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EyeforTravel - Online Marketing in Travel USA 2008


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Upgrade your Online Marketing Toolkit to Optimize Sales in a Web 2.0 Environment.

Published in: Travel, Business, Technology
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EyeforTravel - Online Marketing in Travel USA 2008

  1. 1. Network with the most powerful minds in online travel marketing Early Bird D iscount SAVE $30 0! Register b efore Part of the Sales and Marketing Series 2 may 200 8 Online Marketing in Travel 2008 25-26 June 2008, Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago Upgrade your Online Marketing Toolkit to Optimize Sales in a Web 2.0 Environment Focus on the fundamentals of online marketing – Benchmark your strategy against then place them in the dynamically these industry experts and ensure profitable context of Web 2.0. you don’t get left behind Master the key areas of search engine optimization to ensure more customers find your site Manage customer relationships online – and fully exploit the power of Web 2.0, using social networking and user-generated content to increase sales Optimize – and upgrade – your site to increase conversion rates Exploit the rapid growth of video content to build brand affinity and drive more traffic across a variety of channels Increase your affiliate marketing initiatives to swell traffic, improve brand credibility and produce extra revenue Succeed at email marketing, even when response rates are falling Explore mobile marketing – and discover if you can be a travel business that makes it pay Spend your marketing budget wisely in a time of economic instability if this is not your area of expertise, please pass Researched and Organized by: this brochure onto your marketing department, so they can benefit gain the maximum ROi from every marketing dollar you spend online – details inside
  2. 2. For more information visit For more information visit Travel marketing in the age of Web 2.0 What’s next? How do you cash in on it? And how do you update the fundamentals of online marketing to work successfully in this new era? Understanding how the internet is changing On the one hand, we’ll make sure you’re up-to- – other than ignorance – why the big travel the rules of marketing is a huge challenge for speed on the latest trends in online marketing brands tend to avoid affiliates? How do you the travel industry right now. Which practices essentials like email, search, display advertising, monetize partners? And how does the ROI are obsolete? What opportunities should and spiderweb linking strategies. You’ll see from stack up against other types of marketing? you pursue? And is success simply about the Conference Program, that these sessions revenues and the bottom line – or are there will provide plenty of fuel for you to inject into Plus expert guidance on tracking and other equally valid definitions? your current marketing initiatives, to make them measurement, so you can ensure your One thing’s for certain. It’s travelers who are stronger still. budgets work as hard as you do leading this latest revolution. And they’re very Then, once these fundamental marketing tools With so many online advertising options – tried clear about what they want. Reviews and have been reviewed, we’ll start on Web 2.0. and tested, plus new and exciting – it is now recommendations from their online friends even more important that you know how to and peers, plus virtual tours of destinations correctly analyze your marketing spend. That and hotels are becoming almost as important “It is great to meet way, you can see how best to allocate your as price. others in the industry who are budget across the marketing mix. Where does that leave you? experiencing my frustrations. It offers Take search, for instance. You’ll see whether a level of sanity to know I’m not pay-per-click is becoming less cost-effective You’ve invested hugely in your website. Your the only one.” for you, now that so many travel businesses are booking engine’s a true revenue generator. Your Liberty Wright, vying for limited search space. And decide if it’s data storage facilities allow you to tailor specific Harrahs Entertainment messages to particular customer groups. And in time to change your budget split between the the face of economic slowdown, it’s even more key formats of search: Organic, paid, meta, vital to ensure every marketing cent you spend Web 2.0, local, and mobile. New sessions for this year’s program include: achieves maximum payback. In short, the Conference will help you • Social Media: User-generated content and understand the more sophisticated ROI social networking sites are creating big buzz. measurement systems to ensure your But how do you turn that buzz into bucks? campaigns are more profitable from now on. “The range of speakers and Do you need a new range of niche products? their knowledge and passion for the Can you ever hope to control what’s said topic was extremely inspiring. I came away with a long list of ideas to share about your products and brands? Should you “EyeforTravel was with the marketing team” be building your own networking channels? extremely relevant concerning Or will you get a better return on your budget hot topics and future trends to stay Charlotte Johnson, Tourism New Zealand by using other people’s channels to promote on top of your game. Thank you, yourself? I’ll be back!” • Mobile Marketing: As Bluetooth and smart Amy Ras, Aruba Hotel and phones go mainstream, mobile marketing is Tourism Association In short, you need to be convinced that the supposed wonders of Web 2.0 will be more than finally poised to deliver on its potential. We’ll a just passing phase before you commit budget. help you decide whether now is the time to But then again, if you hesitate… isn’t there a incorporate mobile marketing into your mix – and if so, where to concentrate your efforts. Superb networking – you’ll make dozens danger you’ll get left behind? Should you begin by sending reminders and of new contacts and meet valuable new Online Marketing in Travel 2008 will help you business partners telling your customers about unexpected solve the dilemma. events? Or can you embark on CRM By the time this event ends, you’ll have Reserve your place at the well-established programs to generate immediate sales? a roadmap that flags up a coherent, event that consistently attracts 200 of • Rich-Media Content: Just as you were comprehensive marketing strategy. A strong getting used to podcasts, should start marriage of proven online techniques and the America’s top travel marketing executives shooting vodcasts? Video adds hugely to most appropriate Web 2.0 possibilities, rather – with an agenda that reviews established than just a series of random ad hoc initiatives. your customers’ website experience, and it’s marketing techniques, and embraces the becoming a marketing must. Which partners You’ll also have the increased confidence that best of the new can help supply the content you need at comes of knowing you’ve learned from the If you are among the thousands of travel acceptable cost? How do you close the video experience – and mistakes – of some of the professionals who have attended our events in sale? And if a picture speaks a thousand world’s most successful travel brands, and the past decade, you know they’re distinguished words – should you be cutting the amount of picked the brains of senior marketers from by the caliber of the speaker faculty (you’re copy on your web site – or not? hotels, airlines and online agencies. Plus a always guaranteed to hear from the foremost • Affiliate Marketing: Why are so many travel whole host of new contacts who can help you innovators and practitioners on the planet) and companies significantly increasing their drive your business forward in 2008 and beyond. the quality of the knowledge and know-how affiliate marketing spend? Should you follow This event will sell out. Immediate booking that’s on offer to you. suit, or is this a bandwagon you can safely is strongly recommended. This year is no exception. wave at, as it passes by? Is there a reason Call the booking hotline now on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 (UK)
  3. 3. Search Engine Marketing – Email Marketing – Website Optimization – A Day One: Wednesday June 25 • 9am – 7.30pm KeynoTe PreSenTaTIon: • According to Forrester, 43% of surfers believe • How much of your brand image is dependant on Understand and Optimize along shopping on travel websites has become your reputation in the social media space? less useful. Does your website match up to • Learn from best practices for promoting your the Online Marketing Value the expectations of increasingly demanding brand on social media sites spectrum: From Direct to Branding customers? • What legal complications can arise from social and search to social Media • How can you optimize your website to present media marketing? • Learn how to prioritize your marketing dollars the key aspects of your product and appeal to • Ten important lessons on how you can “control and resources based on your particular value specific customer segments? the crowd” spectrum • How can you use rich-media content to enhance randy petersen, CEO, • How can you build a net present value mentality your website? for all your marketing initiatives? • What is behavioral targeting and how can you NetworkiNg Coffee Break • How to make the CFO your biggest advocate – utilize it to increase conversion rates? What are strategies that will transform the relationship the dangers in using behavioral targeting? PreSenTaTIon: aaron cooper, VP Online Marketing, Orbitz steve pinetti, SVP Sales and Marketing, Kimpton How Can Travel Companies Worldwide Hotels and Restaurants Monetize User-generated Videos? Dena Yahya, General Manager, • Podcasting news reported that in the USA the SeSSIon 1: Search engIne MarKeTIng average person watches more than 2 videos Yen lee, CEO, UpTake Master all Key areas of search online per day. How big will online videos get? rouNdtaBle luNCh Break Engine Marketing to Ensure • Understand the benefits of using video content to convey the distinctive and attractive features of your site’s Visibility spotlight on social Media your travel products to online customers • SEM budget allocation: Should you focus on • Encourage customers to create and share local search, social media search, ppc, organic PreSenTaTIon: relevant rich-media content by setting up an search, meta-search – or something else? How are Consumers Behaving in a online community • The difficulties of conquering organic search: Web 2.0 Environment – and How tim saarela, VP Marketing & Sales USA, How do you achieve a powerful return on your marketing dollars? Does social Media impact their • According to Forrester, pay per click annual Buying Cycle? SeSSIon 3: crM costs are up 33%: • What impact do consumer generated reviews successfully Managing eCRM in - Does this spell the end of ppc as a cost- have on the customers’ decision-making Travel 2.0: How to incorporate effective advertising model? process? social Media initiatives into - Is ppc going to disappear or just change • Does UGC represent the missing component your strategy dramatically in the near future? in the online travel buying cycle? When do consumers seek out UGC? • When British Airways banned surfboards, over - What analytical tools can help you justify 15,000 people protested on Facebook. How can spending – or not spending – on PPC • What kind of metrics apply to user-generated you use social media to create a dialogue with campaigns? content? your customers? Will you ever be able to convert • TripAdvisor is a prime example of deploying user- • How can you profit from consumer-generated talk to sales? generated content to dominate search engine content? • Which interactive tools can best engage your rankings. How can you integrate user-generated ken leeder, CEO, RealTravel customers and deliver the level of customization content into your own SEM strategy? and personalization they now expect? • How can you utilize local search to increase PreSenTaTIon: • Is there an opportunity to turn your loyal traffic – and deliver high revenues? Leverage the Power of social customers into evangelists by posting their • Get tips on measuring and monitoring your Media to Turbo-Charge your experiences and comments on social seM campaigns media sites? Online Marketing initiatives porter Gale, VP Marketing, Virgin America • How do you set up an online community? • Which social media tools are most valuable to Narni Ilagan, Senior Account Manager, Google Should you set one up for loyal customers – the travel marketer? and what can you expect in return? Greg Johnston, Director of eCommerce, • How can you optimize UGC for marketing • Is there any essential difference between Hyatt Hotels Corporation promotions, product development, user-generated content strategies for customer Doug stotland, Director, Microsoft Advertiser and communications, and consumer insights? acquisition and customer retention? Publisher Solutions • How can you prove the value of UGC and • How can your CRM team assist your social convince senior management to invest in and NetworkiNg Coffee Break media team with dollar-generating insights into support your strategy? customer segments, profiles and preferences? SeSSIon 2: WebSITe oPTIMIzaTIon cassandra Imfeld Jeyaram, PhD, Social • Potential benefits and possible pitfalls of using Marketing Manager, Global Consumer Marketing, Optimize your Website to increase InterContinental Hotels Group social media for loyalty marketing Conversion Rates Dr. Natasa christodoulidou, Ph.D, Assistant KeynoTe PreSenTaTIon: Professor of Marketing, California State • Virgin Holidays UK increased conversion rates by University, Dominguez Hills 25% by re-designing their website. How can you Promote – and Protect – your enhance website design, site performance and More Speakers to be announced shortly, Brand in the social Media space please check the website for updates loading times to reduce abandon rates? • Do you need to develop a brand-defensive • How can you enhance the user journey with eNd of day oNe CoCktail Party strategy to protect and monitor your brand in larger imagery, easier navigation and additional the world of web 2.0? search options? Social Media Marketing – CRM - Search Engine Marketing – Email Marketin
  4. 4. Affiliate Marketing – Mobile Marketing – Social Media Marketing – CRM Day Two: Thursday 26 June • 9am – 5pm • What factors will spur the growth of mobile Interactive KeynoTe PreSenTaTIon: Bringing a Brand Campaign to marketing? Life across all Media Channels • What mobile marketing content will appeal to online travelers? Participation • How do you best connect your brand campaign • Are people ever going to feel comfortable to your online and offline media buying decisions? purchasing travel products via their cell This conference is specifically phones? designed to encourage active • What is the role of a Microsite in today’s online • Hear how to build mobile marketing into your participation. Not only will you hear environment and how can it be utilized in adding crM strategies across all consumer touch another dimension to the online experience? points, from acquisition to retention and loyalty stimulating, thought-provoking • How can you leverage partnerships to enhance • According to Telephia, 66% of people find presentations, you will have the the impact of your campaign? chance to discuss key topics and mobile advertising unacceptable. How can you andrea spiegel, VP Marketing, JetBlue Airways communicate to your customers via mobile get your questions answered. Each Michael stromer, Director Interactive Marketing, without alienating them? speaker will address the issues listed JetBlue Airways linda anderson, VP Marketing, Red Lion on the agenda and illustrate with real- Hotels Corporation life case-studies. Finally, the session SeSSIon 4: affIlIaTe MarKeTIng John Diamond, CEO, ekit moderator will generate a panel Use affiliate Marketing To Buddy altus, Director of Online Distribution, debate or field your questions directly generate Traffic, improve Brand Avis Budget to the speaker. Enough time is always Credibility and Boost sales rouNdtaBle luNCh Break given for you to get your questions • Understand why the travel industry is answered and play an active role in particularly suited to affiliate marketing SeSSIon 6: eMaIl MarKeTIng • 56% of travel companies say affiliate marketing the discussion. You’ll have ample Hear How to increase your Email opportunity to talk over the issues is a cost-effective way to acquire new customers (econsultancy). How could affiliate marketing Marketing sales at hand and exchange ideas with benefit your customer acquisition strategy? • Travelocity has a database of over 30 million speakers and your fellow delegates. • How does affiliate marketing work internally? people who are happy to receive email • How should you attract affiliate partners? marketing messages. How do you grow What are the common problems in dealing your own email list and turn it into a genuine with affiliate partners, and how do you selling tool? overcome them? • Has email marketing reached the end of the • Get advice on effectively tracking your line? Will we see resurgences – or is your affiliate efforts budget best spent elsewhere in the online world? • What is the ideal window between clicking and booking? • Tools and techniques for tracking email marketing and improving roI • How do you ensure commissions are calculated correctly? • How is social networking affecting email marketing – and can you usefully link the Marston Gould, Director CRM and Online two mediums? Marketing, Alaska Airlines • In the rich-media content world of the web, how Jennifer Jurick, Director of Affiliate Relations, can you provide enticing email content without risking attractive display and deliverability? Meg lee, Director, Brand Management & • Is outsourcing email marketing more cost- Advertising, Norwegian Cruise Line effective than managing it in-house? NetworkiNg Coffee Break John caine, VP Marketing, shirley tafoya, SVP Sales, Travelzoo SeSSIon 5: MobIle MarKeTIng Natalie White, Director of Loyalty Marketing, Can Mobile Marketing Really Play Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants a Vital Role in CRM and Revenue NetworkiNg Coffee Break generation? “EyeforTravel’s last ev ent • More than 65% of travel marketers say mobile sponsored Technology Workshop was the best conferen ce i’ve marketing is not cost-effective (econsultancy). ever attended. i’ve ne Is it too soon to get involved with this new direct evaluate cost-saving and money-making ver walked away with so distribution channel? solutions at this intimate interactive workshop. many action items and ideas • How much will it cost you to set up a mobile By attending you’ll hear about the latest for improvement for my marketing campaign and what ROI should marketing solutions that could significantly brand site. increase your efficiency and profitability. Find out i’m exited about being you expect? a travel • How can you harness the power of mobile which solutions can help you increase your site’s marketer during this time of marketing to sell unsold inventory, get higher visibility, improve email response rates, manage incredible change” response rates and notify your customers of your customers and track your online marketing Alex Orson, Hyatt Hotels unexpected events? initiatives. For more information check Corportation ng – Website Optimization – Affiliate Marketing – Mobile Marketing
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at Register b Part of the Sales and Marketing Series efore 2nd may 2 008 to Online Marketing in Travel 2008 SAVE $30 0! 25-26 June 2008, Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago This conference is a key forum for high-level executives to network, REGISTER NOW! learn & discuss their future strategy. 5 Ways TO REgisTER DisCOunTs: see what your fellow travel marketers • Email: We will need your full Early Bird offers could save you $300! For group have said about last year’s event: discounts please call James Brown on +44 (0) 207 contact details to process your registration 375 7551 or email • OnlinE: Go to and submit your HOw TO Pay: “I am really glad I attended this details for instant confirmation. You can pay directly on Credit Card: Complete and return this form event – the caliber of speakers the secure site or request an invoice. with your credit card details was amazing and I am returning • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, Invoice: Complete and return this form to work inspired with new ideas 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom and you will receive an invoice for my company” • Fax: Back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 Check/Draft: Payable to First Conferences Ltd. Rachel Salberg, Auto Club of Southern California • Call: The booking hotline on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 DaTEs anD VEnuE: Conference: Wednesday 25 June – Register before Register before Thursday 26 June 2008 “This event was an excellent May 2, 2008 May 30, 2008 Normal Price after May 30, 2008 Venue: Marriott Downtown opportunity to exchange ideas SAVE $300! SAVE $100! Magnificent Mile, Chicago with high-level attendees in GOLD aCCOmmODaTiOn: the travel industry” • 2 day conference pass We have arranged a discounted room rate at the • CD Rom of the conference Eric Rhodes, Schmap proceedings (with presentations Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. Reservation $2195 $2395 $2495 and an audio stream) details will be sent to you when you register. It is • EyeforTravel’s North American recommended that you book early to take advantage “This event was both educational Online Travel Marketing Report of this offer, especially as our room block will fill up and entertaining. The networking fast during this busy time in Chicago. was fantastic and produced several SILVER CanCEllaTiOns: meaningful discussions with • 2 day conference pass All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. • CD Rom of the conference $1495 $1695 $1795 There will be no penalty for cancellations received before Friday prospective partners” proceedings (with presentations 30th May 2008 (Credit card registrations are subject to a 5% and an audio stream) cancellation fee) If written confirmation of a cancellation is not John Pope, TripHub received before Friday 30th May 2008 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. Please note, you must inform the BRONZE conference desk in writing of any cancellations: please email “The conference was very well • 2 day Conference Pass $1295 $1495 $1595 The organizers reserve the put together and fruitful for the right to make changes to the program without notice. attendees. I would love to attend the next conference” Yes!! Please register me for Online Marketing in Travel 2008 Block letters please Philip Charles-Pierre, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: Company: Position/Title: Enhance your learning experience by Telephone: Fax: upgrading to EyeforTravel’s Online Email: Travel marketing Report… Address: This report offers forward thinking marketers a Postcode: comprehensive tool to drive conversions and increase ROI. Learn about different strategies companies are Country: adopting including search marketing, online advertising, Payment: branding, social media, CRM, affiliate marketing and new technologies. Get an insight into what different I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) companies value most, what has worked and what Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ hasn’t and what their key objectives are. For those that value a good understanding of the challenges and Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard opportunities of the online marketing mix; are interested Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: in current practice; want to have recommendations and tips from industry leaders, real-life case studies, Name on card: Signature: focused interviews and an exclusive analysis of NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt EyeforTravel’s global online marketing travel industry © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material survey - this report is invaluable. herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Call the Booking Line on +44 (0) 207 275 7551 to Reserve Your Place Today!
  6. 6. Meet With Key Figures in Online Travel Marketing in Chicago this Summer Early Bird D iscount SAVE $30 0! Register b efore Part of the Sales and Marketing Series 2 may 200 8 Online Marketing in Travel 2008 25-26 June 2008, Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago Make the essential contacts you need to boost Learn from these major online your online campaigns and get real-world agencies, search engines, advice from marketing experts suppliers and industry gurus This well-established event consistently attracts over 200 of the top marketing executives in aaron cooper, VP Online Marketing, the travel industry. By attending, you will have the opportunity to meet a unique cross-sector Orbitz Worldwide of the industry – all with one common interest – maximizing the return of their marketing linda anderson, VP Marketing, Red Lion Hotels spend. And to ensure that you get to meet them all, we have built ample networking opportunities into this event: porter Gale, VP Marketing, Virgin America Marston Gould, Director, CRM and Online Marketing, ONLINE CONTACT CENTER INFORMAL ATMOSPHERE Alaska Airlines Organize meetings in advance and touch AND IDEAL VENUE Jennifer Jurick, Director of Affiliate Relations, base with those crucial contacts through our This event consistently attracts over 200 online networking center. This online system people which is an ideal size for you to will be up and running before the event so you Buddy altus, Director Online Distribution, network and meet new contacts. If someone can make initial contact and after the event to Avis Budget Group is there, who you would like meet, you are catch-up with the people you missed. guaranteed to catch up with them, discuss randy petersen, CEO, ideas and exchange business cards. The Meg lee, Director, Brand Management & Advertising, NETWORKING RECEPTION conference hotel is conveniently located right Norwegian Cruise Line Thursday 26 June 5.30pm - 7pm - We know on Michigan Avenue (The Magnificent Mile), that you want to meet your fellow attendees ken leeder, CEO, VirtualTourist which means in a social environment - which is why our that you are Dr. Natasa christodoulidou, Ph.D, Assistant networking receptions are always such a ideally placed for Professor of Marketing, California State University, great success! Being held in the exhibition post-conference Dominguez Hills hall, this informal environment is the perfect meetings and opportunity Narni Ilagan, Senior Account Manager, Google experiencing all for you to see Greg Johnston, Director of eCommerce, that Chicago has the products Hyatt Hotels Corporation to offer. on offer, meet Doug stotland, Director, Microsoft Advertiser your fellow COFFEE AND LUNCH and Publisher Solutions delegates and The backbone of your networking, you will discuss the John Diamond, CEO, ekit be able to cement new relationships and issues that discuss future business opportunities during cassandra Imfeld Jeyaram, PhD, Social have been two lunches and four coffee breaks. Marketing Manager, Global Consumer Marketing, raised. InterContinental Hotels Group steve pinetti, SVP Sales and Marketing, 5 Easy Ways To Register Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Dena Yahya, General Manager, EmAil: Yen lee, CEO, Uptake FAx: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 (UK) Natalie White, Director of Loyalty Marketing, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants CAll: +44 (0) 207 375 7551 (UK) Michael stromer, Director of Interactive Marketing, JetBlue Airways OnlinE: tim saarela, VP Marketing and Sales USA, mAil: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, John caine, VP Marketing, London, E1 6PX, UK andrea spiegel, VP Marketing, JetBlue Airways To Register Call James Now on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 (UK)