EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue in Travel USA (2008)


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Maximize Your Profits by Selling Additional Products and Services Along the Customer Purchasing Path.


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EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue in Travel USA (2008)

  1. 1. Register before July 18 to Travel Distribution SAvE $300 Summit N. America 2008 on your conference pass ! 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Ancillary Revenue in Travel USA Maximize your Profits by selling additional Products and services along the Customer Purchasing Path • How easily can ancillary revenue benefit your Just imagine what you could learn business – and how much could it be worth? from these industry trailblazers! • Which ancillary revenue products and services will deliver maximum profitability for your business? • How do you effectively manage your ancillary Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Gregg Schulze, Planning and Analysis, American Airlines VP Air, The Americas, Expedia revenue partnerships – and overcome the technological challenges? • What are the secrets of creating a program that’s consistent with your brand – and Rom Hendler, VP Strategic Marketing, Julie Szudarek, VP of Revenue Management, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino The Americas, Orbitz Worldwide avoids alienating customers? • How should you profile your customers to target them with the most relevant ancillary Chris Amenechi, Senior Director International revenue offerings? Brett Cochran, Director of Business eCommerce and Distribution Planning, Development, JetBlue Airways Continental Airlines • How easily can you maximize ancillary revenues from your loyalty program? • How can hotels, casinos and other suppliers Greg Webb, jump onto this lucrative, airline-led bandwagon? Jim Young, VP Sales, Chief Marketing Officer, Sabre Travel Distribution and Marketing, Frontier Airlines Network and Sabre Airline Solutions sponsors Glen Harvell, VP and General Manager, Tad Hutcheson, Travelocity On Location VP Marketing and Sales, AirTran Airways Two full dAyS of EASy-To-implEmEnT, rEVEnuE-booSTing idEAS Get 3 Conferences for the Price of 1! Book now and gain unlimited access to all tHRee tRavel distRiBution summit confeRences - full details inside
  2. 2. Whatever travel product you sell - with ancillary revenues you can earn more Airlines are raising their revenues at during a weak economy. But making This year, for the first time in North little extra cost by unbundling their fares money is never that easy – what products America, EyeforTravel brings you Ancillary and selling additional products on their do you offer, when and how? How do you Revenue in Travel USA 2008: focusing websites. The impact on their bottom continue to sell right through the travel on what you need to know to grow your line is massive and now hotels, car hire, trip. And how do you assess the risk to ancillary revenue, boost your profits cruises, ferries, tour operators and OTAs your brand if an ancillary product fails to and become super-competitive. The are all moving into this lucrative money live up to what has been promised? conference brings together the companies, earner. such as American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Orbitz, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, The message is simple: if you are in the Expedia and Spirit Airlines - Those who business of selling travel online – your “The ancillary Revenue in are truly leading the way in the industry. revenues could be higher! With more and Travel Europe conference From managing to marketing, products to more customers buying direct from the provided an excellent payment; this conference will show you supplier the opportunities for growing your opportunity to learn about how to tailor your product proposition to revenues by unbundling, up-selling and innovative ways to drive fully realize your profit potential. cross-selling are enormous. additional yield in a high With such a wealth of information and The conclusion is clear: ancillary revenue commodity marketplace” opportunity Ancillary Revenue in Travel works and now it’s your turn to take a cut USA 2008 will take the industry’s ancillary Lowell Miller, Sr. Director IT Business of the profits. Growing ancillary revenue revenue strategy forward. Make sure Solutions, Frontier Airlines as part of your business model is essential you’re not left behind and miss out and to the survival of your company, especially register today. gain Access to Three Co-located Conferences on one pass and Choose from over Twenty in-depth Sessions! This year we have co-located three conferences three conferences, meaning that you can choose conference experience by selecting the sessions under one roof to provide you with the from over twenty in-depth sessions examining that suit your areas of expertise and come away opportunity to network with a greater variety and Technology, CRM, Ancillary Revenue, Revenue with a wealth of information and a list of contacts number of travel executives. And purchasing Management, Pricing, Distribution, eCommerce that simply isn’t available anywhere else. one conference pass gives you access to all and Online Marketing. Tailor your two-day dAy 1 dAy 2 Networking Cocktail Party 5-7pm at the close of day one TRaVEL REVENuE aNCiLLaRy ThE TRaVEL REVENuE aNCiLLaRy DisTRibuTiON MaNagEMENT REVENuE DisTRibuTiON MaNagEMENT REVENuE ExECuTiVE & PRiCiNg iN iN TRaVEL ExECuTiVE & PRiCiNg iN iN TRaVEL CONFERENCE TRaVEL CONFERENCE TRaVEL role of innovation How can ancillary Digital trends ancillary revenue in Online travel pricing in an revenue Benefit travel? for 2008 from a-Z Economic slowdown Which products to Forecasting Consumer response MO RNING MO RNING the rise of next- Offer, and When? Customer to ancillary revenue Generation travel Behavior intermediaries align Distribution managing ancillary With revenue revenue internally impact of Changing is ancillary revenue How to sell travel in an management and Externally Online advertising Fare structures on rm program Consistent Economic Downturn Campaigns with Your Brand? profit Optimization LUNCH BREAK LUNCH BREAK the staying power of traditional tour Operators the role of revenue profile Customers Consumer-Centric with precise products managers third-party revenue management AFT E RNO ON AFT E RNO ON meta-search: technology and Who, How & When using social media to ancillary revenue Enhance Distribution ancillary revenue small & independent and loyalty Dynamic packaging Hotels Website the Evolution rm techniques for a Customers Optimization of the GDs Groups & meeting space Willingness to pay rm and Condos This is a visual representation and is not a timed agenda Register Now Online at www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa
  3. 3. Boost Your Profits with High-Margin Ancillary Revenues October 1st: 9.00am – 7.00pm 11.30 – 1.00: session 2: • Is GDS technology flexible enough for complex fare structures like those of Air Canada? Chairman: Patrick Murphy, Chairman, Aviation Group, ancillary Revenue • Utilizing your ancillary revenue program to Performance Consultants International benefit your direct distribution strategy: How (former Executive Chairman of RyanAir) Partnership Management: can you encourage consumers to go direct? 9.00 – 9.30: Opening Keynote What structure do you Need • What works best when it comes to to succeed? merchandizing and up-selling via a GDS? how Can ancillary Revenue Allegiant Air, has 37 hotel partners in Las Vegas • Are XML interfaces a must-have for airlines that are determined to succeed at generating benefit the Travel industry? alone, and in June 2006 they filled 30,000 room ancillary revenue? nights in the city To offset soaring fuel costs, United Airlines has begun • How can you create synergies between various charging passengers for a second bag – a move that will • How do you evaluate the value of an ancillary platforms to package products fast – and generate an estimated $100m revenue program to your organization and seamlessly – to your end users? convince senior management to invest? • How should you define ancillary revenue - is it just Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Planning and Analysis, another term for nickel-and-diming your customers? • How can you provide the right partnerships to American Airlines increase ancillary revenue? • Why is the travel industry particularly suited to Gregg Schulze, VP Air, The Americas, expedia delivering significant ancillary revenue? • Is it ever more profitable to go it alone? Robert Buckman, Director of Airline Distribution • What factors are driving the need for ancillary revenue? • Should responsibility for ancillary revenue lie with Strategies, Amadeus north America • What is the difference between genuine ancillary one person in your organization, or is it better Cormac Wheelan, CEO, Datalex revenue and unbundling? shared between the relevant departments? • Creating an ancillary revenue program for your • What’s the most profitable way to add 3.30 – 4.00: Networking Coffee Break particular business: How much money could partnerships with leisure companies and you make? destination-based organizations? 4.00 – 4.30: Expert analysis Patrick Murphy, Chairman, Aviation Group, • What are the key management risks – internally Performance Consultants International and within your partnerships - and how can you how do you Measure a (former Executive Chairman of RyanAir) minimize them? • Which systems will you need to handle the Customer’s Willingness to 9.30 – 11.00: session 1: pressure that accelerating customer demand will Pay for ancillary Products? place on your infrastructure? • Learn a way to understand what your customer’s Which ancillary Revenue • Integrating third-party relationships into your value in order to increase ancillary revenue Products best Complement the business processes: • Find out how to determine a customer’s Travel Purchasing Corridor – and - What will your partners expect from you? willingness to pay for certain products - What information will you be expected to share • Should you focus on add-ons or should you Deliver Maximum Profits? with your ancillary revenue partners? encourage your customers to pay more for Starwood Hotels make $250k per year by selling • How do you evaluate your potential revenue existing products and services? chocolate tortes, while Allegiant Air has a thriving range streams by incorporating reasonable traffic flows • Hear fascinating statistics from an academic of Elvis-inspired sunglasses. and conversion expectations? study on ancillary revenue in the airline industry • How can you create a list of innovative products that Julie Szudarek, VP of Revenue Management, Stowe Shoemaker, Associate Dean of Research, are ideally suited to your brand and reach – and identify The Americas, Orbitz Worldwide University of Houston the items that are serious money-spinners? Brett Cochran, Director of Business Development, • What “special-service requests” can you add in the JetBlue Airways 5.00 – 7.30: Networking Cocktail Party booking process – and fulfill with ease Chris Amenechi. Senior Director International • Travel insurance – the ancillary revenue no-brainer: eCommerce and Distribution Planning, How can you successfully push insurance to your Continental Airlines Interactive Participation customers and what kind of returns should you expect? Rod Cuthbert, CEO, Viator • How can you exploit the boom in destination and John McEwan, Director of Revenue Strategy, This conference has been structured experiential travel to sell ancillary products? Vail resorts to encourage active participation. Not • What kind of experiential services and souvenir items only will you hear stimulating, thought work best with destination seekers? 1.00 – 2.00: Roundtable Lunch Break provoking presentations, you’ll have • In-flight and in-room entertainment: Which new ideas the opportunity to have our say & are working best right now? 2.00 – 3.30: Keynote session 3: get your questions answered. What’s • The cruise industry and ancillary revenue: How easily more there will be ample time to can you form profitable third-party partnerships? Third-Party Technology: meet, network & do business with your • When – and where – is the best time to sell your extra Will it help or hinder fellow senior-level executives; at the products and services? Can you expand your window of opportunity? your ancillary Revenue event, during the breaks and at our networking drinks party. Jim Young, VP Sales, Distribution and Marketing, Objectives? Frontier Airlines The GDSs don’t fully support interactive seat maps Dave Jones, Director, Web Business, WestJet so they can’t sell exit rows to generate ancillary Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of revenue. What else needs to change? Marketing, California State University, Dominguez Hills • How can the OTAs and GDSs accommodate Glen Harvell, VP and General Manager, airlines if they are bundling/unbundling ancillary Travelocity On Location products – and are the GDSs actually capable of unbundling? 11.00 – 11.30: Networking Coffee Break For More Information Call James Brown on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 - UK
  4. 4. Grow Your Brand by Offering an Expanded Product Mix October 2nd: 9.00am – 4.00pm • Can unbundling help you to be true to your • How do you balance the need to drive ancillary brand – and your customers’ expectations? revenue against the risk of alienating loyal 9.10 - 9.40: Opening Keynote: Greg Webb, Chief Marketing Officer, Sabre Travel customers? network and Sabre Airline Solutions • With 60 million members, AAdvantage has ancillary Revenue from Tad Hutcheson, VP Marketing and Sales, become more than a loyalty program, it’s a AirTran Airways multi-faceted marketing vehicle for a variety a to Z Sandy Gantt, Managing Director E-Commerce, of business entities. How can legacy carriers • How lucrative could Ancillary Revenue be for United Airlines piggy-back on the massive success of their your business? loyal programs? • Why is the low-cost airline model particularly 12.00 - 1.00: Roundtable Lunch Break • Does à la carte pricing alienate elite-status, suited to Ancillary Revenue? frequent-fliers? • How can an ancillary revenue strategy help 1.00 – 2.30: session 4: • Is the diminution of perks inevitable when you you offer a lower base fare and appeal to price embark on an ancillary revenue program? conscious customers? What’s the Most Effective • Delta Air Lines has rolled travel insurance into • How does Ancillary Revenue relate to your Way to Profile your its loyalty program: How easily can you offer brand? personalized travel insurance to your regular • Get expert advice for implementing an Ancillary Customers and Target Them customers? Revenue strategy throughout your company With Precise ancillary Rob Bunker, Director, Revenue Management Consulting & Analysis, Harrah’s entertainment Barry Biffle, SVP and CMO, Spirit Airlines Revenue Offerings? More speakers for this session to be 9.40 – 10.10: Expert analysis: • Unbundling: If you lower your base fare and announced shortly - please check appeal to price-conscious customers and those website for details a Framework for who don’t want to pay for certain items, will you actually increase revenues? understanding the Consumer Response to ancillary • Using behavioral targeting to offer additional services within the purchasing path: Ancillary Revenue - How do you recognize customer preferences? - How easily can you analyze previous Revenue Facts: • How much control do customers want over their purchasing behavior? ancillary revenue choices? - What type of content is most likely to generate • How does the process of providing the an immediate sale? $334 million: The amount opportunity for ancillary revenue increase overall Ryanair made in ancillary satisfaction and customer loyalty? • How can you promote ancillary services with mobile offers, that’s based on customer profiles revenue in 2007 • Discover how to acquire ancillary revenue and relevant to their travel experiences? without alienating your customers • How can the airlines use customer profiles to 74%: The increase in Stowe Shoemaker, Associate Dean of Research, University of Houston cross-sell travel insurance and other products? ancillary revenue Ryanair • How can you make your website a retail outlet? recorded over the past 10.10 – 10.45: Networking Coffee Break • How can you successfully target business two years travelers with ancillary products? 10.45 - 12.00: Keynote Presentations • How should you tweak your product offerings to $248 million: How much gain maximum revenues? how Do you Make your John Lambe, CTO, OpenJaw Technologies & European LLC EasyJet Vice-Chairman of the OpenTravel Board made in Ancillary ancillary Revenue Program of Directors Revenues in 2006 Consistent with your brand? Rom Hendler, VP Strategic Marketing, The Venetian resort Hotel Casino $22: The amount you Southwest started to issue seat numbers in a pre- More speakers for this session to be announced flight email – creating an ideal ancillary revenue would save per day if you opportunity. But to do this, they had to stop young shortly – please check website for details families boarding first. Does it really pay to alienate hired a small car direct certain customer segments in favor of generating 2.30 - 3.00: Networking Coffee Break from Hertz rather than additional revenues? through Ryanair • Airlines are experimenting with services 3.00 - 4.00: session 5: and products that were once free. To what $38 million: The estimated extent does this alienate customers – and how Can you Maximize profit European airline and does it matter? ancillary Revenues from ferry operators have made • Are ancillary programs inconsistent with a legacy carrier brand – or not? your Loyal Customers? from scratch-cards and • North American travelers and their sensitivities US Airways has recently reformed frequent-flyer phone cards to hidden/additional costs: Which products and benefits to offset rising fuel costs. Is this a wise add-ons will flight passengers willingly pay for? financial decision? • Can US airlines copy the European LCC model that often includes travel insurance by default, • Can ancillary revenue play a role in increased customer loyalty? book now to avoid forcing an opt-out policy on customers? Would this work? And is it legal? disappointment Book Before July 18 For Early-Bird Discounts
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa Ancillary Revenue Register before July 18 to SAvE $300 in Travel USA on your conference pass 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas ! This conference is a key forum for high-level executives to network, REGISTER NOW! learn and discuss their future GrOup DisCOunts: 5 Ways TO REgisTER strategy. When we held this event • Email: helen@eyefortravel.com with your full contact details and we will The sooner you book the more you save! Early bird offers could save you $300, so in Europe it sold out and feedback process your registration book soon to get the best possible price. was excellent. see what you • OnlinE: Go to www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa and submit your details for Plus the more people you bring, the more European counterparts had to say instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the secure site or you will save! If you buy 4 conference request an invoice. passes you will receive one free pass. about this inaugural event: For more details on group discounts • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, please call James Brown +44 (0) 207 375 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, UK 7551 or email jamesb@eyefortravel.com “Really informative conference with lots of good advice from • Fax: Back this form to 1 800 814 3460 HOtEl DisCOunts: key people in the travel market. • Call: The booking hotline on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 We have arranged a special discounted An excellent way to turn new contacts room rate at Caesars Palace. Reservation Please tick the package price Register before Register before details will be sent to you when you into real business” box you require below: 18 July 2007 22 August 2007 Register after register. Please note that there is limited 22 August 2007 availability, so it is recommended that you Jason Rivolta, Commercial Director, mobile trails SAVE $300 SAVE $100 book early to take advantage of this offer. GOLD PASS “As ever, a very informative event Includes: CanCEllatiOn pOliCY: • North American Online Travel Market All conference places are fully transferable with fantastic opportunities to learn Report (worth $995 if purchased without any charge at any time. There will be no $2195 $2395 $2495 coupled with a platform for networking separately) penalty for cancellations received before Friday • 2 Day Conference Pass 5th September 2008 (Credit card registrations and doing business” are subject to a 10% cancellation fee). If written • CD-Rom of the conference (audio Chirac Shah, Online Marketing Executive, the Holiday place confirmation of a cancellation is not received and presentations) before Friday 5th September 2008 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. “I got everything I wanted out of this SILVer PASS Please note, you must inform the conference desk in writing of any cancellations: please Includes: event. Great networking, interesting • 2 Day Conference Pass $1495 $1695 $1795 email customerservices@firstconf.com topics and great ideas” • CD-Rom of the conference (with Purchasing one conference pass gives Penny Roberts, International Sales Director, GO-sim presentations and an audio stream) you access to all 3 conferences: • The Travel Distribution Executive “As usual, Eyefortravel have BrOnze PASS Conference 2008 Includes: $1295 $1495 $1595 • Revenue Management & Pricing in provided essential information • 2 Day Conference Pass Travel 2008 in an entertaining way. Candid • Ancillary Revenue in Travel speakers and case studies help to illustrate both how important ancillary Yes!! Please register me for Travel Distribution Summit 2008 products can be to the development Block letters please of your business and how difficult they Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: can be to implement” Company: Position/Title: asa sergeant, Web Marketing Executive, the Holiday place Telephone: Fax: Email: Address: What is the North american Zip code: Online Travel Market Report? Country: this report will provide you with up to the minute data and strategic analysis of the Us Payment: online travel market. Incorporating an overview I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) of the market, as well as detailed sector Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ analyses which uncover trends of airlines, hotels and intermediaries, plus an insight into Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard leading companies, this report will help you to Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: strategically position your company. exploring historical data from 2002 and looking forward Name on card: Signature: to 2010, this is an essential source of market NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt intelligence that will enable you to define your © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. www.firstconf.com/firstconf/legal_notice.html This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material online strategy for 2008 and beyond. herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. You competitors are already making serious money – Are you losing out?
  6. 6. Travel Distribution Summit N. America 2008 Register before July 18 to 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas SAvE $300 on your MAKE THE ESSENTIAL CONTACTS YOU NEED conference pass ! MAXIMIZE ANCILLARY REvENUE SALES Ample opportunities to network with fellow attendees and meet potential partners… Travel Distribution is based PRE-REGISTRATION PARTY – 30th on partnerships and at this September – Once arriving at Caesars “An informative event event distribution deals Palace, come and meet your fellow both in subject matter and industry are initiated, refreshed delegates in the Hotel bar. Collect knowledge. Good opportunities to and most importantly network with people who can really your badge and avoid the morning sealed. Our delegates help with ancillary opportunities” rush. It’s an ideal place to meet old are some of the most friends and start your networking Tony Walker, getz.com senior decision-makers in before heading out into Las Vegas. the travel industry and with 800+ people expected at our 2008 COCKTAIL EVENING – 1st October – We know that you want to Summit the networking possibilities are endless. We know meet your fellow delegates and speakers in a social environment at the how important your time is, which is why we have specifically end of an information-packed first day - which is why our networking designed this event to allow you to meet your fellow delegates receptions are always such a great success! Being held in the exhibition and start talking. These include: hall, this informal environment is the perfect opportunity for you to see the products on offer, meet your fellow delegates and discuss the issues that ONLINE CONTACT CENTER – Organize meetings in have been raised. advance and touch base with those crucial contacts through our online networking center. This online system will be up COFFEE AND LUNCH BREAKS – The backbone “The Ancillary Revenue in and running before the event Travel Europe conference provided an so you can make initial contact of your networking; you’ll be able to cement relationships excellent opportunity to learn about and after the event to catch-up innovative ways to drive additional yield with the people you missed. By and discuss future business in a high commodity marketplace” limiting the number of emails opportunities during two lunch breaks and four coffee breaks. Lowell Miller, Sr. Director IT we’ll ensure that you only hear Strategy & e-Business Solutions, from potential partners and We promise you’ll have ample Frontier airlines avoid spam. time to network with your fellow attendees across the two days EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE Brian Robb, SVP Corporate Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou, Cormac Wheelan, CEO, Kim Nugent, Corporate Director Stowe Shoemaker, Associate Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Development, The Mark Travel Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Datalex of Revenue Management, Dean of Research, University of Planning & Analysis, Corporation Marketing, California State Dave Jones, Director, Web Benchmark Hospitality Houston American Airlines University, Dominguez Hills Frank Petito, SVP Corporate Business, WestJet Rob Bunker, Director, Revenue Susan Cary, Director of Revenue Dr. Bill Brunger, Internal Development, Orbitz Worldwide Elizabeth Churchill, VP Sales David Gross, SVP Global Airline Management Consulting Management, AlaskaAir Consultant, Continental Gregg Schulze, VP Air, The & Marketing, Aqua Hotels & Distribution, Sabre Airlines & Analysis, Harrah’s Mark Mahaney, Director of Resorts Americas, Expedia Gregg Chapman, Senior Entertainment Internet Research, Citigroup Neil Salerno, CHME, CHA, Barry Biffle, SVP & CMO, Spirit Consultant & Author, Hotel Noreen Henry, VP Hotels & Manager Revenue & Profit Jim Young, VP Sales, Investment Group Airlines Marketing Coach Packaging, Travelocity Management, Walt Disney Parks Distribution & Marketing, Glen Harvell, VP & General Melissa Skluzacek, Director of Tammy Peter, VP Global & Resorts Frontier Airlines Keith Melnick, EVP Corporate Manager, Travelocity On Revenue Management, Distribution Strategy, Wyndham Gregory Saks, Director, Development, Kayak Location John Lambe, CTO, OpenJaw Midwest Airlines Hotel Group Compete Technologies & Vice-Chairman Charlie Coniglio, VP Greg Webb, Chief Marketing Owen Wild, Director of William Koo, Chief Marketing Jake Fuller, Managing Director, of the OpenTravel Board of eCommerce & Global Officer, Sabre Travel Network & Marketing, North America, Distribution, Dollar Thrifty Strategist, Castle Hotels & Sabre Airline Solutions Thomas Weisel Partners Directors Amadeus North America Automotive Group Resorts Jay Hubbs, Director of Revenue Amy Scarth, Head of Research, John McEwan, Director of Patrick Murphy, Chairman, Ben Druce, Director of Revenue Management, Expedia Partner “Caribbean Jim” Hobbs, EyeforTravel Revenue Strategy, Vail Resorts Aviation Group, Performance & Pricing, WestJet Services Group President/Founder, Chinmai Sharma, VP Revenue Robert Buckman, Director of Consultants International CheapCaribbean.com Dr. Peter Belobaba, Principal Management, Wyndham Hotels Jim Rozell, Senior Director Airline Distribution Strategies, (former Executive Chairman Research Scientist, MIT Revenue Optimization, Carlson Kristen Celko, VP Marketing, & Resorts Amadeus North America of RyanAir) International Center for Air Hotels Group STA Travel Chris Amenechi, Senior Director Rod Cuthbert, CEO, Viator Rick Zeni, VP Revenue Transportation Julie Szudarek, VP of Revenue Nathan Clapton, Senior International eCommerce Management, JetBlue Airways Brett Cochran, Director of & Distribution Planning, Management, The Americas, Rom Hendler, VP Strategic Director, Brand Distribution, Business Development, JetBlue Continental Airlines Orbitz Worldwide Marketing, The Venetian Resort Ted Souder, Midwest Director TripAdvisor Airways Kate Varini, Senior Lecturer, Hotel Casino of Sales, Google Bob Barnes, CEO, Zonder Chris Anderson, Assistant Diane Clarkson, Travel Analyst, Professor, Cornell University, Oxford Brookes University & Steve Pinchuk, Corporate VP Warren Lieberman, President, Sandy Gantt, Managing Director Jupiter Research School of Hotel Administration Founder, betterrevenue.com Revenue Management, SAS Veritec Solutions E-Commerce, United Airlines Book now at: www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa