EyeforTravel - Hotel Revenue Management & pricing Middle East 2008


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Innovative revenue management
techniques for the modern hotelier.


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EyeforTravel - Hotel Revenue Management & pricing Middle East 2008

  1. 1. regional scope, Unmatched Quality saVe Us$200 Book befor e Hotel Revenue Management Oct 12th & Pricing Middle East 2008 15-16th December, Beach rotana Hotel, abu Dhabi innovative revenue management techniques for the modern hotelier in-depth analysis, case studies and essential Hear from these expert speakers networking at the Middle East’s only hotel Sarah Allen, Area Director of Revenue specific revenue and pricing event Strategy, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International Imran Changezi, Director of Corporate attend to achieve these 6 core business objectives Sales - Global, Jumeirah Group Dennis Penalosa, • Flexible pricing techniques that will smoothen the Cluster Revenue Manager - Jumeirah Living, Jumeirah Group fluctuations of a seasonal, demand-driven market place Michael Marshal, • integrated revenue management - position your RM VP Sales and Marketing, Rotana Hotels & Resorts team at the forefront of the hotel organizational structure Soha Zahar, • total revenue management techniques Director of Revenue Management, Rotana Hotels & Resorts that will change the way you view your hotels revenue Sharad Kapur, generating potential Director of Revenue Management, Hyatt International South West Asia • customer price sensitivity versus loyalty Walter Lo Faro, to your brand - How does discounting rooms impact the Director of Market Management, Expedia customer’s perception of your brand? Ahmed Rasmy, • corporate travel Revenue Manager, Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi - modern strategies to capture more of tackle the Middle East’s Anita Markiewicz, the lucrative corporate segment Director of Revenue Management, biggest revenue Movenpick Hotels & Resorts • optimised agency and challenges, and Hans Olbertz, distribution channel benchmark your General Manager, management, for greater rate hotel’s strategy Emirates Palace parity and consumer profiling Rishikant Singh, AGM Revenue Management, Air India Partner: Media Partner: Arun Kumar, Director of Revenue Management & Reservation Services, Jebel Ali International Hotels Stefan Wolf, Director of Corporate Revenue Management, Shangri La Hotels & Resorts www.eyefortravel.com/rmme
  2. 2. network with regional rm leaders the essential forum for improving reVpar and gaining a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded hotel sector On a global scale, the Middle Eastern hotel sector attend this event to freshen-up on the is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of its pressing business issues, and benchmark current economic position. While the rest of the world your own revenue strategy awakens to the very real prospect of an economic recession, the Middle East continues to perform at This inaugural hotel specific conference is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. The agenda is packed with topics an outstanding level. designed to challenge your revenue and pricing thought Recent figures released by Deloitte Middle East showed process, and is led by industry experts from the most RevPAR growth of 21.6%, and the world’s highest occupancy successful local and global brands. and average room rates at 75.3% and US$180 respectively. Some of the agenda highlights include; an essential look at managing your distribution channels, to increase your so the outlook is rosy for Middle margins and lower distribution costs. Find the optimal mix Eastern hotels... Or is it? between your chosen online and offline channels, and learn interesting techniques for lessening occupancy seasonality As traditional source markets like the United Kingdom and and flattening out the booking peeks and troughs. Germany began to feel the affects of an unstable economy, long-haul travel plans rank higher on the list of luxury items Hear the case for flexible pricing structures and how this that fall outside the travel consumer’s annual budget. often difficult ideal can be implemented successfully. Also, understand what impact pricing flexibility could have on Consumers will limit travels to the Middle East, which in turn your forecasting accuracy – a technical calculation that just affects occupancy levels and a hotels ability to maintain its became more difficult. impressive room rate and RevPAR growth. Also, the massive injection of room inventory across the region will undoubtedly heighten competition and make accurate forecasting seemingly impossible - Atlantis the Palm’s new 1500 room development being a prime example of this. When viewed from this perspective the outlook is not quite as rosy as at first glance! it’s the perfect time for Revenue Managers to demonstrate their unique value No matter what you’re doing, the reality is that every competitive edge and advantage is also being secured by your competitors; businesses that are every bit as determined as What new opportunities can the emerging corporate you are to scale the heights of profit and financial success. segment present the hotel sector? This relatively unmanaged – yet lucrative – group can seriously lift a hotel’s revenue In this aggressive environment, to leave RM to stand alone, potential. What systems need to be in place for you to is to neuter the most potent tool in the hoteliers armoury. maximise your proposition to this largely untouched Today’s market leaders are those who have been reaping market segment? the dividends of RM for a while, and have now taken it one valuable step further by discovering that… Are you using all of your hotel touch points most, and what areas are you neglecting that could be potential revenue …the key to unlocking enormous generators? Why stop at RevPAR, analyse your total revenue potential is “integration”! approach to revenue management and discover the capacity to which your revenues can grow. Europe, the U.S and parts of Asia have already shown us why an integrated revenue and pricing strategy is an Plus – pricing your inventory and the perception of your essential part of a hotels organisational structure. The brand. Which – if any – of your customers are actually loyal prestige of a full hotel means nothing compared to a 21.6% to your brand and not the price you can offer? At what point growth in RevPAR does your room price cheapen your brand? For too long revenue teams have gone unrecognised, And - Revenue management for independent hotels, but now as the region begins to awake to the prospect of executive residents and apartments. These massively tightening margins and increased competition, revenue expanding segments are causing a ripple throughout the management will be key to business success and the future region – particularly Dubai – and present their own very prosperity of the sector. unique RM challenges that we can all learn from. Win a complimetary pass! Visit www.eyefortravel.com/rmme
  3. 3. cement the value of revenue managem Day one – 15th December lunch sEssiON 1 Channel Management and eDistribution - the right sEssiON 3 product in the right place at the right time Grabbing a hold of the corporate segment • How can individual hotel properties expect to achieve direct sales, opportunity when competing with massive global marketing budgets from the likes of Expedia and booking.com? The corporate travel segment is a largely untapped market for Middle Eastern hotels. Most corporates are happy to • Reach new international markets - Where should Middle Eastern hotels rely on traditional means of booking their accommodation, be focusing their attention now that the traditional inbound markets like which means a missed opportunity for most regional hotels. Germany and the UK are drying up? Discover the changes that need to occur, before the real • During low seasons wide reaching online channels are an economical revenue generation from M.E corporate segment can way to keep your product in the public eye. So what channels will work truly flourish best for you? • Wholesalers are currently satisfying the needs of the • Channel management - identify the best channels to promote corporate traveller. What incentives can be used to your property in the right way, and grow your business through entice business away from these channels? these channels • Clearly defining your demand - what should you consider • How much is too much distribution through electronic channels - corporate demand and what should you consider is there an optimal mix between on-and-offline channels? wholesale demand? • Is revenue generated through online bookings truly measurable? • What customer relationship management strategies What are the best methods of this measurement? are necessary to entice repeat corporate bookers? Sarah Allen, Area Director of Revenue Strategy, middle east & africa, • Without rate parity, can a working corporate travel marriott international management industry really exist in the Middle East? Michael Marshal, VP Sales and Marketing, Rotana Hotels & Resorts • Blocking rooms for corporate clients does not guarantee corporate bookings. How can you manage this inventory Anita Markiewicz, Director of Revenue Management, to ensure none of your corporate blocks are left Movenpick Hotels & Resorts unoccupied? Morning coffee Imran Changezi, Director of Corporate Sales - Global, Jumeirah group sEssiON 2 Margaret Bowler, Director, Global Hotel Relations, hrg the case for accurate forecasting in the Middle East • Accurate forecasts are crucial to the revenue management process, yet afternoon coffee forecasting for travel industry revenue management systems is inherently difficult. Competitive actions, seasonal factors, and the economic sEssiON 4 environment are only a few of the hurdles that must be overcome to the Online travel agency impact on forecast successfully. But to what extent can forecasting really be relied hotel revenues upon, and how can you evaluate the performance of your forecasts? • Managing your inventory across many online channels can • Hear why Rishikant Singh of Air India believes that in the increasingly be problematic. What analysis should you be undertaking competitive travel environment, it has never been more important to to ensure optimal profitability? integrate forecasting into your revenue management strategy. • Online Travel Agencies (OTA) can take as much as 25% Rishikant Singh, AGM Revenue Management, air india commission from your bookings. It´s a hefty cost to absorb, so is it possible to incentivise your agencies to Flexible pricing in the rapidly evolving sell your inventory without increasing their commission? M.E hotel sector • Are OTA commissions actually stifling the parity of Responding to changes in the market with flexible pricing - particularly your rates? with the uncertain economic climate in the traditional feeder markets • How can internet bookings make it easier for you to profile of Germany and the U.K - is paramount for M.E hotels. With the role of your customer, and understand their behaviour? revenue managers and distribution managers becoming increasingly • What advantages can OTA´s provide to attract longer complex, applying flexible pricing strategies may not be so simple. staying guests? • From flat to dynamic - will flexible pricing work for everyone? • Increase your weekend business by utilising online travel • Hear why rate flexibility is essential in markets impacted by seasonality agencies more wisely and economic uncertainties • Packaging products on the web - can OTA´s be used to • Can a flexible rate structure easily include all of your package more effectively? distribution channels? • REVPAR versus 100% occupancy - how much of your • The M.E already suffers from short forecasting lead times. inventory should you allocate to OTA´s, and what variables What new ways will your forecasting be impacted by a flexible can impact this amount? pricing structure? Walter Lo Faro, Director of Market Management, Expedia • What measures can be taken to ensure your negotiated accounts don´t find your rates cheaper by searching through other channels? Arun Kumar, Director of Revenue Management & Reservation Services, Jebel ali international hotels Soha Zahar, Director of Revenue Management, Rotana Hotels & Resorts End of Day - Networking reception the middle east’s only hotel spec
  4. 4. ment in your organisational structure Day two – 16th December sEssiON 1 sEssiON 3 integrated Revenue Management - a case study Revenue Management for independent Hotels, Revenue Managers are a crucial link in the hotel organisational Executives Residences and apartments chain. Revenue Managers can often be viewed as troublesome • Independent hotels executive residences, suites, and apartments... sticklers for percentages, impacting on the sales teams´ ability to a large Middle Eastern growth segment - what are the unique perform their role most effectively. But times are changing! RM challenges that these accommodations will face as their Hear why Hans Olbertz, GM for Emirates Palace, believes that an popularity grows? integrated approach to revenue management and sales is hugely • Don´t be lured by the prestige of 100% occupancy - hear important to the success and longevity of Middle Eastern hotels. why REVPAR must remain your hotel’s primary focus What can we learn from the Emirates Palace experience, how can • How can independent hotels compete against larger chains, an integrated RM team contribute to a hotel’s prolonged success? without compromising revenue? Hans Olbertz, General Manager, emirates palace • Which channels do guests of independent hotels typically book through? sEssiON 2 • Corporates choosing executive residences and apartments - an essential look at total Revenue Management how can these properties manage late bookings, cancellations and the booking alterations that are typical of the corporate market? Why is a total approach to revenue management fundamental to Middle Eastern hotel revenue systems? Hear revenue Tiina-Maija Bergman, Partner, duncan bramwell & co. management expert Sharad Kapur from Hyatt South West Asia, Dennis Penalosa, Cluster Revenue Manager - Jumeirah Living, lend his experience on the following key points: Jumeirah group • What is TRM and why should it be practiced? Richard Haddad, General Manager, vision hotels management • What strategic shifts are necessary before TRM can be lunch implemented? • What does Spa, F & B revenue management entail? - sEssiON 4 hear some specifics and metrics Pricing inventory and the perception of your brand Sharad Kapur, Director of Revenue Management, • The BIG debate - are your customers loyal to your brand, or hyatt international south west asia loyal to the lowest price? Can you really know either way? dissecting total revenue management strategy • The cost of lowering your rates - When does lowering rates to attract price sensitive guests begin to deter your loyal (less A sole focus on REVPAR is too simplistic. Learn how a Total price-sensitive) guests? Revenue Management strategy can greatly increase your hotel’s revenue generating potential. • Added value versus cheaper rooms - Why is a complimentary breakfast better for your bottom line (and the perception of • Increased competition will create a need for alternative your property) than lowering your room rate? revenues. What opportunities is your hotel overlooking? • With Middle Eastern supply and demand levels balancing out, • Which revenue streams should fall under the TRM umbrella, will guests still perceive higher prices as meaning better service? and should these be considered separately from ancillary revenues? • Is it possible to ensure your brand is considered first by loyalists, • Identify the touch points throughout your property that can be even when it is not the cheapest room available? used as tools for facilitating extra/higher yielding spending • What threats to traditional hotels is the emergence of apartments • Seasonality is a major Middle East hotel challenge - how can and executive residences presenting? total revenue management be used to ease the inevitable • Hear the possible brand implications of claiming a ‘Best Rate summer strain? Guarantee’ • TRM sounds great, but what is the cost of integrating total Laurent Barelier, Revenue Manager, Accor revenue management technologies? Conference ends Ahmed Rasmy, Revenue Manager, Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi Stefan Wolf, Director of Corporate Revenue Management, Have your say… shangri la hotels & resorts This conference has been specifically designed to encourage interactive Morning coffee participation. Not only will you hear thought provoking presentations and stimulating case studies, you’ll have the chance to join the discussion and have your questions answered. Revenue Management as a discipline is still ...and join the Revenue Management Newsroom relatively young in the region, and vying for Join the Revenue Management Newsroom for up to date revenue and recognition in the organizational structure. pricing news and information. This site has been set up to provide revenue managers from all parts of the world the opportunity to This hotel specific regionally focused event will interact with one another in an open forum environment, as well as arm hoteliers with the tools to better manage offer an easy location to source the latest news in the world of revenue management. inventory pricing, and take hotel revenue Join the group, discuss ideas and best practice techniques, or simply generating potential to the next level. drop in and see what’s new for revenue experts. visit the Revenue Management Newsroom at http://revenuenewsroom.ning.com/ cific revenue management forum
  5. 5. Fax this completed registration page to +44 (0)207 375 7200 saVe Hotel Revenue Management Us$200 Book before & Pricing Middle East 2008 Oct 12th 15-16th December, Beach rotana Hotel, abu Dhabi 3 easy steps to reGister 1. Please select the package you require: 3. Payment Choose one of the following payment options: Early Bird Standard Book before: 12th Oct 2008 I enclose a cheque/draft for: US$________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) GOlD Includes: • Conference CD Rom with US$1249 US$1449 Please invoice my company: US$________________ presentations and audio • 2 day conference pass Purchase Order No.:___________________________ Please charge my credit card: US$_______________ silvER Includes: US$1099 US$1299 Amex Visa Mastercard • 2 day conference pass Credit card number: Group Discount: cancELLations: Please contact Sinead Mallon on +44 (0)207 375 7228 All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. or email him at sinead@eyefortravel.com for more Cancellations received before 5pm (GMT) time on Thursday 13th Expiry date: details on group discounts. November 2008 will not incur a penalty (credit card registrations are subject to a 5% administration fee). If written confirmation of a HotEL Discount: cancellation is not received by 5pm (GMT) time on Thursday 13th Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): We have negotiated a preferential room rate at the November 2008, we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please Beach Rotana Hotel Hotel Abu Dhabi. Reservation note - you must inform the conference desk in writing of any details will be sent to you when you register. Please cancellations on: customerservices@firstconf.com Whilst every effort is made to maintain the advertised agenda, the organisers Name on card: note there is limited availability. So we recommend you book early to take advantage of this offer. reserve the right to make changes without notice. Signature: 2. Delegate Details NB: FULL PayMENT MUST BE RECEivEd BEFORE ThE EvENT Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: 5 Easy Ways to Register Last Name: Company: Position/Title: Email: reece@eyefortravel.com Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7200 Telephone: Fax: Call: +44 (0)207 375 7228 Email: Online: www.eyefortravel.com/rmme Address: * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, State: Postcode/Zip: E1 6PX, UK Country: Win a complimetary pass! Visit www.eyefortravel.com/rmme
  6. 6. no nonsense, no timewasting - a roadmap to higher profits saVe Hotel Revenue Management Us$200 Book before & Pricing Middle East 2008 Oct 12th 15-16th December, Beach rotana Hotel, abu Dhabi Develop your ability to generate new revenue How your sector could benefit Network with the leaders in Middle Eastern hotel revenue HOtEls tOuR OPERatORs & management and pricing Hoteliers are beginning to realise tRavEl aGENts that revenue management does not Compared to airlines or hotels, Sarah Allen, Area Director of Revenue Strategy, stand alone. In order to optimize revenue management in a Middle East & Africa, Marriott International profits RM needs to be integrated tour-operating environment is with all aspects of the business, from relatively undeveloped. So how Michael Marshal, VP Sales and Marketing, CRM to operations. Only by doing can you modernize your RM Rotana Hotels & Resorts this can the true potential of revenue strategy to keep up with other Anita Markiewicz, Director of Revenue management systems be realised. sectors of the industry? Through Management, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts You will hear experts present case listening to our industry leaders Imran Changezi, Director of Corporate Sales - studies on how they achieved this you will find revenue management Global, Jumeirah Group integration and with what success. practices that are specifically Walter Lo Faro, Director of Market Management, You will also discover techniques to designed to be relevant to travel Expedia steer customers to your own websites agencies and tour operators, and and maximize third party control. enhance your hotel relationships. Stefan Wolf, Director of Corporate Revenue Management, Shangri La Hotels & Resorts Sharad Kapur, Director of Revenue Management, Hyatt International South West Asia Who should attend? Arun Kumar, Director of Revenue Management & Reservation Services, Jebel Ali International Revenue Management impacts all sectors of the travel industry and numerous Hotels departments within your organisation, from marketing and sales, to distribution Hans Olbertz, General Manager, Emirates Palace and product development. Tiina-Maija Bergman, Partner, if you are a travel industry executive with responsibility in any of the Duncan Bramwell & Co. following areas you will benefit from this event: Soha Zahar, Director of Revenue Management, Revenue management eCommerce Finance Rotana Hotels & Resorts Distribution Pricing Ancillary Revenue Dennis Penalosa, Cluster Revenue Manager - Marketing Reservation Managers Business Development Jumeirah Living, Jumeirah Group Product Development Sales Richard Haddad, General Manager, Vision Hotels Management The event will also be of interest to the: President/CEO/CTO/CIO/CFO/CMO of travel organisations. Laurent Barelier, Revenue Manager, Accor Duncan Bramwell, Managing Director, take a team to the event and make sure your business gets an expert Duncan Bramwell & Co. briefing and captures that competitive edge. Ahmed Rasmy, Revenue Manager, Millennium to take advantage of our group discounts contact sinead Mallon Hotel Abu Dhabi +44 (0)20 7375 7228 Rishikant Singh, AGM Revenue Management, Air India Margaret Bowler, Director, Global Hotel Relations, 5 Easy Ways to Register HRG Email: reece@eyefortravel.com Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7200 Call: +44 (0)207 375 7228 Online: www.eyefortravel.com/rmme * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX Win a complimetary pass! Visit www.eyefortravel.com/rmme