EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue in Travel Europe 2008


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Expert speakers from the travel industry give industry leading insight on how to increase ancillary revenue


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EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue in Travel Europe 2008

  1. 1. 2 days to realise your full revenue potential r: as Offe Christm 00 savbe re€2Dec ‘07 efo 14th Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 20-21st February 2008, Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin MAxIMISE PROFITS WITH An ExTRA 18% REvEnuE THAT GOES STRAIGHT TO YOuR bOTTOM LInE Expert speakers give industry leading insight Ancillary Revenue on how to increase ancillary revenue Experts Assemble ATTEnD THIS EvEnT TO: • Hear from companies generating up to an extra 18% of high Santina Doherty, Chuck Jensen, General Manager profit revenue. Head of Ancillary Revenue, Ryanair – Delta.com, delta airlines • Discover new high-margin products that go straight to your bottom line and increase sales of your core offering. Oral Muir, Sr. Director, • Raise revenues by over 10% by integrating essential Simon Lilley, Director of Marketing, Flybe eCommerce Global Channels, Marriott international partner inventory • Double conversion rates on all ancillary revenue products by touching the customer the right way with pervasive selling. Lars Sande, Sales Director, Charles Johnson, • Increase revenues by tailoring your product proposition to Norwegian air Shuttle aSa Partnerships Manager, virgin Blue your customers. • Send sales soaring - undercut your competitors by 2% by shifting costs and overheads to your customers. Jenn Keen, Divisional Revenue Radoslaw Dutkowski, E-Commerce Manager UK & Ireland, ihG Manager, LOT Polish airlines • Debate the best way to source, integrate and control your highly profitable ancillary inventory. Nicolas Besse, Narasimha Jayakumar, Account Seize this vital opportunity to grow Internet Distribution, accor Director EMEA, Expedia Private Label revenues and maximise profits Chris Amenechi, Senior Director, Media Partners Sponsors Helen Horwood, Affiliates and Online international E-Commerce & Partnerships Manager, hertz distribution Planning Vic darvey, VP Distribution Charlie Sultan, and Business Development, MD Sales, Planning & Analysis, lastminute.com american airlines Revolutionise your business - open now for the full agenda
  2. 2. Raise revenues by registering now on +44 (0)207 375 7551 whatever travel product you sell, with ancillary revenues you can earn more Airlines are raising their revenues With such a wealth of information and by maximising selling touch points along by up to 18% at little extra cost by opportunity Ancillary Revenue in Travel the booking path and travel corridor. unbundling their fares and selling 2008 will take the industry’s ancillary Let Delta and Norwegian airlines help of additional products on their web revenue strategy forward. Make sure you to understand the booking habits sites. The impact on their bottom line you’re not left behind and miss out on of your customers which will allow you is massive and now hotels, car hire, these key issues: - to pitch products to them at the right cruises, ferries, tour operators and time to ensure a sale. Come away from OTAs are all moving into this TAILOR & unbunDLE – Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 ready lucrative money earner. to fully commercialise the travel corridor The beginning – able to sell multiple products at high The message is simple: if you are in See revenues rise and increase customer conversion touch points. the business of selling travel online – loyalty by allowing your customer to tailor your revenues could be higher! their travel experience by unbundling MAnAGE & MOnEY – With more and more customers buying and adding additional services. Hear from Flybe, American Airlines and Sabre The back office web direct from the supplier (Europe’s online travel market has grown by 22% on how to perfect the balance between It’s no use offering additional products in 2007 and 86% of Hotel rooms will be offering flexibility and overwhelming your and services if you can’t deliver them. booked direct by 2010) the opportunities customer with sales. Implement a full mix Managing your new product offerings for growing your revenues by unbundling, and match booking system that allows well will increase customer loyalty up-selling and cross-selling are enormous. you to shift costs to your customers and alongside rapidly growing profits; being come out fighting with a 2% price drop. unreliable will damage your brand beyond The conclusion is clear: ancillary revenue repair. Look at all the systems and works and now it’s your turn to take strategies that offer seamless delivery a cut of the profits. Growing ancillary PRODuCTS – of the total travel experience. revenue as part of your business model is Getting the mix right essential to the survival of your company. Own your customers’ purchasing power InTEGRATE – But making money is never that easy by being able to offer your customers everything in one place – your website! White labels and beyond… – what products do you offer, when and how? How do you continue to sell But don’t just add every product going 54% of your ancillary revenue will come right through the travel trip and how do – hear strategies and get statistics from from commission by offering partners’ you assess the risk to your brand if an Ryanair, Virgin Blue and Go Voyages products so you need to make sure ancillary product fails to live up to what about what customers are buying and access to this inventory is seamless. The has been promised? how to sell to them without cannibalising options you have to integrate additional your core product. Understand the best inventory into your booking path are This year, for the first time, EyeforTravel practices to expand your product mix to vast. Only at this conference will you brings you Ancillary Revenue in Travel maximise profits, not headaches…. hear multiple case studies from Expedia, 2008: focusing on what you need to lastminute.com and SideStep of what know to grow your ancillary revenue, is working for the companies who are boost your profits and become uber- THE OTHERS – earning maximum partner commission. competitive. The conference brings It’s not just the airlines… together the companies, such as Airlines are championing the ancillary Ryanair, American Airlines, Marriott revenue drive – why not you? Web direct and Expedia, leading the way in the bookings are on the rise and your profits The Product Box worldwide travel industry. From managing could be too. If you can offer customers Sit back, relax and hear about to marketing, products to payment; this the products and services they want, all the options you have to conference will show you how to tailor at an attractive price, your brand can increase you revenues. Listen to your product proposition to fully realise become their one stop shop for all travel concise information from vendors your profit potential. purchases. Suppliers such as Marriott, offering to grow your business. IHG and Accor are doing this, are you? EyeforTravel’s Product Box is Hotels, car hire, cruises and even other a pressure-free environment to non-travel brands are diversifying help you select the right partner the products they offer and to stay to handle you ancillary revenue competitive it is essential you do too. needs. Hosted by the airline and hotel MARKET – decision makers, the interactive The sell, it’s not hard forum will discuss ideas to Make the most of your captive customer: diversify your revenue maximising Easyjet doubled their conversion rates product mix. Register now at www.eyefortravel.com/arev
  3. 3. Maximise profits with high-margin ancillary revenue DAy onE: wednesday 20th February Chairman’s Introduction • How far is too far? No airline managers OTHER SuPPLIERS Michael Smith, SeaMountain Limited forecasted that free amenities are to become more common, but what Presentations and Panel PRODuCTS price increases your profits without alienating customers? Airlines, why not you? Hotels, Presentations and Panel • Perfect the balance between offering care hire and cruises are doing Tried and tested products to flexibility and overwhelming your customer it for themselves… with too many options that will distract • Hear from suppliers other than airlines get your ancillary revenue from your core product and damage who are leading the way by up-selling and strategy off the ground and your brand. cross-selling their way to maximum profits. new products which offer • Personalisation to profits – engage your • Take back control – why let others unbelievable margins customer with the freedom to build their generate great profits from your inventory • Maximise profits from the big three – car perfect trip by combining high margin when you can sell more, for less through hire, hotel, insurance – examine all the ancillary products and services. your online portal? options that you have to source, market • Hear from companies who have seen • See how efficient data mining can identify and sell for more than 15% commission. profits soar by implementing an a la cross selling opportunities. • Industry insight into what consumers are carte, mechandised, pricing strategy. • Integrate the partners essential to add buying - expand your product mix with • Industry leading strategies to maintain value to the travel experience – hear new highly-profitable products. customer loyalty – offer a price that will what products are working best for • Profile your customer to target them with attract more sales but not jeopardise each supplier. precise ancillary offerings that add value to your bottom line. • Become a one stop shop where you can their trip and increase your profits. • Maximise profits from your in-house truly own the customer and maximise yield • Financial services, such as co-branded offerings – its there so why not sell it! from every booking. credit cards, are used by nearly 100% of Cormac Wheelan, CEO, Datalex • Maximise profits from the predicted 86% your customers – learn how to get them Simon Lilley, Director of Marketing, Flybe of customers who will be booking directly hooked on your brand by implementing on your hotel website by 2010. this big earner. Kyle Moore, VP Product Marketing, Sabre • Hertz have realised massive returns from • Double your ancillary revenue with loyalty Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Planning & Analysis, their Ryanair partnership - could your programmes – learn how it can be your American Airlines product sell more elsewhere? biggest potential earner and increase Michael Rhodes, E-Commerce Manager, customer stickiness. Oral Muir, Sr. Director, eCommerce Global Leger Holidays Channels, Marriott International • Look at products you can sell throughout the travel corridor, from destination Lunch Nicolas Besse, Internet Distribution, Accor services, events, experience to souvenirs Helen Horwood, Affiliates and Online Partnerships after they return. Santina Doherty, Head of Ancillary Revenue, Workshop Manager, Hertz Ryanair Networking Coffee Break Charles Johnson, Partnerships Manager, Merchandising the Virgin Blue Direct Channel THE PRODuCT bOx Ghislain D’auvigny, Director of International Ancillary revenue has become increasingly important to suppliers; Presentations and Panel Commercial Development, Go Voyages Jessica Butcher, Partnerships Manager, Isango! compensating for increasingly Interactive Forum narrow margins and leveraging the Sit back, relax and hear about all the options Networking Coffee Break value of their online retail brand. you have to increase you revenues. Listen to To succeed suppliers can borrow concise information from vendors offering to TAILOR & unbunDLE from their OTA counterparts grow your business. EyeforTravel’s Product to merchandise and cross sell Box is a pressure-free environment to help effectively. Datalex and CarTrawler you select the right partner to handle you Presentations and Panel continue to enable industry ‘first- ancillary revenue needs. Cut your prices while increasing movers’ in driving the new ancillary Hosted by the airline and hotel decision profit by unbundling the travel business model and will run an makers, the interactive forum will discuss experience – give flexibility to interactive workshop session ideas to diversify your revenue building your customer to tailor the to demonstrate how best to product mix. product to their needs merchandise the air fare; integrate • Learn how to maximise revenue in ancillary products and services your most profitable distribution channel into the booking path; and ensure – unbundle in web direct and come relevance of product and service to out fighting with a 2% price drop. the online consumer. call +44 (0)207 375 7551 to secure you place
  4. 4. grow your brand by offering an expanded product mix DAy two: thursday 21st February MARKET Narasimha Jayakumar, Account Director EMEA, Expedia Private Label Ancillary Revenue Vic Darvey, VP Distribution and Business Snapshot Presentations and Panel Development, lastminute.com Touch your customer in 1 EasyJet earning £77m or the right way to maximise Tim Simmonds, Director of Business Development, an extra £3.81 per seat. SideStep conversions – commercialise 2 Increased number of consumers your travel corridor... Lunch booking direct from all suppliers. • How much is too much? Get tried and 3 Ryanair generating £221m tested information on the level of selling MAnAGE & MOnEY in ancillary revenue that customers will tolerate. • Understand the booking habits of your Presentations and Panel 4 63% of airline managers believe customer and what touch points offer the The back office – the power unbundling is the future best conversion rates – get the highest to deliver all you have 5 Hotels increasing brand profit from every product. promised…and manage reputation by offering • Maximise sales from your web traffic by consumers the total travel that extra 18% revenue fully commercialising the travel corridor • To be or not to be - that is the question. experience on their sites. – sell from the moment they book until after they return. Hear all the information on the costs and 6 AirAsia’s ancillary revenue conflicts moving into a dynamic packaging grew by 77% allowing fares • Don’t cannibalise your core product - learn space can bring. about the best way to introduce new to go down 2% products and services to compliment main • Statistics to convert the non-believers – sales, not affect them. give your management rock hard evidence 7 SkyEurope generating 18% of the need to offer ancillary products to of revenue from ancillary • Benchmark against the market leaders products and services stay competitive. who have fully commercialised their travel corridor to sell a variety of products and • Measure it to manage it – the revenue 8 Major brands complimenting services across multiple touch points. manager’s point of view. Track, optimise and their revenue by offering all control your new revenue stream travel products Chuck Jensen, General Manager – Delta.com, Delta Airlines • What’s the best way to take payment for your customers, partners and – 9 Predicted 86% of customers Lars Sande, Sales Director, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA booking hotels on your most importantly – for you. Bobby Healy, Chief Technical Officer, CarTrawler website by 2010. • Get to the nit and grit – who pays for Networking Coffee Break what and which factors play a part in how 10 Virgin Blue’s ancillary revenues much you both contribute to this win-win covered the operational costs relationship. of four of their fleet for a year InTEGRATE • Examine the systems available to offer customers mix and match style booking Presentations and Panel – usability will give you an essential edge Connect to higher profits and over your competitors. Have your say… greater sales with the latest • Mark yourself out from the crowd by being The conference is specifically technology to integrate reliable and trusted – examine the systems designed to encourage essential partners available to handle the pressure that active participation and bourgeoning customer demand will place • Integrate, connect and control – manage networking. Not only will you on your infrastructure. the dynamic partnerships that will contribute to 54% of your ancillary windfall Jenn Keen, Divisional Revenue Manager, hear stimulating, thought UK & Ireland, Inter Continental Hotels Group provoking presentations, • Beyond the white label. What solutions are there for full dynamic integration with your Chris Amenechi, Senior Director International you will have the chance to partners? E-Commerce and Distribution Planning, discuss topics and get your • Essential technologies to give you Continental Airlines questions answered. seamless and cost effective integration Barry Biffle, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, while expanding your product mix. Spirit Airlines • Powerful tools to handle multiple inventories Radoslaw Dutkowski, E-Commerce Manager, – from multiple partners – whilst maintaining LOT Polish Airlines control and maximising your margins. Craig Cherry, Head of UK Procurement, • Get the pros and cons of all the Cosmos (tbc) technologies on offer for connecting to your partners and the inevitable higher This agenda is being updated profits your ancillary revenue strategy all the time - visit: will bring. www.eyefortravel.com/arev Register now at www.eyefortravel.com/arev to save €200
  5. 5. Fax this completed registration page to +44 (0)207 375 7576 Offer: Christmas 00 savbe re€2Dec ‘07 Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 efo 14th 20-21st February 2008, Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin 3 EASY STEPS TO REGISTER Sign up as a gold delegate and as well as 1. Please select the package you require: gaining unique insight and fantastic networking opportunities, you will receive EyeforTravel’s Sales & Marketing Report including the Super Early Bird Early Bird Ancillary Revenue Report. Book before: Normal 14th December ‘07 January 21st ‘08 GOLD €1895 €1995 €2095 3. Payment Includes: Two-day delegate pass, CD of presentations with audio, EyeforTravel’s Sales and All prices are subject All prices are subject All prices are subject Please tick the package price box you require above: to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% Marketing Report Choose one of the following payment options: I enclose a cheque/draft for: €___________________ SILvER €1295 €1395 €1495 Includes: Two-day delegate pass, CD of presentations with audio All prices are subject All prices are subject All prices are subject (payable to First Conferences Ltd) to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% Please invoice my company: €___________________ bROnzE €995 €1095 €1195 Includes: Two-day delegate pass. All prices are subject All prices are subject All prices are subject Purchase Order No.:_____________________________ to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% to Irish VAT of 21% Please charge my credit card: €__________________ Group Discount: cancELLations: Please contact Paul Lane on +44 (0)207 375 7597 All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. or email him at paul@eyefortravel.com for more Amex Visa Mastercard American Express Cancellations received before 5pm (GMT) time on Friday 18th January details on group discounts. 2008 will not incur a penalty (credit card registrations are subject to a 5% administration fee). If written confirmation of a cancellation is Credit card number: HotEL Discount: not received by 5pm (GMT) time on Friday 18th January 2008, we will We have negotiated a preferential room rate at the Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin. Reservation details will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note - you must inform the conference desk in writing of any cancellations on: customerservices@ Expiry date: be sent to you when you register. Please note there is limited availability. So we recommend you book firstconf.com Whilst every effort is made to maintain the advertised early to take advantage of this offer. agenda, the organisers reserve the right to make changes without notice. Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): Name on card: 2. Delegate Details Signature: Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations NB: FULL PayMENT MUST BE RECEivEd BEFORE ThE EvENT Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: Last Name: 5 Easy Ways to Register Company: Position/Title: @ Email: tom@eyefortravel.com Telephone: Fax: 2 Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7576 Email: ( Call: +44 (0)207 375 7551 Address: 8 Online: www.eyefortravel.com/arev * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, State: Postcode/Zip: 7-9 Fashion St, London E1 6PX, UK Country: REgiStER on thE SEcuRE wEbSitE At www.eyefortravel.com/arev
  6. 6. 2 days of executive briefings, case-studies and networking Offer: Christmas 00 savbe re€2Dec ‘07 Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 efo 14th 20-21st February 2008, Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin Meet the people that will change you business The Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 conference is an Expert speakers give industry leading insight industry first – showing all sectors of the travel industry how to increase revenue and maximize profits. Our on how to increase your ancillary revenue speakers have been hand picked for their expertise and the agenda has been developed from months of Santina Doherty, Head of Ancillary Revenue, Ryanair consultation with them. Chuck Jensen, General Manager – Delta.com, Delta Airlines The Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008 conference will be Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Planning & Analysis, American Airlines the essential meeting place where senior travel decision Lars Sande, Sales Director, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA makers gather to meet, network and actually do business. Having all the major travel players in one place will get to Oral Muir, Sr. Director, eCommerce Global Channels, the root of ancillary revenue and allow you to leave ready Marriott International to implement the changes that will preserve your business Barry Biffle, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Spirit Airlines and maximize profits. Simon Lilley, Director of Marketing, Flybe And what a better place to meet and do business than in Chris Amenechi, Senior Director International E-Commerce and Dublin, Ireland’s beating heart. Come along and cement Distribution Planning, Continental Airlines your new business partnership with some legendary Dublin ‘craic’ in one of Europe’s most exciting and vibrant cities. Charles Johnson, Partnerships Manager, Virgin Blue Jenn Keen, Divisional Revenue Manager UK & Ireland, IHG Radoslaw Dutkowski, E-Commerce Manager, LOT Polish Airlines Nicolas Besse, Internet Distribution, Accor Helen Horwood, Affiliates and Online Partnerships Manager, Hertz Narasimha Jayakumar, Account Director EMEA, Expedia Private Label Vic darvey, VP Distribution and Business Development, lastminute.com Bobby Healy, Chief Technical Officer, CarTrawler Kyle Moore, VP Product Marketing, Sabre Tim Simmonds, Director of Business Development, SideStep Michael Rhodes, E-Commerce Manager, Leger Holidays And to ensure you enjoy your time in Dublin we have secured the Clontarf Castle Hotel where history and culture Ghislain D’auvigny, Director of International Commercial Development, will mix effortlessly with business as you hear industry Go Voyages leading insight, thought provoking case studies and Jessica Butcher, Partnerships Manager, Isango! network with your peers. Craig Cherry, Head of UK Procurement, Cosmos (tbc) Cormac Wheelan, CEO, Datalex 5 Easy Ways to Register 5 Reasons to attend... 1 Meet the partners who will make you realise your @ Email: tom@eyefortravel.com true profit potential 2 Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7576 2 Get the information on how to tailor your product for ( Call: +44 (0)207 375 7551 higher returns 3 See how unbundling your product can raise margins 8 Online: www.eyefortravel.com/arev - and profits! * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 4 Expand your produuct mix and become a one stop 7-9 Fashion St, shop - own your customers London E1 6PX, UK 5 Learn how to up-sell and cross-sell every customer Secure you place today at www.eyefortravel.com/arev and SAVE €200!