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Understanding EHR Seminar. This presentation was from a seminar at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL Jan,9th of 2013. Wirehead Technology was one of the speakers with 7 Medical and EMR application company.

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Seminar Understanding EHR

  1. 1. Understanding EHR Howard Lee CIO Wirehead Technology 312-286-8416 wireheadtec@gmail.comWirehead Technology
  2. 2. Agenda1. Introduction to Wirehead Technology2. Understanding E H R3. Hunt Russell Demo of 7 Medical EMRMD Suite4. Questions and Answers Wirehead Technology
  3. 3. IntroductionWirehead Technology Mobile IT consulting company [started as TechnocratsConsulting 2001]. Headquarters in Chicago, ILMobile IT application software development MERP [Mobile EnterpriseResource Planning] consulting services2009: Article Enterprise Management Quarterly "Is Your Mobile Guru CostingYou Money"2008: Article: Enterprise Management Quarterly "How to Plan a MERPnetwork2003: Member of VAR Business Magazine CMP Solution Provider Board2002: Provided hybrid WIFI System to Chicago Public School. This was usedby Proxim Technology as Case Study and profiled on CBS News and twotechnical publications.2002: National Medical Association: Speaker Using mobile technology inHealthcare2001: DCI Wireless Expo: Speaker Using mobility in the enterprise2001: Co-authored Handheld Application Guide with Synchrologic Inc. “Looking Beyond the Mobile1998: Developed CE InSight mobile training application Device To Create Solutions” Wirehead Technology
  4. 4. Understanding EHR Getting EHR adoption right is a problem that most private practices, clinics, and small hospitals have been trying to understand with limited success. That is because many of these practices dont ask the right questions before starting an EHR project. Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before starting your EHR project. Wirehead Technology
  5. 5. Understanding EHR1. Have you started your EHR network?2. Do you know if your are eligible for the EHR Incentive Program through Medicare and Medicaid?3. Do you have any type of medical software in place i.e. scheduling, lab reports, billing, etc. in your practice?4. Are you aware of the Meaningful Use I time limits and penalties for not having an EHR plan in place? Wirehead Technology
  6. 6. Understanding EHR5. Can your practice survive a medical IT audit?6. Are you waiting to start your EHR network because of policies coming outof Washington?7. What role does mobility play in EHR?8. Are you unsure of the cost of an EHR network?9. Are you confused about how to pick the right IT vendor that can help youbuild your EHR network? Wirehead Technology
  7. 7. Understanding EHR1. Have you started your EHR network? This first question is the most important but the hardest for many small providers to answer because they dont know where to start. With so many different answers from government healthcare agency and no real help, most healthcare IT providers most small providers are doing nothing. Which is the wrong answer to question number one Wirehead Technology
  8. 8. Understanding EHR2. Do you know if your are eligible for the EHR Incentive Programthrough Medicare and Medicaid?Many private and small healthcare providers serve Medicare or Medicaidpatients and can get part of the cost of their EHR system paid through theEHR Incentive Program. But there is a limit to the funds and a time limit to filefor the funds. (See Table.1)Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements up to $44,000 will be available from2011 through 2014 to help facilities comply with the HITECH Act. However,starting in 2015, penalties on reimbursements will begin for facilities that havenot achieved compliance. Wirehead Technology
  9. 9. Understanding EHR Wirehead Technology
  10. 10. Understanding EHR3. Do you have any type of medical software in place i.e. scheduling, labreports, billing,etc. In your practice?Besides reporting on all or partialEMR/EHR systems, physiciansreported the computerizedfunctionalities in their practices.Systems defined as basic includethe following functionalities: patientdemographic information, patientproblem lists, clinical notes, ordersfor prescriptions, and viewinglaboratory and imaging results. Wirehead Technology
  11. 11. Understanding EHRSystems defined as fully-functional include all functionalities of basic systemsplus the following: medical history and follow-up, orders for tests, prescription and test orders sent electronically, warnings of drug interactions or contraindications, highlighting of out-of-range test levels, reminders for guideline-based interventions In 2008, about 16.7 percent of physicians reported having systems that met thecriteria of a basic system, and about 4.4 percent reported that of a fullyfunctional system. Wirehead Technology
  12. 12. Understanding EHRIf this is your practice and youhave a basic system along withpaper records you might be onyour way to becoming HITECHand HIPPA compliant.But you still have a way to go ifthese systems dont interact witheach other or are residing on anunprotected system. You mayhave to migrate your old system toan Office of the NationalCoordinator for Health IT (ONC)compliant system to becomecompliant. Wirehead Technology
  13. 13. Understanding EHR4. Are you aware of the Meaningful Use 1 and 2 time limits and penaltiesfor not having an EHR plan in place?Today’s Doctors and small clinics are facing two major challenges:The rise in the frequency of medical errors that threaten patient safety and thequality of care and new government regulations designed to help eradicate thoseerrors. The need to comply with two new government regulations are ofparticular concern.Now doctors and small clinics must reconcile medication orders beforeadministering medication to a patient. In addition, by 2013, they must also createand maintain an electronic record of every instance that medication isadministered to any patient. Wirehead Technology
  14. 14. Understanding EHRFailure to create an EHR will result insubstantial fines (up to $250,000), andcriminal penalties can also be imposed.Enforcement, which was previouslyinconsistent, has been noticeablyramped up with the passing of the 1996enforcement deadline and now theHITECH Act.Failure to comply with HIPAA can resultin civil or criminal penalties, starting at$50,000 in fines and one year in prison. Wirehead Technology
  15. 15. Understanding EHR5. Can your practice survive a medical IT audit?One particularly interesting aspect (and potentially challenging) of HITECH isincreased focus on audit and notification.Part of HITECH enforcement that will impact covered entities is on-demandaudit requests from patients with regard to who had access to their PHI.As a result, organizations need to be continually ready to demonstratecompliance. Related notification requirements have been stepped up, andorganizations are required to not only notify potentially compromised patients,but to be able to provide a full accounting of the incident (what wascompromised, when, and by whom). Wirehead Technology
  16. 16. Understanding EHR6. Are you waiting to start your EHR network because of changes inHealthcare Policies? The Healthcare rules are always changing. From HIPAA in 1996 to HITECH in 2011, federal and state legislation is increasing the demands on healthcare IT systems to protect patient data and report breaches, and fines are increasing. So, taking action now will maximize your security budget. Wirehead Technology
  17. 17. Understanding EHR7. What Role does Mobility play in EHR? Smartphone use is exploding exponentially and this trend is NOT going away! The fact is, smartphones are here to stay, and their users are highly loyal. Many physicians and other hospital staff members carry smartphones in addition to their onsite or wide-area pagers. Wirehead Technology
  18. 18. Understanding EHR8. Are you unsure of the cost of an EHR network?Trying to budget the cost and time toimplement an EHR network has beenone of the biggest concerns of privatepractices and small clinics. Since mostdont have the budgets of a largerhospital they have to become morecreative with their budgets. Most privatepractices and clinics are working withonly $50k to $100k budgets and arelooking at the EHR Incentive Programfrom Medicare and Medicaid to covertheir cost. Wirehead Technology
  19. 19. Understanding EHR9. Are you confused about how to pick the right IT vendor that canhelp you build your EHR network? Finding the right Healthcare IT vendor has been one of the hardest things that doctors and small clinics have found. Many IT firms might know IT but not Healthcare IT, which is a totally different field than regular IT. The most significant is creating EHR applications. Many do not have ONC certification that complies with HITECH. That means if a doctor or small clinic uses them and gets audited they can pay a stiff fine should there be any kind of security breach. Wirehead Technology
  20. 20. Our Healthcare Partners Wirehead Technology
  21. 21. For more information: Howard Lee 1-312-286-8416 Email: web: www.wireheadtec.comWirehead Technology