, Travelmarket very worthwhile!’ Yen lee, CEO, UpTake Lutz Derlien, Cheapflights claus Weber, Senior Partner, Kinkaa.de nce see www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope for more info
  5. 5. Tr Call Sinead Now +44 (0)207 375 7228 Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an ti pe nu ng 20 e al Online Marketing Strategies in 0 Early Bird D iscount in Travel Europe 2008 SAVE €200 8 ! if you reg Conference & Exhibition, 14-15 October 2008, Munich before 4th ister July 2008 See what your fellow REGISTER NOW! travel marketers said about last year’s event: 5 Ways TO REgisTER DisCOunts: • Email: gina@eyefortravel.com We will need your full contact details Early Bird offers could save you €200! For group ‘Very informative conference - to process your registration discounts please call Sinead Mallon on +44 (0)207 not one bad presentation over 375 7228 or email gina@eyefortravel.com • OnlinE: Go to www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope and submit your the 2 days. A great event with details for instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the opportunities to meet not only HOw tO Pay: secure site or request an invoice. Credit Card: Complete and return this form other peers experiencing the with your credit card details • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, same problems in business but 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom Invoice: Complete and return this form also those with the potential • Fax: Back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 and you will receive an invoice to solve these problems’ • Call: The booking hotline on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 Check/Draft: Payable to First Conferences Ltd. Helen Horwood, Hertz Europe DatEs anD VEnuE: ‘The event was great and it Super early bird early bird Normal price Conference: Tuesday 14th October - (Before Friday (Before Friday (From Saturday will certainly help me to make Wednesday 15th October 4th July) 5th September) 6th September) the right decisions for investment Venue: Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel in the year ahead’ GOLD aCCOmmODatiOn: M. butler, Spanisches fremdenverkehrsamt • Full access to the 2 day We have arranged a discounted room rate at the conference Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel. Reservation ‘Well organised, good • An audio CD of the conference proceedings €1795 €1895 €1995 details will be sent to you when you register. presentations, very worthwhile!’ • A Strategic analysis of the Save €200! Save €100! It is recommended that you book early to take Lutz Derlien, Cheapflights European Online Travel advantage of this offer, especially as our room Market report block will fill up fast during this busy time in ‘Great to have some speakers Munich. that were willing to shake things SILVER CanCEllatiOns: • Full access to the 2 day up a bit rather than just quoting conference All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. €1395 €1595 There will be no penalty for cancellations received before the party line’ • An audio CD of the conference €1495 Friday 11th September 2008 (Credit card registrations are Save €200! Save €100! Barry Smith, Skyscanner proceedings subject to a 5% cancellation fee) If written confirmation of a cancellation is not received before Friday 11th September 2008 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. BRONZE Please note, you must inform the conference desk in writing Twinned with the Social Media • Full access to the 2 day €995 €1095 €1195 of any cancellations: please email customerservices@firstconf. com. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the conference Strategies in Travel conference! Save €200! Save €100! program without notice. Social media and user-generated content will Yes!! Please register me for Online Marketing Strategies for Travel Europe 2008 affect your business! Learn how to turn this new (part of the Sales & Marketing in Travel Europe Summit) phenomenon to your advantage. Block letters please This event will be twinned with the Social Media Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: Strategies in Travel conference. Top speakers will Company: Position/Title: cut through the hype surrounding social media and user-generated content and share real-world advice Telephone: Fax: on how this new phenomenon can be monetized. Email: Investigate which social media strategies will Address: work for your business, understand what impact user-generated content has on the purchasing cycle Postcode: and learn how to protect your brand image. Most Country: importantly - get ahead of your competitors and be the first to be where your customers are! Payment: All conference passes include access to both I enclose a check/draft for: €_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) simultaneous tracks so you are free to move Please invoice my company: €_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ between them and choose the ideal sessions to suit your needs! For more information see Please charge my credit card: €________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: Whether your interest lies in Social Media, or updating your traditional online marketing strategy - Name on card: Signature: or both - the 2 day Summit will provide you with the NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt key information, case studies and contacts you need © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. www.firstconf.com/firstconf/legal_notice.html This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material to revolutionize your online business strategy! herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Register online at www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope
  6. 6. Tr Revolutionize your online marketing strategy Sa l S av Pa & mi le um rt e s of a Eu th rk ro M t e an tin pe nu g 20 e al in 0 Online Marketing Strategies 8 in Travel Europe 2008 Conference & Exhibition, 14 - 15 October 2008, Munich Make the essential contacts you need Learn from these top travel to boost your online campaigns and get companies and industry gurus real-world advice from marketing experts steven Greenway, CCO, SkyEurope steven taylor, Senior Director International SPG, This well-established event consistently attracts over 200 of the top marketing Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide executives in the travel industry. By attending, you will have the opportunity to calum russell, Commercial Director, EasyHotel Ltd meet a unique cross-section of the industry – all with one common interest – andreas Westerburg, Corporate Sales Officer, NH Hotels maximizing the return of their marketing spend. And to ensure that you get to meet them all, we have built ample networking opportunities into this event: pete Ward & Jerome touze, Co-Founders, WAYN sarah Newman, Regional Vice President, Commercial Director, EMEA, Royal Caribbean ONLINE CONTACT CENTRE COFFEE AND LUNCH Cruises International Organize meetings in advance and The backbone of your networking, you Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel touch base with those crucial contacts will be able to cement new relationships Meg pickard, Head of Communities & User through our online networking centre. and discuss future Experience, Guardian Unlimited This online system will be up and business colin lewis, Head of Marketing, Aer Arann running before the event so you can opportunities Jan oetjen, MD, lastminute.com Germany make initial contact and after the event during two to catch-up with the people you missed. lunches and Michael simon, Area Director, Central Europe, four coffee Marriott International NETWORKING RECEPTION breaks. adam Healey, CEO, VibeAgent Tuesday 14th October 5.30 - 7.30pm andy owen-Jones, MD, UK, Traveltainment Being held in the exhibition hall, this Malte siewert, MD, Trivago informal environment is the perfect simon lilley, Director of Marketing, FlyBe opportunity for you to see the products Fredrik kinnunen, Director of Direct Sales, on offer, ‘Extremely impressive Sterling Airlines meet your delivery of fact and opinion from tamarah khatib, Head of Global Online Marketing, fellow first class speakers. Very useful, Silverjet delegates even for an sME as the internet Yen lee, CEO, UpTake and discuss lends itself to business creativity’ the issues Chirac Shah, ole stouby, CEO, Travelmarket.com that have The Holiday Place Beatrice tarka, CEO, Mobissimo been raised. Gilbert reveillon, Professor of Tourism, University of Sorbonne enrique Nalda, Head of Travel, France, Google 5 Easy Ways To Register amy scarth, Head of Research, EyeforTravel Martin Verdon-roe, Head of Sales, Europe, EmAil: gina@eyefortravel.com TripAdvisor Fredrik von scanzoni, Head of Business Development, FAx: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 (UK) HolidayCheck Marc ruff, CEO, TVTrip CAll: +44 (0) 207 375 7228 (UK) thomas reiter, Country Manager, Opodo Germany OnlinE: www.eyefortravel.com/smeurope claus Weber, Senior Partner, Kinkaa.de Neil Mason, Director of the Board, mAil: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, Web Analytics Association London, E1 6PX, UK Hedwig Wassing, CEO, Euro Relais To Register Call Sinead Now on +44 (0)207 375 7228 (UK)