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With nearly 300 million subscribers in the US today and a rapidly growing North American messaging market, mobile is here to stay. And consumers are demanding a more personal, richer mobile experience now more than ever. As text messaging has become the most popular, fastest way to reach people, the potential of mobile is clear. Now is the time to tap into the mobile market and unleash new revenue opportunities for your business.

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How Get Started Mobile Final

  1. 1. Mobile Messaging 101:How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel
  2. 2. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub Contents Introduction 3 Market Opportunity 3 Benefits of Mobile Messaging 4 Short Code Registration 4 Standard Rate vs. Premium Messaging 5 Mobile Messaging Examples 5 What You Can Do With Mobile Messaging 6 Ten Tips for Success 6 How to Get Started: Five Easy Steps 7 Helpful Industry Tools 7 Get Started Today! 8 Terms of Use 9Mobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 2
  3. 3. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub With nearly 300 million subscribers in the US today and a rapidly growing North American messaging market, mobile is here to stay. And consumers are demanding a more personal, richer mobile experience now more than ever. As text messaging has become the most popular, fastest way to reach people, the potential of mobile is clear. Now is the time to tap into the mobile market and unleash new revenue opportunities for your business. OpenMarket’s objective is to provide the most reliable mobile messaging, delivery and payment services for companies entering the mobile market. This document serves as a basic how-to guide for companies that wish to market, sell or communicate directly to consumers via the off-portal mobile channel. Market Opportunity Now that text messaging has gone mainstream across the nation, you can take advantage of the opportunity to reach consumers in real time with your brand. News, alerts, advertising and social networking are just a few of the ways you can keep connected to the people that mean the most to your business. According to The Nielsen Company: • S mobile subscribers now send and receive more text messages in a U month than they make phone calls • early every mobile handset in the US can receive text messages N • 3 percent of mobile subscribers use text messaging to communicate 5 every day • 7 percent of all mobile subscribers aged 13 and older use text 5 messaging on a regular basis • edia companies offering opt-in messaging programs are, in some M cases, delivering upwards of 20 million or more messages in the US per monthMobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 3
  4. 4. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub Benefits of Mobile Messaging The mobile channel gives you nearly instant access to your target audience. Within seconds, users can interact with your offer and purchase your services. You can keep connected to customers via simple information alerts, or even track inquiries and receive orders for your business. By using the mobile channel as part of your marketing initiatives, you can: • Increase brand awareness by directly connecting with consumers • Improve customer loyalty and retention • Boost revenue streams via high campaign response rates • Tap into a growing North American messaging market Short Code Registration The first step to filing a mobile campaign with a mobile operator is to lease a short code with the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA). A short code is a number to which a user can send a text message and receive information or content in return. Short codes are typically five to six digits (e.g. 12345), and they can be a vanity code or a random number assigned to you. With a vanity code, you can select a specific number that consumers will remember. A short code may be specific to one mobile operator, or may be “common” and supported by all major operators. Short code services need to be approved by each participating operator network. You can visit the CSCA website to learn more about short codes and to check the availability of a vanity short code at Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 4
  5. 5. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction HubMobile Messaging Examples Standard Rate vs. Premium MessagingMajor brands, retailers and start-ups are all There are two main classes of messaging programs—standard rate using mobile messaging to interact directly and premium. Each service allows you to send and receive SMS with consumers and drive new business. For example, many national pizza chains messages to subscribers, but they each handle billing services to allow customers to register ordering details subscribers differently. Current SMS technologies allow you to submit online and then order pizzas via text an SMS message that has a premium charge associated with it, and message. In addition, apparel outlets routinely send special offers and coupons many companies utilize this technology to bill their subscribers for via text message to VIP customers. All of services provided. these campaigns have generated instant, personal interactions with consumers. A premium message, when successfully processed by the operator By using standard rate, premium and other interactive mobile campaigns, you can billing system, will place a charge on the end user’s phone bill for the build direct marketing, mobile advertising, amount specified by your company. You will be able to collect your competitive and promotional campaigns share of the charge, per operator policy. The availability of premium that boost response rates and brand loyalty for your company. messaging has led to the creation of entire companies that thrive on premium content offers billed through SMS. 1. n standard rate programs the consumer is not charged by the I content provider for the text message received. Examples of standard rate programs are: • lerts - news, weather, traffic, travel, entertainment and sports A • ontent - internal content, supply chain and customer C relationship management • Coupons - instant coupons from your favorite store • ustomer response - surveys and sweepstakes C 2. n premium programs there is a specific charge to end users I associated with receiving the text message, and generally a charge for receiving mobile content. Examples of premium rate programs are: • Voting programs like American Idol • uying content for your phone such as games, ringtones B or images • Premium information alerts like Fantasy Football informationMobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 5
  6. 6. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction HubTen Tips for Success What You Can Do With Mobile MessagingIf you are considering a move into the mobile With over 4 billion handsets in circulation today, mobile devices have channel, you need to get your ideas to become ubiquitous. From news alerts and daily sports scores to market quickly. We offer these tips for creating effective mobile campaigns that will increase contests and games, consumers rely on their mobile devices to deliver your brand awareness and drive new information as it happens and exactly when they want it. There are a revenue opportunities for your business. number of ways you can use mobile messaging to communicate with 1. Start now! Any company—big or small— and engage your customers. Ideas include: can participate in mobile messaging2. Build your mobile campaigns into your overall marketing efforts obile Marketing – Use text messaging as another engagement M3. Leverage and integrate your existing channel with your customers (e.g. send details of your weekend marketing channels for maximum sale via text message, inform them of a new product launch). impact 4. Know your audience—be relevant to obile Alerts – Use text messaging to send informational alerts M those using mobile devices to users (e.g. local weather updates, sport scores, Hollywood 5. Engage your customers and give them gossip or astrology readings). a reason to participate6. Offer value, relevance and immediate obile Advertising – Monetize your message inventory by M gratification inserting an advertisement into each text message.7. Keep it simple and build creative campaigns obile Feedback – Engage and capture information from M8. Use the MMA and other industry your users with interactive text messaging (e.g. polls, quizzes organizations as resources or voting campaigns).9. Build reporting and statistics into your campaign obile Contests - Add mobile to your contests. If you are M10. Continue to learn, fine-tune and innovate over time running a giveaway, contest or sweepstakes, enable a “text to enter” call to action, which allows for immediate entry (e.g. text WIN to 12345). obile Content - Make games, ringtones, images and M applications available for download, either for profit or promotion. obile Customer Service – Provide valuable information via M text messaging (e.g. location of the nearest store, bank account balances or large money withdrawal alerts).Mobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 6
  7. 7. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction HubHelpful Industry Tools How to Get Started: Five Easy StepsThe organizations listed below provide Filing programs with mobile operators can take several weeks valuable resources for launching compliant depending on responsiveness from all parties involved. Working with and successful mobile programs. experienced representatives that guide you through account • Common Short Code Administration - and short code setup, operator timelines and industry rules can help expedite program launches. OpenMarket can help you get to • Mobile Marketing Association - market in five basic steps:• Best Practices for Mobile Marketing -• Cellular Telephone Industry Association 1. btain a short code. You should register all cross-operator short O - codes with the CSCA. Please note that all services are required to operate with CSCA-approved short codes, and codes cannot be shared among companies. 2. reate a program brief. Every program you submit for approval C needs to include complete program details that give mobile operators a thorough understanding of the use of each short code. If you want to run multiple programs on a short code, make sure your brief reflects that information. 3. ain operator approval and provisioning. Mobile operators will G review your program brief for completeness. You may receive conditional approval or program rejection if information is missing or needs modification. 4. onfigure your system. You will need to properly configure your C system to integrate with a network that will process your messaging and billing transactions. Working with one standard interface across all operators will simplify your implementation efforts. 5. eceive operator certification. Mobile operators may conduct R independent program audits and testing to ensure program compli- ance with the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Consumer Best Practices Guidelines ( as well as their own policies. Once certification is granted, you may officially launch your mobile program with the mobile operators. Upon program certification, your mobile campaign will be ready for commercial use. Working with a trusted mobile business partner to monitor your content delivery and success rates will help maximize your revenue potential and predict future business.Mobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 7
  8. 8. The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction HubAbout OpenMarket Get Started Today!OpenMarket is the largest and most If you are looking to optimize your marketing efforts by using reliable mobile transaction hub in the mobile messaging to keep in touch with customers or enhance United States. We provide a comprehensive set of messaging, payment and emerging your brand awareness, then let OpenMarket help you get services to meet mobile business needs. started today. From the largest consumer brands to the smallest new ventures, OpenMarket empowers businesses to optimize their As a trusted mobile business partner, we help keep you connected marketing initiatives and strengthen to those who mean the most to your business through our customer relationships by leveraging the reliable mobile transaction hub and industry-leading direct off-portal mobile channel. OpenMarket provides the most direct mobile operator operator connections. Contact us at connections in the US market today. or +1.877.277.2801 for more information.OpenMarket is a business unit of Amdocs Interactive. For more information, please visit Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel 8
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