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Healthcare Professionals. If you think EHR security is something you can do on your own. Read these article. Then see how we can help.

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Wirehead Healthcare IT Services

  1. 1. Healthcare Professionals!If you think that you can create a secure and compliant healthcare network with off-the-shelf IT products or freeonline web-based applications and still pass a HIPAA audit? Please read the articles below:Modern Physician.comAriz. doc practice to pay $100,000 in HIPAA settlementBy: Joseph ConnApril, 17, 2012Using a Web-based, electronic patient scheduling system without appropriate privacy protections has led to anArizona medical practice reaching a $100,000 settlement with the federal government over potential privacy andsecurity violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, HHS announced.Phoenix Cardiac Surgery, of Phoenix and Prescott, Ariz., agreed to pay HHS and take corrective actions toprotect patient information after an investigation by HHS Office for Civil Rights, which has privacy and securityrule enforcement duties under HIPAA.Healthcare Info SecurityArrest in S.C. Medicaid Info BreachApril,19,2012By: Howard AndersonA former South Carolina state employee has been arrested for allegedly transferring personal information aboutmore than 228,000 Medicaid recipients to his personal e-mail account. The information inappropriatelytransferred in the breach incident, according to the South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services,includes names, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates and Medicaid ID numbers. For almost 23,000 of theaffected patients, Medicare numbers, which contain Social Security numbers, also were transferred. No privatemedical records or financial information was involved, authorities say. Nevertheless, the state is offering all thoseaffected a years worth of free identity protection services.How We can helpAs you can see in the articles above, security breaches can happen to any size healthcare facility, large or small.The fines in both cases are large from $100,000.00 for small practices to up to $250.00 per person breached inlarger facilities. Yet all of this can be avoided if a complete healthcare IT security plan is put in place to protect
  2. 2. your patients and your practice. So dont make a million-dollar mistake by trying to create a DIY system.Let us help. Wirehead Technologys Healthcare IT Managed Services are designed for single doctors officesand small clinics .We have a complete ONC Certified SAS 70 Type II EMR Services, HIPAA complaint phonessystems, computer systems from servers to tablets, security systems from firewalls to anti-virus, secure cloud-based EMR, EMR training for you and your staff, and before and after IT consulting services that will manageyour system that will allow you to take care of your patients knowing that their information will be safe andsecure. Now about the prices. Our services can be purchased outright or you can lease our services as a pay-as-you-go plan that will fit your budget.Best of all, many of our services qualify for the EHR Incentive program from Medicare and Medicaid that willreimburse you up to $63,000.00 over five years. So why should you take the chance of doing your IT wrong andgetting hit with a fine that could cripple your practice when there is help available to you as close as your phoneor computer? Call us today and let one of our IT consultants go over your practice to see how we can help you.Remember, doing IT alone WILL cost you BIG in the end. Call Us Today.Contact;Howard LeeHealthcare IT ConsultantWirehead TechnologyTel: 312-286-8416Email: wireheadtec@gmail.comWeb: www.wireheadtec.com/Home.html